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Suffocation Pierced from Within Lyrics Album

Pierced from Within Lyrics Album by Suffocation

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1. Pierced from Within

Penetrate the minds
Of those misfortuned at birth
Murder is etched
In the deepest chasms of the soul
Salvation stripped
From the origin of existence
Obstinacy abandons
As you yield your world to me

Decree of my darkest dreams
Memories of my future
Welcome to my church

Sodomize my cross
For it now marks your existence
Dismissal of lucidity
Consume my body and blood
Supplicate for death
Obscurity condemns the structure
Spectral abominations
The gathering of souls

Befall the rise of inhumanity

Returned to a land you’ve never been
You kill again for the first time
Recollections of what never was

Decree of my darkest dreams
Memories of my future
Welcome to my church

I am your savior
Shapeless to your perception
For I am you, pierced from within

Pierced from within

2. Thrones of Blood

The thought of killing entered my mind some time ago
What possesses an individual to kill
I have often
Pondered the thought
Time and time again
Now it’s clear to me

They want me to be part of this world they have created
I say fuck you, don’t tell me how to live

Maybe if I eliminate the people
Who fit this so-called mold
My pain will finally be released
And my mind free of thought

The axe struck hard and fast
Splitting the skull in two
She fell instantly
The blood spewed
From where her head used to be
I then struck another blow

Only the lives of others
Can quench my harsh reality

I received much excitement
From these two blows
I must continue to strike her corpse
Once again I brought the tool of my trade

I proceeded to hack several more times
A pile of flesh now lies before me

Unrelenting need to fulfill my lust for death
I must purge the world of its filth

Disorder scars my mind
With killing fascination
My tasks are far from done
Everything must die

3. Depths of Depravity

Why do you torment me?
You make me hate my existence
You will soon surpass
Your own fucking life
Now the time has come
For you to see your death
I cut your flesh
I receive much pleasure

As you start to bleed
I no longer control my urges
The feeling is so complete
I’m finally at one with myself

Now that I control the rest of your existence
How does it feel to be in pain and misery?
For many years you made me feel that way
I praised you for so long
I’m now your god

I cannot control my urges
Now I must take my revenge
I slice at you
You begin to die

The pleasure was all yours
To have the strength to leave and not look back
To give up completely
No more will to survive

Now that all is done
My completed masterpiece
This sinful life of mine
Will not go to waste
The pleasure’s all mine

To have taken your mortal life
I am what you created
To inflict my own pain and misery

You manipulated my mind
Filled it with your lies
Feasted on my soul
Destroyed my will
Now there’s nothing
No reason for reason
Now I must take my life
To repent my sins

4. Suspended in Tribulation

Reality suspends my present life
Curious thoughts, I confront my mortality
Uncertain to the laws of the unknown
I have no fear in facing trials of the mind
One by one
Sifting through ossuaries of creation
Looking for a worth, is existence pointless?
Perceptive to the truth, I never may return
Resistance falling short, I sever all my ties
One by one

Vanish into the unseen origins of infinity
A pleasant swim in the seas of dormant ecstasy
A state of being I could spend with all of eternity
Suspended above the remains of what I used to be

I can see things not capable of imagining
The explanation of my mind has progressed me endlessly
Things that once were illusions have become reality
I perceive now what was never clear to me

Unwelcomed kind
No way to overcome, I’m disadvantaged prey
My way back has been erased

Torn from my bliss
No longer bound in flesh, a disembodied soul
Helpless to what I can’t see

Unwelcomed kind
No way to overcome, a disembodied soul
My way back has been erased.

I must focus on what I can’t see
Things done to me, I cannot explain
Falling further from myself
To give in would end all my pain
Subconscious misery placed unto me

Is there meaning to this life?
To break away transparent light
The end is clearer
Pass through the mirror
I fade into the sky

Hanging in the balance
Drowning in the afterlife

5. Torn into Enthrallment

Brain patterns altered since birth
To serve the higher cause
Pawns of twisted vision
Manipulate to do thy bidding

It is easy for them
To control us this way
To think is obsolete
Therefore no way to question their rule

A mindless, lifeless zombie
To walk the rest of its days
There’s only one law to serve them
All else results in termination
Breeding is done by means of test tubes

It seems strange to me
To end up this way
Torn from my state of being
Stripped of all my worth

I can no longer feel
What is now being done to me

I have awakened
Yet cannot move
Paralysis has stricken me

I pray for death
I cannot speak
Enslavement now possesses me

Bleed, bleed
You scream at me
Worthless is my soul you say
You feed the lie
To collapse my will
Feed, feed
On what’s left of me
Eating away at a life I once lived

You left me in your wake
Or so you think
Vigilant in your plans to deny
You will not overtake
To win the stakes
I will not cower to your lies
Your foolish greedy mind
Is filled with selfish pride
It will bring you to your knees
Flailing in the cess
This convoluted mess
The origin of your disease

Brain patterns altered since birth
To serve the higher cause
Pawns of twisted vision
Manipulate to do thy bidding

6. The Invoking

The world in which we live has been plagued
By the essence of the beast
Murdering has become a daily ritual
The able-bodied minds of the world
Try to solve the problems
With their pathetic solutions
As long as the underworld has the upper hand
Nothing will be solved

I believe that which has been done to you
Should be done to others
Kill the man who invades your world
Violent acts of nature
Have uplifted the roots of the Earth

Disasters which have not been
Seen for decades
Have surfaced to a place which once
Was free of woe
It’s now filled with death and killing
There is no cure

We will soon be punished
For what we have done
I await the moment
I am prepared

There will come a time in life
To take control
To protect thyself and my own
I will kill if need be

Society feeds on each other as prey
I will not become a victim
Rather a predator if needed
Human life means little, little to me

If you lash at me
You have chosen your fate
Life as you know
Will cease to exist

7. Synthetically Revived

Chemicals revive my life
Reanimated, brought back again
My diametrical state
Has assured me eternal life

Serum no longer fluid
Respiratorial terminus
Artificial resurrection
Dosage inefficiency

Potency too weak to perfect
Cartilage reaching gelency
Misconception of technology

Unknown duration to live
Decadence, your state of being
Putrification progresses

Bones that collapse in time will heal
Brain patterns submerged in unconsciousness
Only to be awakened by the peroneal senses
To see once again, to be reborn

Needles perforate my neck
Cyanide smothers my existence
My torso lies raped of essence
Impotent state
I cease to exist
As my former self
Synthetically revived

8. Brood of Hatred

Shapeless beings of unknown origin
Scanning the cosmic blackened abyss
Planting the seed of their horror and hatred

Mankind was created to be violent and sick
Feasting on the screams of the pain we inflict
Led down the path of our own extermination

They plant a device to watch us all
To see the way we will evolve

Tampering with the subconscious
They hold our fate
Twisting the minds of the people
With whom they create
Breeding our lives with insanity
To purge my spirit’s enslavery
They’re feeding off of our hatred
They will then devour

Withdraw our life’s blood from within us
To reproduce their own kind

Infant of theirs to vanquish life
The brood of hatred now swells within

Your lives begin to decimate
Provoking horror, dealing our fate

Put here only to replenish the substance
In which they need
And now you see all hope is lost and gone
To reveal reincarnation

9. Breeding the Spawn

Eulogy inscribed in the scrolls of humanity
Ancient scriptures of predicted demise
A world encased in the womb of its ignorance
Extinction will be swift, relentless butchery

The structure collapses, spewing forth mutation
Plague bathes the Earth from infected skies
Chaotic saturation into the pores of existence
Breeding the spawn

Effigy awake in its mummified region
Silent tombs concealed from the light
Grueling afterlife christened by their deaths
Malignant offspring of decrepit birth

Impurity of souls

Visions of the agony tightly close the weeping sky
Spirits of what will be invert the Earth unfertile
Anxiously await reprisal for the deprived life
Horrifying rituals of unorthodox intelligence

Premature suffering from within their charred domain
Altering the promises of peaceful rest and afterlife
Hideous denial of a once forgotten life

Ascending messiah
Conqueror of the apocalypse

Divine majesty
Giver of supreme entity

Churches rise from disturbed grounds
Symphony of depression purifies
All will be altered
The dead choir will sing
Hymns of blasphemous irreverence
Sermons of impiety complement the mass

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