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The Faceless Akeldama Lyrics Album

Akeldama Lyrics Album by The Faceless

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1. An Autopsy

Exhume this wretched corpse
Its lifelessness to be withheld
His pale face tells the story of an unjust life
(A) sickening story of uncomfortable familiarity
The saddened shadow of a man that once was
Casts me into Disguise
The Dissecting begins in the chest
Bone saws gnaw through lifeless flesh
A heartless cavity reveals a pointless end
Preceded by a pain unknown
His bold voice forever silenced
Sever the skull
His mind lies in Peace
Free from the torment of existence

2. Pestilence

A flourishing plague comsumes the masses
Emaciated figures dying in the streets
Boils and sores devour their flesh
Vital organs turn to sludge
This inescapable fate captures humanity
With everyhour more victims fall
Mass hysteria becomes the protocol
Civilization turns to savavgery
With no hope for a cure in sight
Science becomes futile the the chaos
Disease their ridden humans play out their final
Days as ravenous animals
A bastardized version of man which cannot be reversed
Limbs and appendages rot and fall off
Leaving hideous cratures in tormented hell
Suffering life forms await death in the misery of defeat
Mass fraves filled with diseased bodies
Spreading sickness posthumoulsy

3. All Dark Graves

Shovels pierce the horizon bridging the barrier
Between what’s and what’s deceased
And the symbolic nature of all that’s between
No matter who or what lies ‘neath
Life carries on above unphased by the everlasting
Absence of the slowly rotting
Delving deeper; Darkness falls, corrosion sets in
As life begins to fall apart
Shapeless beings call forthto be one with them
Achieving Immortality Through the process of Decomposition
The selfish request of a treacherous host
Everything does take life, even the eath must feed
Approaching the carren wasteland
Nothing to set one space from another
Lungs collapse from lack of air
Degestion has started
There is no turning back
Atomization occurs forcing fragments
of the former in opposite directions
Some upwards through to the surface
and others into the abyss
To be forever forgotten
For the life will carry on above

4. Horizons of Chaos I: Oracle of the Onslaught

From dusk till dawn , the poison siren sings her son
Rage bleeds through her skin, walls of patience caving in
Cowards caged by sword, still sheathed at the brink of war
One flick of the wirst, his army shall cease to exist
The horizons of chaos
Cast down a plague, pestilent, vile dismay
The horizons of choas
Whores of war, on their knees, begging for mercy
High noon above the dunes, corpses caress these ruins
Drifting across the wastlands, the siren starts to chant
Fire in her eyes, bringing blackened skies
A redemption for the restless, decimation of the fearless
The horizons of chaos
The fallen grip the sand, last breath, last stand
The horizons of chaos
Content with dying, the hopless keep trying
Warriors to walk the paths of the dead
All is lost, kiss your cross

5. Horizons of Chaos II: Hypocrisy

On the helm of a false entity
The faithful standing firmly
Betrayed of the worthy
patrons of Demoralization
desregarding justice
Corrupting minds of the innocent
Socity bows to the throne
Unaware of what the siren beholds
Fools suffer
Horizons of chaos
The solstice of annihilation
The break of daylight is their last for all eternity
A scared blood will spill
She’ll bask in their ashes
A sacred blood will spill
She’ll Bbask in their scorching ashes
Bow down to your God, reaper of your soul
Look into her eyes, see the white light
hand upon his head, look up at your queen
Never again
Try and take her throne
Now she’ll take your life

6. Leica

I heard you call through our wall
Waving your tle through our minds eye
A direct embodiment of your wanton faith
You command me as I’m unknowingly
Succumbing to your ways
Digusting, yet so intriguing, I recent my beliefs
Accepting your false idols as my own, forsaking mine
I will be reborn and pure blood will line the land
I am just a fool, masked and anonymous
the final test lies just ahead
The swordsman have chosen me
I will die
I heard you call me from over the sea
I heard you call bringing me to this place
Once meek and on a perilous path
Now guided every stop of the way
Light the fire and cast me in
Knowing the meaning of sacrifice
I will be the burning heart in the chest of the wicker man
I believe in the eternal life through sacrificing myself to you
I believe in the everlasting life
Achieving the death of a martyr for you

7. Akeldama

To live in true freedom is to release all inhibitions
The fears of mortality must be forgotten; no longer living for death, no longer dying to live
Existence and nonexistence coagulating
Safety found through ignorance; shackling human individuality

8. The Ghost of a Stranger

Infatuated with the corpse
An exact imafe of what it was just a moment ago
A ball gag suppresses the last breath that it ever took
My body is bathed in the warmth of blood
Never though that it would
Have kept me warm on the very fateful Night
But not I know those screams were not of pain but they were my ecstasy
It’s white skin is illuminated under pale moonlight
Remisiscent of fresh snowfall
The patterns formed by shadows and it’s hair make each square inch unique
My lips still burn from the last time I uttered it’s proper name
Those thin wrists seem to melt in my hands
My flesh on it’s flesh with gravity on my side
I should, but wont, tread lightly on it
My garments lay in shreds with the last of my humanity
Brushing the hair from it’s face I am locked into a dead stare
It’s open pupils act as a mirror and they a reflicting back at me
Not who I am but, what I have become
I pledge allediance to this husk, giving it all that I’ve got
Pushing my power in
And absorbing it’s life as mine, becoming one with it
I unclasp the ball gag and inhale it’s death

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