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The Vampire Chronicles Lyrics Album by Theatres des Vampires

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1. Preludium

…of the primeval priest’s assum’d power
when eternals spurn’d back his religion
and gave him a place in the north obscure
shadowly, void, solitary

Eternals, I hear your call gladly
dictate swift winged words, and fear
not to unfold your dark vision of torment

“Impia Tortorum longos his turba
furores sanguinis innocui
non satiata, aluit
Sospite nuin patria, fracto nuin funeris antro,
mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque tenent”

2. Enthrone the Dark Angel

Night without moon…obscure clouds in the sky
whispers from twilight…terror so fine!

Ancient omen of cursed age
hell is coming on the Earth

Enthrone the dark angel…awaiting his arrival
born in the candle of Thorns…drink blood and tears

Body without heart
pale faded flower
we pray the Horned God
we pray the King of Hell

“Follow your sign…a cold moon
freezes my heart…a breath of horror
when I walk the dark path of Oblivion…
the Lord awaits in its castle of perdition
when I walk the dark path of Oblivion”

3. Thule

By a route obscure and lonely…haunted by ill angels only,
when an eidolon, named night, on a black throne reigns upright

I have reached these lands but newly from an ultimate dim Thule
from a wild weired clime that lieth sublime, out of space, out of time

By the dismal tarns and pools where dwell the Vampires
by each spot the most unholy in each nook most melancholy
there the traveller meets Aghastsheeted memories of the past
shrouded forms that start and sighas they pass the wanderer by
“For the Dead travel fast”

By a route obscure and lonely…haunted by ill angels only,
when an eidolon, named night, on a black throne reigns upright
I have wandered home but newly from this ultimate dim Thule…Thule!

4. Throne of Dark Immortals

Resignedly beneath a dark sky
the melancholy waters lie
so blend the turrets and shadow there
while froma proud tower in the death looks down!

There open fanes and gaping grave the death has reared himself a throne
in a strange city lying alone far down within the dim forest…

Mistaken demon of heaven thy joys are tears
ask the blind worm the secret of the grave and why her spires love to curl
around the bones of death and the will of the dark immortals

Expanded..the sound of a trumpet
the heavensawaoke, and vast clouds of blood
roll’d round the dim rock of the castle

In his hills of storm’d snow, in his mountains of hail and ice
voices of terror are heard like thunder of autumn…
when the cloud ablze over harvest

5. Woods of Valacchia Part 2 – The Revelation

The black flames of death here opens the doors of hell
the lust and violent perversion

Immolated to Lucifer
you sigh in the pain of arcane (ceremonial)
and the sacrifice will give us the force and new life

To operate our hidden missions
unite my evil seed to the pure blood of the virgins
drawing you to energy

The storm will come and the sky will become dark
to show that the fate has been accomplished

Immolated to Lucifer
you sigh in the pain of arcane (ceremonial)
and the sacrifice will give us the force and new life

6. When the Wolves Cry

The eyes in the dark… when the sky is red
the howling wind… when the rain fall on the earth!

A moonspell broken… blood of my bride
terror in the night when the wolves cry

Per Adonai Elohim, Adonai Jehova, Adonai Sabaoth, Metraton On Agla, Adonai Mathom, verbum pythonicum, mysterium salamandrae, conventus sylphorum, antra gnomorum, daemonia Coeli Gad, Almousin, Gibor, Jehosua, Evam, Zariatnatmik, veni, veni, veni


Take your cross when the sky turns black
because the Vampires come out from their biers!

The forest breathes this enchanted atmosphere… mother of suffering… mother of evil
mother of all dark creatures

7. Exorcism

Oh Lord help us
Holy Mary, Holy Mary of God
because he has departed on the road, along the path, on the big road,
where the powerful person met,
the Vampire.
The mother of God appeared on the roads: stopped,
don’t drink his blood, don’t take his strength, don’t tear his heart,
leave it chaste and pure.
Like a pure egg as he like God has created it.
You run away, big evil, you run away, small evil, you run away from the nine
because if you don’t want to run away from your wish
you will run away for strength.
I will pierce you with the knife. I will pierce you with the iron. I will
throw you in the fire,
and there you will die,
like dew to the sun, like a worm under your fett.
Go in the desert mountains where the rooster doesn’t sing.
You disappear there and then you die again.

8. Carpathian Spells

When the horizon will be red blood wherver he is or goes
I will be with you you walk the path of seven black candles

Vision of black might…dream of reality
whispers od ancient spirit in the forest…forever as one!

I give the occult art of Goezia Strigis
I give the horrid power of Capiquel
Ancou the powers of Dioxemeion
When the priest invokes his God…

You will give the death to him with the Roasry of Blood
and the Numero Putrefactionis
You will be…a new Vampire!

9. Cursed

When the darkness falls you see a new world
the winter’s embrace lost…in the forest

Silence…deep secret
hidden in the dark
the witches and their spells
the trees seem alive
tears of your mother
cry ’cause you are dead
entombed in a dismal coffin

“From the grave I rise to search for the virtue, that I miss, of love
my lost groom to embrace and suck the blood of his heart…”
“Gange la mort avec tous tes apptits at ton goisme et tous les pehs capitaux”

When the darkness fall you come back to life
with pointed teeth…and your red eyes

10. The Coven

Darksome night and shining Moon, East then South then West then North
Harken to the witches’ rune. Here I come to call thee forth.

Earth and Water, Air and Fire. Wand and Pentacle and Sword.
Work now to my desire. Harken ye unto my word.

Wueen of Heaven, Queen of Hell. Horned Hunter of the night.
Lend your power unto spell. Work my will by magic rite.

Power of land and sway of sea. Might of Moon and Gift of Sun.
Do as I will and let it be. Chant the spell and it be done.

Eko, Eko, Azarak.
Eko, Eko, Zamilak.
Eko, Eko, Cernunnos.
Ejo, Eko, Aradia.

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