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Stronghold Lyrics Album by Summoning

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1. Rhûn


2. Long Lost to Where No Pathway Goes

My star, I saw it high and far
At the parting of the ways
A light on the edge of the outer night
Like silver set ablaze
Where the round world plunges steeply down
But on the old roads goes
As an unseen bridge that on arches runs
To coasts that no man knows

I would not find the burning domes and sands
Where reigns the sun, nor dare the snows
Nor seek in mountains dark the landscapes of the men
Long lost to where no pathway goes

But where they bloom those flowers fair
In what air or land they grow
What words beyond the world I heard
If you would seek for know

In a boat then, brother, far afloat
You must labour in the sea
And find yourself things out of mind:
You will learn no more of me

I would not find the burning domes and sands
Where reigns the sun, nor dare the deadly snows
Nor seek in mountains dark the landscapes of the men
Of long lost to where no pathway goes

There the twain enfolded,
Phantom twilight, phantom twilight,
And dim the mazes dark, unholy.

I would never find the burning domes and sands
Where reigns the sun, nor dare the snows
Nor seek in mountains dark, the landscapes of the men
Long lost to whom no pathway goes

3. The Glory Disappears

Yet, if the wind breathe soft, the curling waves
That break against the shore, shall lull my mind
And scorn against all enemies prepared
And with the food of pride sustained my soul
In solitude

Sad was I, to pain depressed
Importunate and heavy load
My destiny has found me here
Upon this lonely road

And many thousands now are sad
Wait the fulfilment of their fear
For I must die who is their stay
Their glory disappears

Now I am dead and gone, my friend
Life’s pain has come to end
Your star will guide my soul
To ride the winds above

4. Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes

How countless they congregate
O’er our tumultuous snow
Which flows in shapes as tall as trees
When wintry winds do blow

As if with keenness for our fate
Our faltering few steps on
To white rest, and a place of rest
Invisible at dawn

And yet with neither love nor hate
Those stars like some snow-white
Morgoth snow-white marble eyes
Without the gift of sight

Upon this star I fixed my eye
All over the wide land
My horse moved on, hoof after hoof
He raised and never stopped
When down behind the cottage roof
At once the planet dropped

5. Where Hope and Daylight Die

Still here I wake and I think of you
I see you far away
Answer my call
Can you hear my voice
I hear you

For we are gone and forever lost
Broken here I lie
Beneath the shadow sink
Where daylight dies
I wake for you

In better lands the sun may shine
And green leaves on trees spring
Their opening and blossoming
But here the raven sing

But still I stand and think of
Days when grass was green
And my heart was so young
They ‘ve never been past
Forever lost

6. The Rotting Horse on the Deadly Ground

Wars of great kings and clash of armouries
Whose swords no man could tell, whose spears
Were numerous as wheat field’s ears
Rolled over all the great lands, and seas

Were loud with navies, their devouring fires
Behind the armies burned both fields and towns
And sacked and crumbled or to flaming pyres
Were cities made, where treasuries and crowns

Kings and their folk, their wives and tender maids
Were all consumed. Now silent are those courts
Ruined the towers, whose old shape slowly fades
And no feet pass beneath their broken ports

I need no call of clamant bell that rings
Iron tongued in the towers of earthly kings

Take a ride on, ride on,
on your rotting horse
on that deadly ground
Take a ride, ride on,
on your rotting horse
with a pounding sound.

Here on the stones and trees there lies a spell
Of unforgotten loss, of memories more blest
than mortal wealth.
Here undefeated dwell the fog immortal
under withered elmes,
Alalminore one in ancient realms

7. The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills

Farewell we call to the earth and hall
Though wind may blow so fast rain may fall
We must away ere break of day
For over wood, tree and mountain tall.

With foes ahead, behind us dread
Beneath the sky’s our bed
Until at last our toil be passed
Our journey’s done with sped

Beneath the moon and under a tall star
I wandered so far from northern lands
Bewildered on enchanting charming ways
So far from the days of mortal lands

From gashing of the narrow ice so near
Where shadows lie frozen on the hills top
From neither heats and burning glowing waste
I’m turning in haste and fear.

8. The Loud Music of the Sky

What I am, I must not show
What I am thou could (not know)
Something between heaven and hell
Something that neither stood nor fell
Something that through thy wit or will
May work thee good, may work thee ill

Neither substance quite, nor shadow
Haunting lonely moor and meadow
Dancing by the haunted spring
Riding on the whirlwinds wing

Far less happy, for we have
Help nor hope beyond the grave
Man awakes to joy or sorrow
Ours the sleep that knows no morrow
This is all that I can show
This is all that you may know

A year there is a lifetime
And a second but a day
And an older would will meet you
Each morn’ you come away

The thunder’s noise is our delight
And lightning makes us day by night
And in the air we dance on high
To the loud music of the sky

9. A Distant Flame Before the Sun

I sit beside the fire and think
Of how the world will be
When winter comes without a spring
That I shall ever see

I sit beside the fire and think
Of people long ago
And people who will see a world
That I shall never know

I sit beside the fire and think
Of older times that were before
I listen for returning feet
And voices at my door

On high above the mists I came
A distant flame before the sun
A wonder ere the waking dawn
Where grey the nordland waters run
In elder days and years of yore

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