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Stormlord Supreme Art of War Lyrics Album

Supreme Art of War Lyrics Album by Stormlord

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1. Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

Roma I hail your timeless glory, overwhelming’s your might
(no) mortal man stood against you, the whole world beheld in awe
of all times the greatest empire, has risen, never to fall
not a war that couldn’t be won, for each enemy was slain.

Ram the crosses so they, all can see
Open wide the Colosseum’s gates

“When the light of blade, enlight the shades
storm of blazes, shine bright on fighting date
spirits of war I call, enlight the shades
spirits of war I call, prepare for mighty war”

In my heart the memory still lives, unforgotten’s your past
your splendor far brighter than the sun, your beauty amazes me as I stare
the gods still watching over you, from a majestic sky
among your eternal walls, is where my spirit has to be
Forever Roma to you I hail

2. A Descent into the Kingdom of the Shades

The wind, was whipping my face, glory is what I craved, As I proudly rode unaware, that soon I’d meet my fate.
Onwards we marched.
When the light of day light up, the field we were drawn up
ready to attack
the armies met with a deafening clang, yelling their battle
cries up to the sky
The Oracle:
“Most of man will fall, decimated by barbarian blades hades waits, women mourn, ’cause by twilight they’ll be gone to the Kingdom Of The Shades”
May Mars be by our side, a vang of brutal pain, I feel onto my knees,the steel as cold as ice cruelty bit my flesh, and I passed through…
I stand in dark, shadows crowd the bank, of the river Styx
Hear them moan
Slowly I approach, the waters dark and thick, a boat is getting near
for my last voyage
Burning eyes of fire, ancient bones
boatman of Hades, sails to the bank, the time has come, take me away
Charon: “You know the price, pay me and I’ll take you to the other side”
the silver coin I keep in my mouth is what I owe you.
Charon:”Get aboard.”
I’m leaving light behind Hopeless eternity is now calling me.
Once with honour I fought, fear I knew not, butchered my enenies lied, cities fell at my feet, forever gone (are those days of glory)
The Shades:
“As we touch the ground Cerberus snarls guarding this grim place. Hades welcomes us all with a sombre, warm embrace to the Kingdom Of The Shades”

3. Sir Lorial


4. Age of the Dragon

“Veniet dies quo fulgor supra terram ubi ab
aeterno sine nomine loca sunt surget. Ales se in
caelo, rursus ostendet deus. Novae aetatis
initius flammis sacris vastatricibus lustratae, erit”

Blazing flames shine in the obscure skies
the desolation is in our hearts
freedom in spirits, glory in the soul
in remembrance of an ancient age
the over sea, is keeping the secret
and magnificence of winged god
to bring us free, from tiranny
the legend of the golden dragon is alive

Thunders of war, from a dark abyss
announce is coming from the over sea
to bring the peace, to give us freedom
to spill the blood of dark tiranny
for the ancient splendour
in name of the freedom, in name of the war
Lord of the dragons now we are calling you

“Brothers of fight, the time has come at last
raise our swords with pride and might,
naked steel will gleam tonight,
in the battle we shall win, for this glorious land”

Come from the sea, above the light
Lord of the dragons now we are calling you

“I dominate this ancient lands with cruelty”
Your realm is over
“pray me, believe in me, glorify me”
Your realm is over now

Strong soldiers, brave warriors, (get) ready for the conflict
the ancient steel will bring back the peace
the sacred fire will burn the clouds in the sky
now we wait for the age of the golden light
The Age Of The Dragon

5. War (The Supreme Art)

I have found the power, in the blaze of my destiny
I have found the light, my sword is ready for war
in the darkest realm, where pure steel always prevails
where bloody war is the only art
Shall we rule? Forevermore!
Raise our swords to the sky, we have found the power
we will dominate, we are ready for war

Dark lord of chaos, we’ll spread your blood on the battlefield
gods of brutality, our blades will bring pure justice
omens of glory, your bright light we embrace
lightnings of steel, l will declare our victory in war

Supreme art of war I call you let me dominate
give me the strength of pure hatred,
now my sword is thirsty for blood
and in the dark realm of chaos justice will prevail
for the Lords Of The Storm all we are in war

6. Immortal Heroes

Immortal Heroes crusaders of justice
born in the abyss brothers of steel
unite they’re marching through fire and thunders
wielding with proudness the sword of the woods
Hear Their battle cry, hail Their sacred might
A thousands battlefields devoured by fire They’ve left behind
when the shades of war fell upon Their realm
by cowardly hands They were dethroned
Now the time has come, the seeds of grief are grown up
in silence They return (where no evil must dwell)

Immortal warriors few they’re in number
but cold and sharp are Their deadly bright blades
five fearless soldiers, one strong desire
the annihilation of the wicked spawn
Hear their battle cry, hail their sacred might

Look at the far horizon – Riding The Sunset they come
brave fighters ready to die – Under The Sign Of The Sword
the target’s achieved at last – The Scarlet Kingdom besieged
axes held high in the air – Fighting with Unfaded Rage

Female chorus
“A dawn of glory is blessing the land, the battle is won, we hail you
the silver shadows of this victory, are leading your fate to honour”

Nothing but memories lasts, far remembrance of a gruesome past
now dead and gone like a stormy winter night in a bright spring day
a thundering pulse is coming from the twilight of the battle
how many legends will rise

Immortal Champions bringers of freedom, the cruel tyrant defeated he weeps
century of madness are ending this day, Lords Of The Storm your wisdom we enthrone

7. Of Steel and Ancient Might

You impose a god on us, which we can’t understand
you force us to obey his laws, you refuse human rules
you spit on Mother Earth and creation itself

You slay and destroy, in hate and disrespect
you rape, you steal, you kill, you burn, you take our rights
you take our lives, you take all that’s sane
you turn it into sin, you cheating liars.

You call us demons and burn us at the stake
though you can break our bodies on the rack
believe me if I say you’ll never break our faith.

You ravage the earth and claim it belongs to you (a gift from god)
but can you hold what you destroyed?
You keep on preaching love, in the name of the same god (in whose name you kill)

Let me tell you your words are a nonsense,
a paradoxal joke with no happy ending, you have a mission
but what’s the use to know where you’re going
when you forgot from where you came?

Silent we wait in the shadows of the night
still heathen fury burning in our hearts
the sharpest steel is at our side
never we’ll forgive, we’ll never forget and none will be spared

Expect no mercy ’cause no mercy you will find
No prayer can save you, where is your god now?
We will be laughing as you die
rotten, corrupted, you are too weak to fight
we own the truth, we have the power and the right and we shall prevail

We’ll get back, what’s due to us by right
for all your crimes we will make you pay
hear your tongues for vengeance they cry out
feel our blades so dry they thirst for blood
our blades thirst for your blood

2000 years have passed, and strong our belive is
as clean as air as bright as fire, as pure as water and
as sacred as this earth, we still walk with pride

I have a question, how does it feel to know
centuries of tortures and persecutions couldn’t destroy us
you made us stronger feeding our hate, not fear
how does it feel we’re here to stay

8. Outro


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