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Summoning Oath Bound Lyrics Album

Oath Bound Lyrics Album by Summoning

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1. Bauglir

“Sit now there, and look out upon the lands were evil and despair shall come upon those whom thou lovest. Thou hast dared to mock me, and to question the power of Melkor, Master of the fates of Arda. Therefore with my eyes thou shalt see, and with my ears thou shalt hear and never shalt thou move from this place until all is fullfilled unto its bitter end.”

2. Across the Streaming Tide

In autumn when the wind and sea
Rejoice to live and laugh to be
And scarce the blast that curbs the tree
And bids before it quail and flee

In winter when years when the years burn low
As fire wherein no firebrands glow
And winds disappear as they blow
The stormy wings of snow

The hearts of western elves burn bright
With joy that mocks the spring
To hear all heaven’s keen clarions ring
Music, that bites the spirit, sing

And wind by night in northern lands
Arose, and Lord it cried
And drove the ships from ancient strands
Across the streaming tide

3. Mirdautas Vras

Brus-kuluz taurzur bûrzu tiil-ob
Hush-ob dhurum agh ufum dhurum
Tor Vautu brus-troguz
Urgai-u gukh dûmp agh tiimor

Talaan-u rûk-ir tor urûk
Nauru-ir agh kragoru nûrsu grishûrz
Nork-ulu furtun agh goth
Mordor-ob bot-tuk

Ghaash agh akûl – Nazgûl skoiz
Mirdautas vras!
Karn ghaamp agh nût
Shaut Manwë quiinubat gukh

[English translation:]

Dark have been my dreams of late
Of secret doubt and secret fear
A thousand years have passed away
To lay down doom and terror

To north ride on, a thousand orcs
On wolves with giant bloody fangs
They take the storm and power
Of Mordor through the world

Fire and Ice, the Nazgûl fly
It is a good day to kill!
(Painted) red is Earth and sky
Even Manwë will bow down

4. Might and Glory

Rivers of fire, the dead of night
In winter lying cold and white
Upon the plain burst forth and high.
The red was mirrored in the sky.

From Hitblum’s walls they saw the fire,
The steam and smoke in spire on spire
Leap up, till in confusion vast
The stars were choked. And so it past

There trumpets sang both long and loud,
And challenge rang unto the cloud
That lay on Morgoth’s northern tower,
While Morgoth redeemed for his hour.

Might and glory flowing for a changing dawn
Ancient power reveals from an iron crown

Clear and cold and shining so far and bright
Crush the world in one clash of your blinding light

5. Beleriand

To north, to north there lay the land of dread
Dungorthin, where all ways were dead
In hills, in hills of shadow bleak and cold
Beyond was deadly nighshades hold

To south, to south the wide earth unexplored
To west, to west the ancient ocean roared
To east, to east in peaks of blue were piled
The mountains of the outer world

Unsailed and shoreless, wide and wild
To east in peaks of blue were piled
In silence folded, mist enfurled
The mountains of the outer world

Beyond the tangled, woodland shade
Thorn and thicket grove and glade
Whose brooding boughs with magic hung
Were ancient when the world was young

6. Northward

The wind is cold and heavy
And storms are in the sky
Our path across the nordland
Goes higher and more high

To left the sea we came from
To right the white hills with no tree
The wind is growing colder
And shivering are we

We drag with stiffening fingers
Our swords and up the hill
The path is steep and tangled
But leads to battles still

Dor Firn-i-Guinar

Farewell now mountain vale and plain
Farewell now wind and frost and rain
And mist and cloud and heavens air
Ye star and moon so blinding fair

Farewell now blade and bloom and grass
That see the changing season pass
Farewell sweet earth and northern sky
Forever blessed but here we die

Dor Firn-i-Guinar

7. Menegroth

A king there was in days of the old
Ere men yet walked upon the mould
His power was reared in caverns shade
His hand was over glen and glade

His shields were shining as the moon
His lances keen of steel were hewn
Of silver grey his crown was wrought
The starlight in his banners caught

And silver thrilled his trumpets long
Beneath the stars in challenge strong
Enchantment did his realm enfold
Where might and glory wealth untold

Sample spoken by Fëanor:
“I say that we will go on, and this doom I add..”

8. Land of the Dead

Where forest stream went through the wood
and silent all the stens there stood
of tall trees, moveless, hanging dark
with mottled shadows on their bark.

No moon is there, no voice, no sound
of beating heart; a sigh profound.
Once in each age, as each age dies,
alone is heard. Far, far it lies.

As faint as deepest sleeper’s breath
an echo came as cold as death.
Long are the paths of shadow made
where no foot’s print is ever laid.

No moon is there, no voice, no sound
of beating heart; a sigh profound.
Once in each age, as each age dies,
alone is heard. Far, far it lies.

Upon the plain, there rushed forth and high
shadows at dead end of night and mirrored in the sky
far, far away, beyond might of day.
And there lay the land of the dead of mortal cold decay.

The Land of Waiting, where the Dead sit
in their thought’s shadow, by no moon lit.

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