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Triptykon Melana Chasmata Lyrics Album

Melana Chasmata Lyrics Album by Triptykon

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1. Tree of Suffocating Souls

Speak to me, my master
Speak to me, come save me
Redeemer, revive me
This black void, through my heart
I can’t see your dark sky
Almighty, above me
By grace, save me
Believe in me, I am your lie
I am deceit disguised
I am your lie
Speak to me
My master
Speak to me
Rise to me from the dead
Appear from this earth
This your world, this your hell
Forgive my feeble lies
I shall die
As masses submit to embrace
And the maker reveals his one face
As the plague of humanity arrives
I drown in this blood contrived
Creator of suffering divine
Of baseness surmounting these minds
Of reflection and reason impaired
As grief trails endless despair

2. Boleskine House

Your eyes that once
Have gazed the waves
Have long been closed
Become enslaved
Within these walls
You lastly climbed
With fear engraved
The walls of time
This is the ground
You walked upon
The soil beneath
Your world long gone
In tortured flesh
Your name is called
Inseminate the bornless one
Invisible Gods on planes apart
I thee invoke
Oh western star

3. Altar of Deceit

Beseech in boundless greed
From barren womb you wrenched my seed
I shall never see my children smile
You have blinded me
I shall never see the truth you conceal
I shall never see your altar of deceit
Entwine, self-contrived sun
You drain my blood, this life long gone

4. Breathing

Every breath I take
Leaves me parched for air
Every hand I touch
Causes skin to tear
Every flame approached
Blinds my eyes
Every word I write
Leaves me drained
I shall feel
Still the blood
That fills my veins
Obliterate my hatred
This flesh enwrapped in pain
Every kiss of yours
Drenches my tongue with poison
Every emotion I feel
Tears a cleft into my heart
Every light in the dark
Fades as I advance
Every day I exist
I don’t understand
Earth to flesh, and flesh to earth
Engulfed below this ruptured birth
This longing mind that you denied
A taste of life
This body died
Earth to flesh, and flesh to earth
Engulfed below this ruptured birth
My words subside, this life is spent
Blind I remain, all shall end

5. Aurorae

This mind is tired of war
Of misery and pain
A spirit wasting away
Like rivers to the sea
A spirit wasting away
In this agony
Unable to breathe
Calm rivals fear
On this earth
A spirit wasting away
In this misery
The weariness of days
A life turned relict
Nothing else remains
A spirit wasting away
These bones have been burned
And hatred shall not last
The tools of sorrow cast
Have become the past
A spirit wasting away

6. Demon Pact

Mountains shall move and streams return to their wells
These hands no longer grasp the power they once held
This ground is soiled by those before me and their lies
I dare not look up for on me I feel their eyes
On a pyre of envy
They’ll incinerate my bones
Corrupted minds shan’t flourish
By clemency alone
My mind shall give way if my body has no rest
Mother of angels and of devils at her breast
Leviathan, Baalberith, Elimi and Gressil
So white is your skin that seraphs you could be
This ground is soiled by those before me and their lies
I dare not look up for on me I feel their eyes
Adora deum tuum, creatorem tuum
My lord redeemer
I shall deny you entry into my mind

7. In the Sleep of Death

Emily, why don’t you speak to me
Can’t you see, I’m not sleeping
Emily, why don’t you reveal yourself
Can’t you feel my yearning
Emily, the rays of the golden sun
Touch your tender skin, your frozen skin
Emily, this gentle morning chill
Silenced a voice within, your voice within
Emily, you were the blood in my veins
Emily, why did you abandon me
Emily, how long may this dismal moment last
Here in this world was your life
Emily, how can I find serenity
This is the very ground you walked upon

8. Black Snow

Under stars enthroned, far above
As the forest drowns in black snow
Under stars enthroned, I shall serve
And the ice consumes the world below
There exists no life around me
Though I sense I’m not alone
I am yielding to the darkness
And the wind a lonely voice
Black snow
Under stars enthroned
Infinite sky
Every step I take, life recedes
Under stars enthroned, everlasting night
And the cold prevails beneath
There exists no life around me
I am seeking my reflection
I resign to my extinction
In this ocean of black snow
Deep within my tortured flesh I remain alive
I long for my demise, in this world contrived
Everything I once was and once defined
I’m too blind to perceive the blindness in my mind

9. Waiting

We are the same
They’ve come for us
They’ve come in vain
In sleep entwined
Will we remain
We are the same
We’re bound within
Upon this ground
I’m on my knees
A trace of blood
We shall be free

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