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Tarot For the Glory of Nothing Lyrics Album

For the Glory of Nothing Lyrics Album by Tarot

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1. Crawlspace

Blood is thicker than water but nothing beats oil
Take the torch to the oil and let the blood boil
Take a look at the sorry state of this place, what is it coming to
But don’t you dare look down on me, I’ve got it in for you

Crawlspace, we’ve gotta stand up
Crawlspace, the only thing we’ve got is just
Crawlspace, we could use some help
Crawlspace, help doesn’t come cheap these days

Walk face down through the future war zone
The Russian mob is bringing lead to the bone
There’s a racist vigilante, he’s on his kicking crusade
The Chinese will eat the world unless he gets a switchblade

2. Warhead

The proud son of proud fathers, the feared and fearless me
Soldier of Armageddon, I was born to fly free
Now they see a wasted resource, I’m banished, I’m scorned
Lonely here in my rusty shell a restless mind hellspawned

They’ve marched with banners and they’ve torn down the wall
Onward to a new tomorrow, it illuminates them all
I was left alone to sulk in the rift they had to heal
Forgotten threat still lives on in this body of steel


They say they’ll make a deal, trying to pull the very last fang
They think I’m asleep but I’m ready to make a bang
They’ve got to guard against the coming of the judgment day
I’ll just say let there be light and there’ll be hell to pay

Nothing really matters now, the weak they just complain
Do they think their lives somehow have any worth to gain?
Naked in the blast like flies, they’ll leave an oily stain
Ashes will be washed away in this all consuming rain

3. I’m Here

Breath of living, heart pounding, poison stinging
Tiny voices, wrong choices, blood starts singing

I never had anything to lose, no touch, nor taste
My body is here for abuse, brain cells for waste

Sirens calling, walls falling, fists bleeding
Bones cracking, scent tracking, the void is feeding

The last of me is about to go, basic primality
Putting up one hell of a show, they will remember me

I’m here, a terminal case of lust upholds this prison of lust
I’m here, the sexiest god is pain, just gimme the ball and chain
I’m here, falling proud and tall on my face, reaching grace within disgrace
I’m here, at the frontline of fools, share my flesh before it cools
I’m here

4. Shining Black

I’ve been fasting face to the dawn
From the desert of thoughts only prayers will carry on
I’ve been waiting knees in the sand
Will there be time enough for me to understand

I’ve been breathing the air of high pass
The cold reaches into my bones turning me to glass
I’ve been bleeding but the cup’s not filled
I hope to see into it now, see my heart stilled

Far and away from here I’d lie down and find some rest
Something whispers in my ear, the hurt has found a place to nest

Shining black…
I see you now
Shining black…
You’re made of steel
Shining black…

I’ve been fighting the worm of despair
The hollowed me is losing strength, maybe I don’t care
The demon whispers in my ear the hurt has found a home in here

Shining black…

5. Beyond Troy

Blind, searching the dark, stand , pray and leap
Watch, not with your eyes, the creatures of the deep
Sail, the waters are black, don’t rock the boat
Cry the unseen away till it breaks your throat

Inside a dream is where we find each other
I’ll follow the scent of your need

There, a crack in the sky, whiteness ablaze
God of thunder, he rides to impale us with his gaze
Inside the storm are the hounds of the father
They will find your scent if you bleed

The children of love torn asunder
Heavens ring, the seas cry
There are things trying to pull us under…
Just find your wings and fly
Fly to me, I’m your faithful defender
Heavens ring, the seas cry
My wounds are yours to tender
Just find your wings and fly
Fly to me

Inside the soft flame of our desire
I’ll follow the smoke to your fire

6. Dark Star Burning

Space, time and rocketjuice, suck at the bittersweet taste
Light, sound, they mutate, paradoxic waste
Face, grime, the ingrained humour, the black laughter drowns it all
Flight, bound for event horizon, head on to the fall

Got a crush on you
You’ll do some time here
I will pull you through and hold you near
Love binds all, it’s true
I’m a dark star burning

Blue sky, endless spiral, get dizzy, it’s all right
These ways of your flesh are too small and tight
You, I, the final joining, never need another one
Crashrace into the heart of the eclipsed sun

7. The Scourger

I’ve seen the marvels of the molten flesh
I’ve smelt the wired nerves burn
I’ve been at the barriers of endless time
I’ve felt the knives of pleasure turn

The bloodless wounds pulsing with energy
Crack myself open, I’ll have to set it free

In me’ the scourger
There are things I never thought I would see
The shredded one will say all right
The scourger
The better me fell to the blight, I was cursed anyway

I’ve ripped my nails climbing the razor walls
I’ve grown new ones of steel
I’ve skipped the conscience and its nagging calls
I’ve thrown over the unreal

The third eye, the lizard mindcries victory
Split myself open, I’ll have to set it free

8. Ghosts of Me

Don’t wake this child of lies, he sleeps here in me
Now I’m just his dream
He sees things with my eyes, things he knows that can’t be
Floating in my mindstream

He’s been betrayed by truth, led astray by answers
Bruised by all that’s real
So sleep my sorrowed youth while I stand guard here
Afraid you’ll never heal

I wouldn’t mind if he was lost
He wouldn’t mind if I was free
I wouldn’t mind to take the cost
Strike me blind and leave me be

You are me

9. The Punishment

Inhale from the barrel of my gun
Swallow these words and be blown away
The spirits are here to fill me with nothing
There’s no one here to keep them at bay

And I say…
No more cover-ups, no more scheming
I hear it coming kicking and screaming
The punishment, long due
The souls convulse together, I’ll never be through with you

The promises under the hammer of time
They’re in pieces but you never heard them break
Now the dreams are voided, the threats are real
Come to an understanding with the mutual hate we feel

I drink from the life of your soul
And laugh at the wraith punched with holes
You had the same idea, I’m sorry but I’m still here
So gimme the kiss of life and death my dear

10. Ice

I’m the wind, I’m the snow
Taste me on the tip of your tongue
I need your heat
And If I have to steal it I’ll do it gently
There’s no shame
My words are sweet
I’ve been sucking on sore hearts
Knelt by the cold mountains on a starlit night
I’ve watched the people of this earth
Seen their love, their dreams
Seen them losing sight

There’s a world of ice within me
A kiss is all I need and it grows in you
Pregnant with all that’s lost
A flower of the moon
A dream that shouldn’t come true
No sorrier villain, a lover more sinister
But this one here
All of our regrets will be put away so soon
The ice will be clear

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