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Trail of Tears Disclosure in Red Lyrics Album

Disclosure in Red Lyrics Album by Trail of Tears

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1. When Silence Cries…

When silence cries…
Is it what i feel?
– or is it what you really long to be?
Depression grows again,
To you i pledge my guilt
Deserted fields is trole
– there is no relief

The bleeding night, surrounds you like a darkened veil
-the echoes wake my sleeping thoughts
The distant voice… It cries again
– i realise it`s not a dream, like a journey in solitude
Ignore what i once did say

When silence cries…

The pleasant feeling of something dying (she said)
– upon the innocent it will rise once again

A tear i spill, in silence
– punish the word of wisdom that i once gave

When silence cries…
A passage of dreams
– a passage of dreams and memories
Tiny little screams
– feeble yet reveiled
Fading now is my oblivion

2. The Daughters of Innocence

Climb within me, read my satisfaction
Because it is the strongest of sins that makes me what I am.
Live through me, feel my satisfaction
Because you see, it is me who make them what they are.

Leave me now, an innocent soul
Wanna get out of your grip.

Look up to the stars, freedom between
Angels cry because of their guilt.

Climb within me…

3. The Day We Drowned

Once again I am drowning…
In this lake of betrayal and lies

So who are you to speak,
When they have already tightened the grip?
The creations of ones destiny.

And meanwhile I drown,
In the corners of your eyes.

To be the saddest of sins (would you be?)
Carry me to the fields of lust,
As you stand here withering I feel so alive.

My soul has been sacrificed
To the “demons” of betrayal
And I feel strangled to act in lies.

Tighter, tighter, tighter
Oh, is it hope in sight?
Is it hope in sight?

Redefine, and welcome the vast immortals
Redefine, and head back to the tainted waters…

4. Mournful Pigeon

Infinite oblivion…
Beyond all words and thoughts
Desires sent to sleep,
To the dawn of knowledge comes

A dismal gleam in their frozen eyes,
Gathering of the beloved ones

Bleeding portraits on velvet walls
Serene divinity passing on
Hiding are the deceitful ones

They have no courage, they have no feelings
Weakness and greed the most

Now my sighs have been answered,
They have drained me of all life
The passion of the tragedies,
Described beyond my loss

Feels like flying
Far away, out of confusion
Till clearness…

I can see the tears, falling…
From your eyes.
Try to wipe them, try to wipe them away
But they were frozen, they were frozen to your chin
Can`t control my feelings
Feels like I`m blind and stuck out in the dark
With no trees around me
Don`t know what`s passing me by

Why now?
It`s time to say farewell
Leaves fall from the dying tree again
Emotions brought to life

By me

My dearest pigeon is mournful yet again

5. Swallowed Tears

Icy blue and numb I crawl
The red heaven gapes at me
As I embrace the pale,
My final thoughts will sail…

– and now depression flows from your eyes
On my acheing wounds you spill your tears
But by my own hand, I drown your selfish dream

You seek, not finding…
The eternal portraits
They await me like the night
As this shivering candle holds my only light

Icy blue…

6. Illusion?

Thought I saw you
Out in the crowd
So many faces
But it was you that I picked out
I see the rain fall
Outside my window that night
I have discovered my fortune
And it’s you

I lie between hell and heaven
I lie between right or wrong
If I were God
I couldn’t help you
But I’m just
Human like yourself

I keep on smiling
Cause I have this dream
Every night when I go to bed
I have this picture of you right before me
You say these three words
“(i’ll) never forget you!”
But when I opened my eyes
You were gone far away

You were gone far away
Gone far away

7. Enigma of the Absolute

My shadow follows me
Everywhere I go
Please take it away, ‘cause I wanna go

Bring forth the agony
Of your inner thoughts

Far out in the forest lies a secret
That I hid when I was little
Wonder if it’s still out there?
The past, I try to forget
And nearly forgotten

Behold, as they are stepping towards us
The saint, and the sinful father
Can`t he reject the temptation of life,
As he stops and speaks to me
“The temptation of life makes sence to me”.

His mouth dripping with insanity
Stupendous scars of agony?
Heal these scars, set in time to heal for me
Stupendous scars of agony?

He tried to caress the lost ones,
Forever encaged…

Read my life as I read yours
A second chance for everyone?
Heal these scars, set in time to heal for me

Tell me I was wrong,
And I will relive it

8. Words of the Fly

I heard a strong voice
Shout out my name
But when I turned around no one was there
It was just an illusion I had
That they should come back one day

Embrace yourselves!
Watch them collide with destiny
The sinner’s hand
Strangles them, forever…
Arise, when the chance appears
The sinner’s hand embraces them

And so, arise on the Trail of Tears
(I know) the sinners all rose

Persuation falls on the Trail of Tears
The sinners all rose

9. Temptress

In the very heart of your lustrous dream
Bloody candles being lit by you
I am your child from this moment on
Waiting for the dream to awake
– sweet dreams my dearest,
The candles will end one day

I am gazing
Towards the stars

As I hear an angels voice in my head…
It sings so softly and so clear
Wanna fly away, wanna fly away
Wanna fly away into the skies

They have now fallen

Reaching out to us, a dividing hand
Bid to me this endless mystery
Open wide for me to see
A shade of what was never to be
– living in a fantasy world
Far beyond reality

Bury me…
With all of them
Eternal temptress

10. The Burden

The centre of dreams
Deprives me of things that should have been
As I wonder towards my final sin
There is no one to explain what I feel
Will you see to that I will arrive?
Feeling bitter and blue as I lay down my heart

And even though you know that it is me
You will continue to live out my sin
The fact however, I can not confirm
The secrets that once were lost with the burden
That was you

Dreams in a fantasy of reality
That is where you will find me

Now, you have noticed that I have arrived
So when will you depart from my heart?
You say that I have been carried away,
And I suddenly realise it is all here to stay

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