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Tarot Suffer Our Pleasures Lyrics Album

Suffer Our Pleasures Lyrics Album by Tarot

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1. I Rule

I was crowned a king in a womb
Tore my mother apart at birth
Gnawed at my father’s bones
Then gave them to the earth

Bowels of a grave turned loose
Spat out the one the reaper couldn’t use


I crawled into the moonlight
The sky fixed me with its stare
Filled me with razor teeth
And covered me in hair

Did you ever think that the stink
Of the flesh I suck would be you, sad fuck

The holy insult in the face of all divine
Purity of damnation is mine

There is a place that I must find
In order to explode
The hell pales beside me
As I spill my load

Bowels of a grave turned loose
Spat out the one the reaper couldn’t use
Time to burn the inhuman torch
Rip and slash, impale and scorch

2. Pyre of Gods

On the legs of lighting the storm rears in defeat
Rising in vain once more with the sea
Grey hands reaching, cold under a swell
Withered in the forge of our unbelief

All gods breed, all gods die, all gods will pay

We’ll exorcise all of these fathers of lies
Burned holes for eyes behold the pyre of gods

Uncrusaders, heretics to all faith
No slavery beyond death!
Every idol will feel our scourge
They can’t hold us in this life

The ransom of your soul must be paid for your dead
The way out for us all: We’ll take the jailer’s head

All gods want, all gods need, their sacrifices must bleed
All gods breed, all gods die, all gods will pay

3. Rider of the Last Day

The flesh is weak, the bones are brittle, the blood is thin
I’m a father, brother, lover to all you sisters of sin
My soul was never sold, I gave it away for free
No conscience, no worries, just me

I’m the rider of the last day
Rider of the last day
Better lose your dreams on me
They were wasted anyway

The stars are my brothers, they’re calling me to shine
Into the deep dark cold, all this emptiness is mine
Here’s my hand, take it and I’ll share it all with you
There are no saviors but one and you know who

Bathe in the coolness of meteor rain
Walk unscarred through the bullet hail
Feet in the mud, fist to the sky
Draw strength from the lightning spitting in my eye

Lost from holiness, I couldn’t care less
Drudgery for the masses of the hopeless
Wide-eyed hypnosis, just stare your life away
Built my castle from your shreds
Burn it down on judgment day

4. Follow the Blind

Hear the mad dogs barking with the voice of men
Bodies thrown to the rocks, broken, then alive again
Hear the rats are laughing with the voice of one
They’re all in heaven, delivered by our guns

With the multitudes we feed the grinder
The jaws are closing and the blades will find ya

We need no gods of war
Petty excuses no more
Just what we always wanted
The blood of our kind
Follow the blind

Hear the possessed screaming with the voice of doom
The sun goes nova, the earth goes KA-BOOM!
Take a flight from trinity to Novaja Zemlya
The pyre is blazing and the flames will find ya

Hear the stones, they’re sighing with the voice of the dead
Who lie below them with the worms they’ve fed
And when all that’s living is shattered by thunder
We’ll raise the dead, you, yourself will find ya

There ain’t no noble cause
Just mindless applause
The whetting stones whine on
Stroking blades till dawn

We need no gods of war
Petty excuses no more
Just what we always wanted
The blood of our kind
Blind follow the blind

5. Undead Son

I hear, I speak, counted the words all of my life
I see, I dream, if world’s a womb, I’d be the knife
I run, I flee, your fingers just won’t leave my head
I hear you speak for those I left for dead

I hear, I speak, the tongues are forked, the ears distort
I see, I dream, your world’s a horde against my fort
I run, I flee, the vermin stalk within my walls
I hear them speak their dirt within my halls

Mother help your… UNDEAD SON
Let go of your… UNDEAD SON
Mother help your… UNDEAD SON
Let me go… UNDEAD SON

I walk, I’m dead, I’m slowly eaten from inside
I walk this walk, been walking since I died

6. Of Time and Dust

There’s only one we’ve all fought for
Give us your price
We’re the eager sons you bear and eat
With skies on your face
In all the flesh the craving lives for the embrace
Of our cruel mother, the dark queen of our short days

The heart of flame, the skin of snow
The cloak of air to kindle our lust
The womb of seas, the bosom of stone
The cradle of earth will kiss your bones to dust

When the earth has gone
Will we be adopted by strange stars
The love won’t die, neither will war
And we find no rest apart

Timeless, the burning, the anger of suns
Endlessly turning what never has begun

7. From the Void

We sent the word of our coming
We’ve done it many times before
Arrive the day of our choosing
We’re hungry, we’re back for more
Tear your souls from your bodies and…

Fall across the sky into the fear
Cold star flies by, now we’re here

We sent the word of our coming
You’ve heard it many times before
Rise in the name of our legion
Prepare the feast of slaughter and war

8. Convulsions

Change over the suit of flesh
Can’t touch my mind with all their poisons
Take over the white padded space
Imprisoned spirit stays in full motion

Hurry not endless time

Convulsions, my bones crack
Cannot break, will not bend
Convulsions, fade to black
Orgastic till the end

Stay over here with me
Someday I’ll walk out wearing your face

Worry not, patience be

Convulsions, migraine head
Insides are twisting free
Convulsions, soiled my bed
The devil is still in me
Bury not living or free

9. From the Shadows

Prayer ain’t no key
Words aligned to make a puzzle of mind
Never meant to make you free

Prayer, insanity
You compete for the never complete
And it just won’t make you see

Pick your god from the lot, choose your stimulations
More down there where they came from
Drunken revelations

From the shadows of time
The dead are singing their lies
Their dirt is in your eyes
No one who believes dies
From the shadows of stones
Laughter of their rattling bones
Their dirt will cover your eyes
No one who believes dies

Prayer, masked devilry
Under the yoke of a cosmic joke
And you just can’t let it be

10. Painless

Blinded in the land of the one-eyed
Took a walk the day I died
I’m a dream in a clutch of nightmares
A coward who dares
Afloat in the dirt underground
The singer and the sound
I’m the voice of the word, the prayer
Suffocated by air

They told me fire would burn
But it doesn’t matter anymore
The wound in my back, the best place for your knife to turn

But now I know it’s PAINLESS

Pushing through the rock of future
Still drowning in the past
The mighty icon of stubbornness
The iconoclast
All skin and bones
The flesh is just dead
I, I, I, I grow fat with hatred

I know pressure will blow
Don’t get caught in the blast
From the dark into the black
Throwbacks always have to go

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