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Trail of Tears Oscillation Lyrics Album

Oscillation Lyrics Album by Trail of Tears

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1. Waves of Existence

Hear me, all the anger appears to sleep.
For each wound that bleeds within my
Chest, another soul might have found
Some long lost rest.
How did it come to this, where did
We fail? For the world to see i lift my
Glass and treat myself to a small
Sip of melancholy

I see you’re standing by the rope
Full of anger, hate and pain.
I feel like screaming out to me,
I want to reach you.
I see you’re feeling down again
Can I make you understand
You can reach out for my hand.

It’s gone now all that we regret.
So it’s time to take another step
Towards what should have been our
Common goal.
Let us raise our glass to what we
Achieved, let us drink to the past
And to all we believed

2. Scream Out Loud

Listen up here is the story about
Me, seducing your mind.
Let me have you, let me please you,
Let me bring to the deepest of desires,
Until you scream out loud.

Bring it on, I’m your own temptress,
Use me and take me high.
Then the room starts to spin around
You, when you see that I am no delight,
And you will scream out loud.

The hour of truth is upon us, the
Sound of the clock ticking fast,
There is no more mercy for man.
Will I salvage my passion this time,
Or will I suffer for the remains,
For all that was left behind,
This time it’s for real.

I can hear you screaming out in pain.
I can hear you crying out my name.
You will scream out so loud,
You will scream out in pain.

3. Crimson Leads on the Trail of Tears

We burned the bridges down and let
All perish from the ashes of old
We’ll resurface to rise again
Nothing will break down the faith
That we have all this turmoil will
Only regain our strength
Nothing will ever appear in our way
We were destined to prove all the
Thing that we say

Come with me into the trance
Join us in the final dance
Cause it will not last, so
Let us raise our glass
Now together here we stand

Once again we burned the bridges down
We have risen and proven ourselves
One more time
Nothing will strangle the passion
Within the flame that we lit, will
Still burn as it did
For we are but slaves to what destiny
Named a sickness in every thinkable way

4. Oscillation

Do you know how it feels to be standing
Alone, with the weight of the world
Pressing down on you hard.
On chance to choke the pain gained,
By the things that you say, by
The games that you play.
From this moment I stand amazed, the
Question still remains. How you choose
To behave, what you make of your lifetime.

Let those feelings leave, I know that life’s
Been tough. Be aware of what you’ve got.

Stay, stay with me, take me home
Don’t let me go. Stay, stay here with
Me, where our souls will be free.

Lay down your principles and pray to your
God of emptiness, like a last stroke of
Consciousness, an attempt to be brave
And to reach expectations.
Your time has come, cherish all your loved
Ones in this bleak hour. Cause I know
They’ll be leaving you one by one.

When the darkest clouds gone by
May light shine upon you.

5. Path of Destruction

I’ve got something to tell you
Oh, please believe me, I have
Nothing to offer you, Do you
See what I mean you’re on
The path of destruction

It is over now
I have no fears, no more
Fears, no more love
I can’t feel anything anymore

I won’t go with you, on that
Edge you walk and I can’t
Save you from falling
Soon you will see the ground
Getting closer
Soon you will find yourself
So much deeper
Soon you will see your
Path of destruction
I wish I could give you the
World, that you deserve

It is over now

6. Vultures Guard My Shadow

One more time and then it’s over
Cause I found myself in peace and
Now I am moving on
Still I love the years that I gave my
Passion and soul to you, but
Now I need to speak the truth

Without the sense or feeling to be enlightened
Have you forgotten all we had?
With fear I bid my last farewell
Damn you, you left me so sad
I need to speak my mind
I need to know the truth about you

Now my words are completed
I say nothing more I am done
And I am gone, I could have
Kept it going on forever

Slit the pulse of common sense and
Let it bleed all over us, for there
Is nothing more to say
The weight of the world appears
So real, yet the reasons so hollow
I kiss the serpent’s tongue, and
Feel the task of what’s to come

7. The Dawning

If I will live to see the new dawning
May the fear let go of me soon
I will reach out for a brand new morning
And release a final breath of youth

Ride the fear, ride the hatred
Deshined to bring you lifetimes
Of bitter fears, as the motives
Slowly deteriorates
There is more to this than you can see
Vultures sharpen their beaks and
Spread their wings, head out
For another tomorrow

Never know how days are passing
Take a chance, you won’t regret it
Only a short time we live then
We’re gone, of you doubt and fear
Have chances, take a breath, embrace
The challenge, only a moment and
The world is moving on

If I live to praise the dawning
I’ll reach out to greet the morning
Never again to waste my moments in life

8. Room 306

Loneliness has entered me and
Once again I cannot sleep, so
Many things are confusing me
And the seed of pain, it’s infecting
Me, the seed of pain has grown
Defenseless I bleed

Realize all is lost, realize all
Is dead, realize all is lost
All is dead, realize all is
Gone, realize all that was
Sacrificed for us both, has been drowned

Mournful tides have come for me
When the hunger sets, I’m too
Weak to eat, there is just so much
That I don’t understand, how did
I end up here where life seems so
Unfair, with such an open heart
There’s nothing to defend

For far too long I’ve been searching
in endless ways, to shelter, to cover
Up while storms are moving by
For far too long I’ve trying how can
I, keep on going now, when the
World is passing me by

9. Our Grave Philosophy

You’ll see me wander through the haunted
Hallways, you’ll see me running on the
Trail of ghost, for I have been adapting
To a grave philosophy, something
Precious to deny us both

You’ll see me spitting in the face of
Yesterday, you’ll see me slit the pulse
Of common sense, redemption is but a
Whore that we love to tarnish, revel in
It’s flesh with wounds open wide

Let me walk away this time
Cause I don’t have a clue
How to make you satisfied
How to bring you back to life
I’m not here to pleasure you

So stand straight now
Or you’ll fall as I walk
So behave now
It’s how you say it, how
You feel it, there is nothing
I can do, if you won’t live it

10. Lost in Life

Time to stand tall, it’s all so
Clear, the story ends right here
Where shall I go, I feel alone
And the silence breaks my heart

Nothing seems to make me smile
With this burden I’ll go down
I feel no hope, I see no signs
Is there a reason…

Why, why am I here
I’m so stuck in life
Will you hold my hand
So my eyes might dry
So far away…
I’m just lost in life
May the will to fight
Once more come alive

Time to be strong, to walk alone
And to make my final stand
it’s all been done, the fires gone
And the sadness quests my heart

Now it seems to make me cry
Nothing left but still I try
I feel the passion let me down
Is there a reason…

Tell me what to do
Tell me where to go
Tell me who to turn to
I really need to know

11. Eradicate

Fight me now once again
In every single bloody way
Don’t you underrate the wisdom
I have exaggerate your
Words in shame

Give me all, your everything
Bet your soul I’ll see your
Call, prepare to fall

Summon all the strength and
Aim it straight to the core
Terminate the hateful ones
And settle the score

Fight me now once again, with
All your pride and magnificence
feel the strength that I possess
Activated by your arrogance
Draw the line

Consider me your worst enemy
This breaking point is mine
To defeat, prepare to fall
Prepare to fall!

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