The Divine Wings of Tragedy Lyrics (1996)

Symphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy Lyrics Album

The Divine Wings of Tragedy Lyrics Album by Symphony X

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1. Of Sins and Shadows

Passing through the void
The darkest grand illusion
Chaos is riding on the wind

Destroyed in agony
They create a maddened lair
Summon all to heed their cry

Innocence fading away
– the dying eyes of prey

Desperate cries, hail of fire deciding
All our fate in the night
Tempt in sin, shadows then begin to
Gather the souls they hold within

Victims of desire
Pestilence of their invasion
Forms then take on evil waves

Paralyze, victimize
The shadows fall and enter fast
from the sky – (from the sky)
Summon all to heed their cry

Innocence fading away
– the dying eyes of the prey


I’ve betrayed – slowly fade
I repent my inner plea
I’ve denied – sanctified
Cannot hide form this

I’m immersed in a curse
Of this jaded imagery
Realize that your cries
Only jeopardize this legacy


2. Sea of Lies

Today I’ve seen the shallow face I wear
Inside this shell,
a living hell endures
I’m held captive by my fear,
decaying hope and wasted years
The knife of time carves another
line around these eyes

Good and evil – lust primeval
Dragging me into a sea of lies

Losing faith in who I am
Never changing just rearranging
my life again
Through into an eternal abyss I fall,
Silent screams through paper walls
I pray someday the sun will shine
on me again (shine on me again)

Good and evil – lust primeval
Dragging me into a sea of lies

Lies … lies …


Lies … lies …

3. Out of the Ashes

In the house of my master
Beyond the chains there is a bed
of snakes where evil lays
Oh, I hear laughter
I forged the iron bars that
someday will imprison me

Ooh, mother will you help me
Mother will you help me
To find a reason to go on

Out of the ashes of my youth
– I rise a man
And through the eyes of truth
– I finally understand
The way

I’ve been beaten with his words
and whipped with his lies
He will not break me down no
matter how hard he tries
Pray for my lost soul
Out of control the storm inside
me rages on and on and on

Mother will you help me
Mother will you help me
To find a reason to go on

(Chorus) x 2

4. The Accolade

Into the morning sun
Down his chosen road he rides to
save the world
Cross of crimson, robe of white
Sworn to the quest for the rest of
his life

Play shields and wooden swords
Slaying dragons as a knight of
Arthur’s Court
Trained to kill, to sing a song
Youthful hope to right the wrong

Sons of Antioch
An angel’s voice cries out to him
Free the holy lands,
bring peace to it again

Across the seas through sands of time
Knight of the Templar
A charging steed through lands unkind
A legend forever

A heart of gold pumps within his metal skin
A noble line he carries on


Braving the bloody din
Silver spurs are justly earned by
strength within
Squire to knight,
like prince to king
Chalice of life completes the ring

Into the morning sun
Down his chosen road he rides to
save the world


To see the light to spent his life
to understand
The sword he once held tight,
falls forever from his hands


5. Pharaoh

Ancient lands, lost in time
Storms of sand, walls of lime
Surround this mask of death I wear

Awakened by intruder souls
The jackal screams as my stone gods behold
Desecraters of Ra

Pharaoh’s curse upon you
Who dares to invade his sacred ground
Gods of the Nile arise to strike you down

Forgotten days of my rule, cities
blazed with gold and jewel
Diamond symbol of riches
beyond compare

Now I lay cold in this chamber of
Fools forsaken the wrath of my
Desecraters of Ra


Mystic gods of the stars
– I summon thee from afar
Sun, moon and earth
– align for my rebirth

I feel the blood flow through my veins
The life force shines on me again
Let the ritual begin
– you will pay for your sins

I am god, I am king of the land
The hour of judgement is at hand
Winds of revenges sweep through the sand
The mighty pharaoh lives again

(Chorus) x 2

6. The Eyes of Medusa

Can you look into my eyes
Tell me, now do you somehow
still recognize this stare I wear
Through crystal tears

The light escapes my smile
There is no likeness to be seen,
it is so strange to me

Awaken vindication
The mirrors curse-it besets me

Endless, timeless, faceless terror
To the isle of deadly shores
Sightless, countless, ageless
To behold the sight of Medusa’s

Under a spell – I’m enchanted
The hand of fate is never late to
ring the time
I’m forced to climb the walls

A voice bids last farewell
With no beginning or no end to
be found by me



(The Isle of Deadly Shores)


7. The Witching Hour

T’ was seven score and sixteen more
A dreadful scene to behold
Marble silhouettes, white
Forever gaze into time
(Caught in a web between life and

Visions dance throughout the
In the pale moon light
In the witching hour

Haunting minuet, immortal duet
Dance to the waltz of the souls
Stillness falls upon the aging hall
The fading chimes echo midnight
(Caught in a web between life and
death, life and death)


8. The Divine Wings of Tragedy

On the edge of paradise
Tears of woe fall, cold as ice
Hear my cry
Renounce, have you, thy name
Eternal is my pain

Eternal is the pain that leads me
to the thrones of temptation
Eternal is the pain that leads me
to the thrones of temptation …

There was a time …
When nine choirs sang the
endless melody of light
Music of the spheres
There was a place …
Where mortals embraced thunder
and majesty
Their fate lay in our hands
Feel my wings slowly fading –
forever lost in time – I cry


The burning conflict I’m feeling
It summons me to descend into
the other side
And just beyond the stars blazing
A beam light from a red, velvet
moon illuminates me

I will devise, from perfect skies
A dark and vengeful day
Faith and mercy gone astray

With strength of infinite measure
The mighty sword divides order
from chaos in the kingdom below
And from the mansions of glory,
This empty soul cries out one
final plea …
The end has begun

Our worlds collide, now in
You’ll feel the Wrath Divine
Tears of woe fall from the sky …


The prophet cries
Vast battalions rage on in the sky
Rising from the north
– the bringer of war
Eve of destruction
Summon all who have ‘power
over fire’
Impending doom from shore to

Standing on the edge of paradise
I sacrifice my truth and loyalty
Seven deadly sins consume you
all, a dance with death
I taste the victory

(Eternal is the pain that leads me to temptation)

Rising from the north
– the warrior prince
Judgement without compassion
eyes of fear
Like the river Styx,
the gates of hell –
“Abandon hope all ye who enter here”

The prophets cry
As armies fall from the edge of
the sky
The Prince of truth, now the
bringer of war

The day of wrath
Banish all kings from the face of the land
Dominion for strength is my


Eve of Sacrifice/Armies in the Sky/Dies trae


Looking out on a blue sky
I can see a new world arising
Like a prisoner unbound
I feel the power and the majesty

Looking up to the heavens
I can see what I left behind
Beneath the stars, moon and
warm sun
And all I know,
is my paradise has begun …

9. Candlelight Fantasia

Just one more night
One more score
Another question in my mind,
can’t take no more

Kissing the tears from my face as
they fall
To the ground in silence
in twilight and faded time
Spirits cold, with no love
Bells ring a lonely chime
Candle fires
These lit dreams can’t burn alone

Winds of change bring songs
upon my memory
An empty heart and soul
intoxicates me
This darkened page orchestrates
my final destiny
Not knowing what,
what tomorrow will bring

From within the mirrors eyes
I’m forced to run away and hide
I feel those mystic eyes subside
And leave me blind
Through passages in time
A prisoner locked behind the door
Lonely roses slowly wither and die

I can’t escape this captive misery
Heart stone cold, under supremacy
Thrown into a raging sea of tyranny

Lives vile walls have tangled me in webs
Eternally caught in my futures threads
Play the violent strings of my symphony


Transcend the absence of this fantasy
Just another vision
Washed away with the tide
No place for forgotten ones
I cannot deny
What lies beyond, beyond this fantasy


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