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Fright Night Lyrics Album by Stratovarius

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1. Future Shock

I saw it in a dream
the day that changed our history
I still can hear the screams
swear it was no mystery
In the heat of the blast
Houses fell down into the ground
This happened so fast
Mankind disappeared without sound

Now the world lives in shadow of atomic fear
Can we win the fight for peace or will we disappear?
Future Shock

I saw it on the screen
The day that changed our lives and history
There goes our dream
Nuked into the sky don’t know why
In the heat of the blast
Watch the beauty of the mushroom cast
It won’t take long
You won’t live till the end of this song

now the …

2. False Messiah

Come to me my disciples
Said the stranger who came
Healed the sick fed the poor
Spread the joy and the cure

He will rule our land
With his leading hand
We´ll achieve our deliverance
Is it just an illusion
Or the mass confusion
Is it just the work of the False Messiah?

Victims of mass confusion
Fools will follow this man
He leads us to destruction
Tending us to damnation

He will rule…

3. Black Night

Over the sea
Moon´s shining bright on it’s way
To clear the black night
Witness of the fight

You got the power on me
I’ll be fighting forever
You cast the spell on me
Why don´t you let me go ?

New day will dawnn
For me and for you carry on
Black night is gone
Look what we have done

I got the power on you
We’ll be fighting forever
I cast the spell on you
Never let you go
No !!

I got the…

4. Witch-Hunt

The witch is worried
Which is bitch?
Take both of them in
And do a spin
Experimenting with fingers spreading
Lips concealing the secrets of the joy

The witch-hunt is coming to town
You better look around
The witch-hunt is coming to town
They´ll see that you will get found

The witch is clever
Forgets never
She take her revenge
All in the end

Two at the time
Bell tolls inside
Casting joy all over you
Oh boy

The witch-hunt is coming to town
You better look around
The witch-hunt is coming to town
They´ll see that you will get found

The whip is ready
Standing steady
In between the hands
By your command

Do what you have to do
And she´s glad to
Take your little life
And ride away

5. Fire Dance


6. Fright Night

Feel the night, conceal your fright
It came from your right
Look what you found lying on the ground
Shiny ball you don´t know anything at all

Look through yourself there´s a mystery full of you
Always condemn though you never understand
Why you resist never knew how to fight
You touch the light
It´s Fright Night
It´s Fright Night

In the dark the shining spark
Follow this mystery ball
But don´t look back there´s force of evil so black
Ready to take you away

Look trough…

Look around is this the end you see?
Wrapped inside the pain and misery
Is it true when you say that you never would give up
Memories fill my mind I can see childhood again

Look I´ve found my old toys
They bring mem´ries in my head
And now we are big boys and that feeling
Is dead and it´s gone

Glimpse of the childhood appears to me so clear
Tales from Sherwood they fade away disappear
Where am I going I can´t see a solution
I´m here alone inthe heart of the darkest night

It´s Fright Night

7. Night Screamer

Scream at nights
But you won´t be heard
It´s deep inside
The pain within your head
You cry for help
The torture won´t let you go
Your mind is aching
And you can´t go on

Reaching for window
Your execution
The only solution
Night Screamer

Afraid at nights
There´s nothing to be afraid of
Your nightmares
Won´t leave you alone
Try and think hard
What´s wrong in your life
Try and stay cool
You´ll find peace of mind
Reaching for…

8. Darkness

Living on the edge of falling down
Like each day would be your last one
Reaching for the stars that shine so far
Take my hand it will be alright
For you and me to go

Look into my eyes they are black as night now
You can see your reflections I tell you no lies
You are the prisoner of your own feelings it´s true
There´s something inside you but you just won´t
let it come out

When the night comes you won´t be alone
´Cause I will be there I will be there
When the darkness enters into your room
Don´t be afrain ´cause I´ll be there
When the darkness enters into your room

They will put you down with their minds of steel
Despise and scorn you just because they cannot feel
Hell is eternity hell is your destiny
I can see it in your eyes that you want to say
But you can´t

When the night comes…

Listen to me, hear what I say
You´re playing a dangerous game
There is no time to waste anymore
Because it is getting so late
Get what you got give what you can
Leave all the mem´ries behind
They´ll be haunting you forever

9. Goodbye


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