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To Die For Epilogue Lyrics Album

Epilogue Lyrics Album by To Die For

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1. Crimson Twins

Come and drown with me
In the sea of apathy
Deeper in we’re drawn
On this downward spiral

We passed the point of no return
The moment we intertwined
On the shores of misery
Washed by crimson tide

Blood is what unites
Crimson twins we are
Blood is what unites
Our darkened hearts

Death is not what it seems
It’s just a new beginning
For a lifetime of pain
Until we die again

2. Vale of Tears

Old souls are rambling
Through your room
‘Cause night-time belongs to them
Time of shadows and whispers
Your room is so dark
And you are
Too scared to fall asleep
But I’m always there for you

So warm is my heart for you my love

Sleep well my darling
And leave
This vale of tears behind
Land of nod is a better place
Don’t feel fear in the darkness
You can’t see
But there I am with you
I’m near, close to you

The night is calling

3. Hollow Heart

Memories of you
Haunt me everyday
A never healing wound
And nothing left to say
I die a little every day
I die a little anyway
For the memories
For hell inside of me

No true emotions
No true regrets
No true devotion can live off bitterness
My hollow inside
My hollow heart
My restless soul is longing to depart

Come surround me with your grace
Wash away my deep disgrace
Take me into your sweet embrace
Where i can live in sin
I die a little anyway
I die a little every day
For the memories
For hell inside of me
No true emotions in my hollow heart

4. Veiled

Cold wind blows again tonight
Caressing total silence
Darkness wraps us in it’s veil
As we open our eyes

In the moonlight our souls are free
On wings of sorrow we face eternity

Frozen leaves for our bed
And mist for a blanket
It’s time to rise into the night
And satisfy the need

Evil lives within our hearts
Where no blood resides
Once awaken cannot sleep
‘Til hunger satisfies

5. The Unknown

The sun has gone down
Left me alone
In the dark
In the cold
And wind blows again
It comes from far away
So far away
Is the peace of my soul

Here it comes again
This racking feeling, I don’t belong here
Mother earth, beautiful world
Can’t give me anything

I have heard so many lies
And I’ve seen those empty smiles
Knowing that somewhere else
I could see the smile that means something
My mother earth, beautiful world
Is drawn into faceness

Sorrow of the unknown
Follows me everywhere
In my heart I know
I don’t belong here

Here it comes again:

Sorrow of the unknown:

6. Frail Without You

Grief never dies
It slowly turns into
Another form of despair
Another form of pain

I gave you my life
You gave me yours
We thought it would last forever
We thought it would never end

For each other we took our lives
Where can I find my love
I’m frail without you
For a moment we shared one heart
In death we’d never be alone
But somehow we did part

In loving memory, that’s what it said
Nicely carved in stone
Somehow alive
Somehow still alone

Somehow alive even in death
Somehow still alone

7. In Solitude

I’m not the one to die for
Don’t grieve for me
After I am gone
No one remembers

Let me die in solitude
Under pale grey clouds
Let me sleep forever
Six feet under ground

This life ain’t what I wanted
Don’t cry for me
I’m not worth your pain
I’m not worth your tears

I say goodbye
And raindrops taste like tears
In the pouring rain I stand and die alone

In my final hour
As I kneel on the leaves
I can feel a wave of warmth
Wash over me

Then it’s really over
My earthly misery
I’m not to be remembered
Don’t cry for me

8. Chains

When I close my eyes
I see you appear
I’m drawn to you my dear
I dream of you
No chains can bind me

In this dream I’ll keep you forever mine
Until the end of time

I was longing for your blessing
But you were a devil in disguise
My sweet mistress of despair
You turned my dreams into lies

I follow you to the darker side of night
You take my hand and pull me closer
I realize there’s no way I can wake

In my dreams I’m longing for your sin
The warmth of your caress

I was longing for your blessing:

You were a devil in disguise
Turned my dreams into lies

Until the end of time
In this dream I’ll keep you forever mine
Until the end of time
In this dream I’ll keep you forever mine
Forever, Forever
In this dream I’ll keep you forever mine

9. Immortal Love

Looking deep into your eyes
No better place to hide
When i’m scared and i’m weak
You can help me before i bleed

You can help me forget the pain
That i feel deep inside
Let me shed these tears
Let me just be with you

You’re my saviour again
You are my angel

My blood runs in you
Your blood runs in my veins
We love this kind of immortal love

Open up the scars
And give your blood
I will give you mine
I think it’s what unites

This is all i believe
You’re the one i trust
I believe in our love
And i always will

10. Garden of Stones

Snow has covered her grave
And flowers have withered away
Cold wind cries in the trees
Frozen tears mark my grief

The flickering, weak candlelight
Shatters the dead of the night
I bury my face in my hands
I try to speak but I can’t

With a breeze arrives a sparrow
Lands on her gravestone
I raise my head and realize
I am no longer alone

Haven of shadows in the garden of stones

Cold wind blows out the flame
And darkness surrounds me again
The sparrow starts silently singing
A song only she and I know

I shed a tear on her grave
And silently whisper her name
As cold wind still shakes the trees
I know she now rests in peace

With a breeze leaves the sparrow
Flies into the unknown
I bow my head and realize
I want to follow

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