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Follow Me into Madness Lyrics Album by Tarot

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1. Descendants of Power

We know the war that rages in the minds of youth
We’re gonna bring it out for all to see
These years of our life have not been soft or smooth
That’s the way we always wanted it to be

We’re the rising order, we’re the way
The descendants of power

Mass media tells us of the new age of darkness
Ignorance and fear spreading from the hands that rule
You may think you’re getting something but you’re always getting less
So join our forces stop being a fool

We’re the word of truth, we’re the way
The descendants of power

We make a prophecy a sound will come that’ll break the earth
A shout that’ll rise from the pits of hell
This is the time for us to undergo rebirth
Time to fight and cut the hands that weave the spell

We’re the word of truth, we’re the way
The descendants of power

2. Rose on the Grave

Sound of falling water in the deserted halls
Red light dims to extinction as the darkness falls
Circuits blocked underground, the senility of mechanical brain
No one to stop the current madness, no one to share your pain

Hear that static cracking
Through your sleep
Eaten by corrosion
Without eyes you weep
Just a rose on the grave

You cannot escape the dark dreams haunting you
You’ve died for thousand years hoping this time it would be true
They gave you the power, by the power you were deceived
You fulfilled the order, look what you have received

Radar eyes blinded by the ancient storm
Now your mind is capable only to deform
Just a rose on the grave

3. Lady Deceiver

My thirst for you helps you to do me wrong
I’m afraid of you, it makes me strong
Promises of sin in a wink of an eye
Deceiving me again, I wish you would die

Keep me in chains when you go around
Still when you come
I crawl before you on the ground
Lady Deceiver

I don’t know which one I lust for more
Your body or your blood all over me
In your cage I rage at the door
Opening my mind for sweet insanity

I want to crush you under my weight
You’ve made me mad
By being an ultimate bait
Lady Deceiver

From desire I cannot be relieved
I’ve forgotten the god in which I believed
All the things you say are just lies
Wish I were able to claw out your eyes

I want to crush you under my weight
You’ve made me mad
By being an ultimate bait
Lady Deceiver
Claw your black heart out

4. Follow Me into Madness

Look at me, I’ll create you a dream
Reality escapes or so it may seem
But truth is only what you believe
I’ll give you faith without deceit

I’ll make you forget
Your despisal and hatred
I’ll give you my love
You’ll keep it sacred
You must believe
My heart is made of gold
So will be yours
When the sold within is sold

Purple echoes, screaming height
Fossilized thoughts, second sight
Follow me into madness

Beyond the gates we will need no sun
My work of salvation burns to be done
We’ll share the power
I draw from my master
Coldness of stars
Spreading faster and faster

Unliving shadows, breaking free
Those born again can be made to see
Follow me into madness

Come my child, there is beauty to be found
In the timeless crypts
There is no sky no ground
In my mind the road is straight and clear
Oh how wonderful is the feeling of fear

Open my veins to satisfy your thirst
Have my flesh, pure but accursed
Dying can be greatest ecstasy
Burning passion for lengthened agony
Follow me into madness

How they stare at you
Behind a window in the door
You’re tied up in a helpless rage
You’ll have to break out
You can’t take this anymore
There is no other way out of this cage

5. Blood Runs Cold / Happy End

Remember all the stories
They told you when you were a child
The sweat between your sheets what’s night
The darkness rings in your ears
Your stare is haunted and wild
Know that the rules of the real world
Don’t apply

Your blood runs cold

You stare at the shadows
Trying to see what moves behind
Every little sound builds up your fear
You can’t be sure
Of the sanity of your mind
Strange voices from the darkness
Whisper in your ear

Can you open your mouth to scream
It might just help your survive
The dream, scream

6. No Return

God knows I love you
Meaning I love you as much as I can
How could you trust me
I should’ve said
I’m not the right kind of man

Don’t wanna tell more lies
Don’t wanna blind your eyes
We can’t go on, our time has gone
Oh can’t you see, oh can’t you see
There is no return
Oh baby, no return

God knows it hurts me
To see how this betrayal of mine hurts you
I thought that this time
I wouldn’t let you down but now I do

Don’t wanna tell more lies
Don’t wanna blind your eyes
Now it must be clear
You weren’t even near
To my heart, lies from the start
There’s no return
Oh baby, no return

You must bury your love deep
Don’t let the painful cracks
Of broken heart show
But never turn cold
Tomorrow stays there always
So you’ll never know

I won’t tell more lies
I won’t blind your eyes
But someone may and that’s the way
Of no return
Oh baby, no return

7. I Don’t Care Anymore

Somewhere in the night
The visions come to me
And I dream of home
Those dreams won’t set me free
The road is made of eternity
And I know that it’s too late
Too late to change my way
Too late to alter my fate

I always lie to myself again
I don’t care anymore
Why do I have these dreams
Don’t care anymore
Please set me free

There’s something inside of me
Something you could not see
It makes me do the things the way I do
And it won’t let me be
I just can’t escape
The memories of you haunting me
This silhouette sharpened by the moon
The tears that run to the sea

To keep away the pain
I’ll have to lie to myself again
I don’t care anymore
Why do I have these dreams
Don’t care anymore
Please set me free

8. Breathing Fire

All is twisted, all I see is glowing red
Fire is on my tongue, in my eye
It is in my head
Smoke of burning village fills my mouth
Screams fill my ears, I am young
I am free, I am wild and I am fierce

Breathing fire, the viper’s son

Golden is my hide
And my wings are darker than black
Three feet long
Are the nails that grow on my back
Screaming with hatred eyes blazing insane
Eating corpses thrusting souls into pain

9. I Spit Venom

I come to feed upon your veins at night
I crawl into your bed
And you scream out of fright
I wrap myself around
Your smoothly curved hips
I love the taste of your blood on my lips

Your moaning turns hoarse
As I give you the first bite
Our bodies twist and tremble
In this magical flight
I light up your body
Can you feel how my tongue slips
I love the taste of your blood on my lips

You’ll come to believe
That I’ll never leave
Don’t you make a sound
Death slides in the ground
I spit venom

I plunge into you and pain
Mixed ecstasy glows on your face
I crush your bones
With the last burning embrace
I drain your veins
With a few greedy sips
I love the taste of your blood on my lips

10. Shadow in My Heart

Please don’t, don’t hurt me this way
I can’t go on
If there’s nothing but yesterday
Please lord, I’m pleading on my knees
I’d search the skies for her
I’d cross the seven seas

I am breaking apart
The darkness spreads
From the shadow of my heart
There was no reason
No reason for us to depart
The mold is black
Like the shadow in my heart

So cold is this solitary disgrace
Am I losing my mind
The despair of my face
My heart behind a weeping door
Carries the wounds of love
Open, bleeding and sore

From the darkness
I hear your song twisting my mind
Laying me into the deepest grave
Poison so kind
I will be by your side
Out of the time stream
I’ll hold the light
That shows the way
To the endless dream

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