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1. Do You Wanna Live Forever

Tell me I’m a fool with my feet off the ground
The way that I see it, it’s the other way around
Say that I’m a dreamer who’s walking on air
Might as well be water, why should I care

There are things that must be sought
And I found them before you
My soul just can’t be bought

Why, do you wanna live forever
Trying to make things last
If you wanna live forever
Break out of your cast

Things that I’m feeling could be out of this earth
Got to face the new ages giving their birth

You fall for the popular call
Got no guts to take the lead
Have a drink and forget it all

Why, do you wanna live forever
Trying to make things last
If you wanna live forever
Break out of your cast
Why, do you wanna live forever
The truth might hit you blind
If you wanna live forever
Better widen your mind

Why, do you wanna live forever
The spirits were made to last
If you wanna live forever
Take a risk and move fast

2. The Colour of Your Blood

I can feel the poison
In the pulse pounding straight through my head
Feel the fever, it’s in me, in this heart of lead
I can feel some strange things
Crawling their way under my skin
The line I’m hanging on wears dangerously thin

Now I can see, your love twisted me
You’ll never be free of me
I’ll see the colour of your blood
The colour of your blood on my hands
The colour of your blood

The face of the moon turns color
A grinning skull with bleeding eyes
Knowing that it ain’t real, I’m glad to believe in lies
The death comes so tempting
My hand feels so good holding some steel
The reason why you can’t live, the hurt you made me feel

Now I can see, what your love did to me
You’ll never be free of me
I’ll see the colour of your blood

I’m a man with no flesh
Your betrayal stripped me to the bone
But I won’t be resting until your life is blown

Now I can see, what your love did to me
You’ll never be free of me
I’ll see the colour of your blood

3. The Invisible Hand

I’ve never ceased to wonder
At the strangeness of my days
Cruelty and tenderness hand in hand
Interlocking by mysterious ways
Sometimes I’ve seen beyond the scape of our dreams
Beyond the gold at the rainbow’s end
And I’ve seen emptiness striving to be filled
A plain longing for a friend

I’ve been hanging on here, dreaming of the other side
Sometimes I’ve been so near, near the invisible hand

We are born to the times the change so fast
And we can’t trust the way we’re feeling
The need for truth is strong within us all
But so many times we’ll face a hidden meaning
So many have fallen to insanity
Thinking they could draw and cross the line
Leaving others behind and ending up believing
In the exclusive right for the grand design

I’ve been hanging on here, dreaming of the other side
Sometimes I’ve been so near, so near the invisible hand
I’ve seen the light that shines on, flashing through the other side
Fraction of a second then gone back to the invisible hand

Where am I going, where did I come from
I’ve been longing for your freedom, please
Let me fly…

4. Live Hard, Die Hard

There’s a sign, there’s a star
It rises over the sea
There’s a voice that calls in whisper
And it might set you free
The pain has a lesson to teach
And we always get taught
Every joy is a forbidden fruit
And we always get caught

Live hard, you can make it
Die hard, set yourself free
Live hard, you can make it

Your soul is a miracle
It glows brightly to my eyes
But you won’t raise your stare
To the light beyond the skies
Don’t you wanna learn, don’t you wanna burn
Don’t you wanna find out
We still have time enough
To know what it’s all about

The days go by melting to a gray line
In the dead of the night there’s a short relief
You gotta wake up, I’ve given you the sign
I’ve shown you the way, just take my hand

5. Sunken Graves

You weren’t born out of time, the time went out on you
Stare into the mirror, see yourself broken in two
The ropes you thought you held are at your neck
Biting into your skin
There’s no compromise, dying is a way of living

Who do you blame for the pain that’s been inflicted
Four walls around, you inside, but the air’s been evicted

Living in the sunken graves, corpses for company
Sunken graves
Sunken graves, groundworks of misery
Sunken graves

What’s behind your downfall? All too many bolted doors
Do those who locked them see you walking on all fours?
Pride overridden by a feather, an easy prey
Here’s a cruel joke, every dog has its day
Feeding on crap has become an emptyheaded reflex
Here’s your contract, read and weep
You signed it with an X

Living in the sunken graves, corpses for company
Sunken graves
Sunken graves, heartsoil of misery
Sunken graves

You’re trying to ignore your mouth that’s filled with mud
Trying to get drunk from the bitter menstrual blood
The only transparent wall is the hardest to break through
Who did this to ya, who? Nobody but you

Living in the sunken graves…

6. The Chosen

Did you see the black snow falling
Did you see the grey sky bleed
Have you felt the fear that’s growing
Born out of a senseless greed
This world keeps on turning
For us? I don’t know
Down here too few are learning
Too few and way too slow

Blinded led by the chains held by whoever that reigns
Innocence lies with the dead, out with their remains

Did we want to be the chosen
No forced by the creed
Did we have to be the chosen
No, what do we need, do we smile or bleed

There are those who stare with a snake eyes
Asking to join their cause
Lost souls who live to hypnotize
Tricked themselves by a devious force
Stranger may walk the cold streets
Of your hometown
Hand on his heart that never beats
Wearing a barbed wire crown

Is the truth for us to say, are we been taken away
When the world turns black the price will be ours to pay

Did we want to be the chosen
No forced by the creed
Did we have to be the chosen
No, what do we need

Can you place your trust in this world unjust
Affections misplaced expose it two-faced
Hearts of stone, ice cold, stupidity so bold
It’s easy to drown, the highest walls come down

Down we go

7. Born into the Flame

So many faces
But you know there’s only mine that carries the traces
That mark us the same
We’ve been losers
But there’s always a chance to be one of the choosers
To be proud of your name

We’ve got the hearts of ice
Part of it is just a make believe, but sometimes lies
Can be made up too real
So choose your side
By the things you are out to achieve, you cannot hide
On your heart’s never gonna heal

Don’t you see, this world was made for you and me
It’s time to change our history

We were born into the flame, how does it feel
We were born into the flame, you know it’s real

There’s a dream we share
A dream we made our own and we will be there
Where it rises to shine

This is the time, this is the place
Start living right now, right here
Don’t lose your faith, we’re in the race
Just wait for the prize to appear

8. In My Blood

The touch of your body still lingers on my hands
I can feel them burning
Like acid, poured down on me
The rain streams down my skin
Imaginary visions like broken mirrors
The shards are in my brain
I know you’ll be waiting, rolling on the sweaty sheets
Waiting for me again and again

The wet dirt grinds between concrete and my feet
The voice of my passion gets higher
Drowning my senses my blood starts to roar
For the need to embrace your fire
I race through the alleys and the realms of shame
Carrying the blazing aura of aggression
I used to be free, now I can’t think straight
You’re blinding obsession

In my blood, poison of love
Veins filled with fire and ice
In my blood, dirty love

I remember the sunlight, I hate it now
For making my face look so pale
There’s no more reason behind my actions
I’m a wolf on the same old trail

Eyes turn blind, she whips my mind
Enslaved to her needs, she takes my body
And she feeds

9. Tears of Steel

We live with rage, conditioned and natural that is all
Another closed page, that’s where all these victories will fall
This deadly lure, the eerie song of the sirens, we hear the call
We are the cure, we’re worse than the disease
Because we see what we’ve ceased to be, that is all

These times walks over us ripping us off the frames
Only wind stays to whisper the forgotten names
Of those who shared our tears of steel

Mercenary instinct, inbred domination ready to flare
Our pain is distinct, suppressed with an effort of will but always there
Blood crusted hands. Signals of fear which we almost can’t bear
The blackened sands from a thousand holocausts, we are to blame
We drown with our shame and we don’t care

We walk with madness which we are to enforce
We will be back again on our lonely course
Once again we’ll rape with tears of steel

We’re made of power which no one can deny
Our humanity was just another lie
We’ll pay back with tears of steel

10. My Enslaver

Clean puncture and now she’s gone
But her spell still carries on
Can’t touch no one, can’t get out of my shell
She left me burning in this lonely hell

Through the restless nights souls wander holding on
Through these cold nights that never come to dawn

She’s still my enslaver
Where’s the heart that I gave her
My sweet enslaver
I hate her

Shades drawn growing lunacy staring
Staring from the abyss ahead
Longing for the sight of the face that I hate
Grinding teeth, raising the dead

I get so scared of the cruel dreams I see
Scared of her shadow coming to claim me

I hear voices, whispers of resurrection
Sounds like tombstones corroding
Laid my love to sleep with heart impaled
But I can’t escape this dark foreboding

11. Shame

I’ve been living so long in a very short time
Who knows my face, who knows my name
They are changing almost day by day
And all I’ve got comes down in shame

I’m getting closer slipping to the darkest side
How soon the party’s gonna end
I’m getting closer sliding out of the day
Falling faster with every coin I spend


The time is flying with growing sense of decay
And I keep on telling myself it’s okay
I’ve been drowning, with booze and dirty women
Found no salvation, my head keeps on swimming

I’m getting closer slipping to the darkest side
The wreckage is already in sight
I’m getting closer sliding out of the day
Somehow I gotta find more will to fight


Ooh, it’s sucking me in
The more I fight the more it grips
Ooh, it’s sucking me in
The quicksand of razors claws and rips

12. Iron Stars

The earth shook and the mighty angels wept
The brooms of fire sadly swept
In a flash of light all we knew was lost
No one was left to bear the cost

Parasites were fed, weak hearts had bled
Mediocres were lost in between
In the end they all screamed and burned
The faulty ones laughed and died unseen

The darkness rules the molten graves alone
Where millions of fools lived in sin
All those who bowed to the unholy throne
Were to see the skull beneath the grin

Torches from hell, let out their deadly scream
The demons cracked the blue sky with flames
Riding through flesh and steel on a laser beam
Ridding the unborn of their names

Iron stars in their mindless courses
Corpses blown by the wind
Thunder rolled with heavenly horses
As they crashed and were destroyed

The earth shook and the mighty angels wept
The brooms of fire sadly swept

Voices of those who had to die in vain
Can be heard echoing through the night
A useless replay of their endless pain
Never finding their way to the light

13. Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

Revolution in their minds – the children start to march
Against the world in which they have to live
And all the hate thats in their hearts
Theyre tired of being pushed around
And told just what to do
Theyll fight the world until theyve won
And love comes flowing through

Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear?
Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear?

So you children of the world,
Listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in
Spread the words today
Show the world that love is still alive
You must be brave
Or you children of today are
Children of the grave, yeah!

14. Guardian Angel

Angel watch over me
Walking alone to the fall of night
Guardian angel help me to see
Angel be my guiding light

I know the meaning of shame
It makes you feel so broken and torn
I’ve seen it too many times
I know the face of scorn
I’ve been on a search for truth
But it’s never been easy to find
And it’s always been hard for me
To have an open mind

Sometimes you want to give away the blood of your heart, loss or gain?
How to be sure you don’t sacrifice yourself in vain

Guardian angel watch over me
Pride leaves you walking alone to the fall of night
Guardian angel help me to see
Angel be my guiding light

Is there a place I must find?
A vision to make me understand?
There must be a way to keep
My dreams from drowning into sand
Facing the walls of my inner defiance
Do I believe, do I break or bend?
The secrets I’ve held from myself
Are only means to an end

Should I open all these old wounds, risk the peace of my mind
There’s nothing else to be learned except the truth
Love must be blind… angel

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