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Stormlord The Gorgon Cult Lyrics Album

The Gorgon Cult Lyrics Album by Stormlord

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1. The Torchbearer


2. Dance of Hecate

It’s getting close to midnight
the ritual shall begin
raise all the burning torches
to the queen of the moon
whose name is howled at night
at the crossroads
where three roads meet
let her take you down to the underworld

Hear as I invoke the name
of the wise old crone
who knows curses and death
and does not fear them, no!
Mother of darkness reveal me
the secrets of your shrine tonight!
It’s getting close to midnight
the ritual shall begin
raise all the burning torches
to the queen of the moon
three faces, one goddess
dancing with dead souls by the light of the stars

Dance with me beyond the Styk,
where the crossroad is placed
where Persephone is enthroned
dance with me
“Bright goddess who walks in darkness,
to you is sacred the snake which casts off its skin
to live again,
the black dog howling at the everchanging Moon
and the eternal yew,
which brings both life and death.
Hecate, shine upon us!”

Only your touch of wisdom
can light the souls on their path
while walking through
the Kingdom of the Shades

She who holds the knife that cuts
the thread from life and death I pray!

It’s getting close to midnight
the ritual shall begin
raise all the burning torches
to the queen of the moon
three faces, one goddess
dancing with dead souls by the light of the stars

“Triple one,
I entreat your presence
at these sacred rites,
hear my call,
descend from your throne
and release the songs
of thy granite stones”

3. Wurdulak

“Drag the witch to the forest,
so that she wont do any harm again.
Don’t let her get away,
hold her! Tie her to the stake!”
“None of you will ever be safe from me,
you can kill me, but I just won’t go!”
And in the silence she spoke her curse
“Executioner, quick! Come, bring the mask
the iron mask that will send her back to hell”
And a creepy mask was brought,
it had devilish features and spikes on the inside,
it was put to her face then a hammer
was brought, God no!

Putrid flesh still so alive mangled face
still holds its charm
consumed by rot she waits
to feed again a leach, a living dead
Those who pass by take my advice
and hurry home before sunset

“Executioner, quick! Come, bring the mask”
No mask will send this demon back to hell

[Inspired by Mario Bava’s “La Maschera Del Demonio”]

4. Under the Boards (195, M.A.)

There is a house in London
Where even in winter time
the windows are always open wide
There is a house in London
Where incense burns at all hours
concealing a much less pleasant smell
A sour stench that mingles with
the scent of burning oil

There in Melrose Avenue
so many guests come and go
some come to stay
Some of the guests come to stay
At one hundred ninety five
so many people come and go
but too many guests come to stay
Neatly lined under the boards of the floor

the maggots are crawling everywhere
smoke can’t keep the flies away
Dennis finds harder to tidy up the house

Tossing salt upon the rotten flesh
wiping it away to rid the bodies of worms
extracting bowels, liver, heart, and lungs
dissecting corpses, packing limbs and head
to carry them easily to their funeral pyre

5. The Oath of the Legion

the bravest breed of Mother Earth
of warriors hungry for revenge
to reach the victory
or to die gallantly
axes in hands

Under the holy curtain they
become as one

Those who
dared to refuse the sacred ritual:
their lifes
were taken by the soldiers’ knives
the cowards with no pride,
in front of all the crowd
no one was spared

Sixty thousand chosen men
for war were gathered

Sixty thousand golden shields
were held overhead
shining bright

“over this battlefield
’till the last drop of blood we’ll fight
gods, take our souls with you,
hear the oath of the legion”

the legion is marching
for the honour of the Samnites

Under the holy curtain they
become as one

[In remembrance of the “Legio Linteata” (Aquilonia, 203 a.C.)]

6. The Gorgon Cult

Beyond the northern ocean
where the lake Tritonis is placed
there she lays since timeless ages
we hail you Medusa we are the Gorgon cult
She, somber keeper chosen by Persephone
to guard the wastelands of Hades

Not yet immortal feared by the humans
her burning sight could turn flesh to stone
Let us drink the blood of Gorgon
Perseus’ blade took her life
but the myth lived on and on
thousand names are celebrating
the Gorgon Medusa a legend never dimmed
She, somber guardian chosen by Persephone
to keep the wastelands of death

Not yet immortal a human no more
Athena’s curse sealed her doom
once the brightest among women,
for her vanity she was punished
condemned to suffer ’till the end ’till a schyte
gave her peace
the sharpened iron gave her peace
Still we let her tale survive in the heart of every
man we know that existence ends not with the
body but with faded memories

7. Memories of Lemuria


8. Medusa’s Coil

Let me tell you a story
happened to me
that changed my life
and will chill the blood in your veins
Lonely I was roaming
unaware of what could lurk beyond the hills
hidden in twilight’s shades

Chutulu’s spawn
older then time and space themselves
through the cellar floor it rises
Chutulu’s spawn
a twisted geometry in her sight
The horror

The sky turned to black
I reached for a near shelter,
a gloomy house where an old host
was keeping a grim tale

He told me about the girl
who stole the soul of his son, she led the house
to ruin and pain and still she haunt that place:

Chutulu’s spawn
older then time and space themselves
through the cellar floor it rises
Chutulu’s spawn
I must escape from this dark mansion
Terror rising

Her long black hair it seemed to live
Reminding the ancient myth of Medusa

“Do you want to see the: thing upstairs?”
was the old man daring me?
“Stare at her portrait and she will come back to life”
and the painting started to move:
again: and again: and again
As I saw her image I understood
the truth was more than meets the eye
She incarnated the ancient ones
that should not exist
the unholy Necronomicon’s forgotten breed
Possessed by fear I found my hand wielding the gun
shooting with frantic speed
’till the painting was destroyed
I ran away from that place and later on the road
a farmer told me that that house
was burnt six years ago

[Inspired by the novel “Medusa’s Coil”, written by H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop (May 1930)]

9. Moonchild (Iron Maiden cover)

Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And your trip begins

Seven downward slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires,
Seven your desires…

I am he the bornless one
The fallen angel watching you
Babylon, the scarlet whore
I’ll infiltrate your gratitude
Don’t you dare to save your son
Kill him now and save the young ones
Be the mother of a birth strangled babe
Be the devils own, Lucifer’s my name

Moonchild – hear the mandrake scream
Open the seventh seal
Moonchild – You’ll be mine soon child
Moonchild – take my hand tonight

I count the heads of those unborn
The accursed ones I’ll find them all
If you die by your own hand
As a suicide you shall be damned
And if you try to save your soul
I will torment you – you shall not grow old
With every second and passing breath
You’ll be so alone your soul will bleed to death

The twins they are exhausted, seven is the night
Gemini is rising as the red lips kiss to bite
Seven angels seven demons battle for his soul
When gabriel lies sleeping, this child was born to die

One more dies one more lives
One baby cries One mother grieves
For all the sins you will commit
You’ll beg forgiveness and none I’ll give
A web of fear shall be your coat
To clothe you in the night
A lucky escape for now young man
But I see you damned in endless night.

10. Nightbreed

They drink your blood and suck your skin
fathers of all sin
they pray the gods their soul to keep
the wolves who hunt the sheep
they rip your stomach off in pain
and they eat the remains
The rotten core that lies within
their half-dimensioned brains
It’s growing underground
their bloody game to cut in two
the exported minds
:the horror
they stitch them to theirs too:
The ignorant the worst of all in human sphere
so low, so near smashing our highest splendour
entangled deep in our minds
During the day your brain they’ll find
and in the night your brain they’ll grind
they feast on your capacities
and suck success down on their knees!
We’ll rise from down below

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