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Unleash the Archers Behold the Devastation Lyrics Album

Behold the Devastation Lyrics Album by Unleash the Archers

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1. Eat What You Kill

Burn me alive, scorched earth, burnt souls
The carcasses rot, torments behold
Bear witness

Hide my eyes from the light of the dawning eternal
Heat from the earth sears a whole through the story I tell
Wonder why all the prophesies foretold nothing of this abyss

I am weathered commencement severed
Clear the waste, renew
I am slowly surviving judgement
Day by day I change
I am better, the future’s shepherd
I rebuild the age

This is hell on earth, hell on earth
Two seconds till you asphyxiate, seconds till you asphyxiate
This is hell on earth, hell on earth
Seconds till you die by my, seconds till you die by my hand
Die by my hand, die by my hand

Even when our life seems over

I will reign supreme, let the earth redeem
For it’s past failures
This I can promise you; the world just won’t be the same

Can’t deny that the end of the world is finally come
I stand alone in a pool of humanity’s blood
Hunger for life as I knew it, know this, I am the last one left

I am weathered commencement severed
Clear the waste, renew
I am slowly surviving judgement
Day by day I change
I am better, the future’s shepherd
I rebuild the age

This is hell on earth, hell on earth
Two seconds till you asphyxiate, seconds till you asphyxiate
This is hell on earth, hell on earth
Seconds till you die by my hand

2. The Ritual and the Reckoning

A new age, A new golden age is upon us

The sun shines on obsidian, this blade will plunge into a holy reverie
Upon the altar lies the one who’s worthy, we’ll pluck his heart from his chest cavity
(Time to die)
Between the peaks that rise, his chalice fills with rivers of sacrifice
And when the time is come, his drink will spill onto the steps of the sun

Now go and be the heart that saves what we’ve undone
This is worth death
Now be the heart that saves what can’t be saved

Fire is lit within the gaping wound, we’ll light our torches from his rife brazier
The hearth in every temple cold, suspended, make known the time of empty days is here

Years crawl faster as the hands tick closer to the twelve
One more until it’s over
Years crawl faster as the hands tick closer to the twelve
One more until the final five

And if the ribs should not bring forth new fire
Will our God fall from the sky?

Be strong, tonight there is no room for failure
The light must come and drive the dark away
Destroy mankind
We’ll stand and harken in this solar era
The skies will fill with cries of victory
Improve design

Thirteen Reed
Twenty Ahau
Transcending into another time

3. Destroyer

He builds with chains that can’t be broken or maimed (Cold night)
Upon the shoulders of the wicked and strange (Come fight)
His empire lifted by the fingers of children

Woe to thee who stand abroad, in the time of his ascension
All you peons stand in shame, in the presence of his glory
Between his finger and his thumb, those who stand against his legions
Rip your heart out with a glare, defy him if you dare

He kills in ways that chill the bones
He kills always, forever alone

His rise to power was not easy, nor is the strength that holds him there
Even his messengers can crush you, he is the bringer of despair

Like stones the corpses line the pathways and streets (Stones line)
As blood flows freely in the rivers and streams (Rivers and streams)
To quench the gardens blooming noxious disease
As fetid scalps from slaves hang over each door (Scalps of slaves)
Carcasses torn apart by scavenging whores (Soiled, defiled)
Intestines glisten from their teeth as they smile

Though his heart may seem black, he’ll never turn his back
On all those who are faithful till the end
But when his time does come, to pass the power on
He’ll share it with you all

Severed flesh begins to rot, a mangled corpse disfigured
Go now, Destroyer, and rape your willing corpse

Feel the inscendio, it flames countless bleeding hearts
This reign will live on in his name

No man can stop me now

4. The Worthy and the Weak

Silently, the plague consumes all
Daring the worthy and the weak
Equally, equally

To turn hands on brothers
Near and far

These beasts just keep on rising, brought forward from the dead
as soldiers we’ll keep fighting on
They’re eating as fast as we can run, this feasting already begun
Step forward and be turned
This season of slaughter has dawned on us all, now we’ve become
Horrors of the night, horrors of the night
Dragging our bodies, though endless death, now we’ve become
Horrors of the night, horrors of the night


Though I trudge through weeds, bleeding on to me, I stand redeemer

Feeding on the brains of the ones we’ve left behind
Cleaning up the remains of a world that we’ve defiled

So sew me a soul and throw me aside
So sew me a soul and throw me aside
Tell me this is what you’ve always wanted


Cerebral feast
The undead rise

5. Black Goat of the Woods

The goat keeper is mourning, because night has stolen his keep
The dark reveals the charge, these woods can procreate

In the royal court of hell, he is a jester
Bound tight to Satan’s will, he lives to serve
All the others roam the hills, their conscience free to make believe
The Black Goat waits with ease, waits for the night to see

He never shows, ’cause of susceptibility
Grinding the bones of infants to make his morning tea
The Black Goat of the woods is hiding in shame
Causing Pain

But on the battlefield, his sceptre turns to steel
And all who meet his blade know his name

Recreated, the sins of man his repertoire
See him changing, his evil’s taking form

Pieces passed down through the ages, they fill him now
Sated, he murmurs ancient phrases, hear the Black Goat’s song

Chorus (x 2)

Displayed on altars
Displayed on altars

6. The Filth and the Fable

I am that voice which guides them, I am that heedless tale
I am their rhymes their stories, I bring a warning listen well
Cause behind all those childish phases, a darker purpose waits
And when our dreams they learn their places

(Filth) Step light through darkened hallways, (fable) don’t tempt what’s creeping there
(Filth) There’s no escaping nightmares, (fable) not when they’ve become real
(Filth) No room for nursery rhymes in, (fable) this ageless carnival
(Filth) Your head become a vessel, (fable) travel the ethereal

Just listen, their words are so macabre
History, hid in a children’s song
Life lesson, what one should and should not fear
Imagine, punishment so severe
Even progeny can fall to common subreption

All of a sudden, you’ve been shut in
Scream till you’re hoarse it will do you no good
Christ has sold his soul to the wicked
And now they’re coming for yours too

Inviting, a world beyond the real
We’re hiding the filth behind a veil
Resurgence of fiction’s canopy
Conceal, the guise of tragedy

Chorus (x2)

These are the tales of our time

7. Tied to a Stag

My fists will fly to seek the remedy
That festers sweet in fallacy
Tied to a stag and bound by hands and feet
Constricted, restless like a catapult
I see the red, my eyes are closed
Hung upside down amongst the starving wolves

Anger I’m yours, invade my heart like venom
Take all you find, seep in enslave my senses
Vacant of core, flood through my veins like poison
Fill me with fire, render this world defenceless

I’ve killed for less
I’ve killed for less, bitch

Abject it dragged me ragged, a host to utilize
This anger sharp and jagged, blind and unjustified
When all is lost and won, still it remains behind
Unfettered and free to run, This madness undefined

Pay for you sins
Pain, internal, guide my hand
Flee from this fight, make my stand

In hadal acres, and endless terrain of constant, this menace will not sleep
Abyss of tempest, a raging storm inside this, tenebrous chasm deep
This twisted ailment, a blazing force it drives me, malevolence without yield

No way of hiding from this treachery
A nebular menagerie
This avid feral beast inside of me
Submit the light and share the carnal need
Surrender mind and feed the greed
Take up the knife and now at last concede


What a way to kill

8. Four in Hand

Sin and an aversion to right
Such things have become hallmarks to his existence
Character flaws don’t exist
This hallowed cult must desist
This prophesizes their death
The world will burn, and you will embrace it

Evil rides in on Saracen sons, chore, tossing them in our midst
Demons, gifts from this giver of sin for ages of treachery
Feel them writhing into our skin, angels can’t hear us now
Lean on habits that used to kill, feels good when we are one

Luxuria Lust
Gula Gluttony
Avaritia Greed
Acedia Sloth
Ira Wrath
Invidia Envy
Superbia Pride
Saligia Sin

Driving horses from the stables, deep within the flames of netherworlds of purgatory
Four in hand he rides among us, he won’t stop as long as man is prone to hatred
Sorrows aside, he brings misery

From beneath the reins
Ascending, collecting, preparing for wielding pain
From beneath the reins

Stop, he is near, hold your heart in your hands
Feel the age old torture
Fly from the fear in your soul, how you know
He is right behind you
Look to the sky, dark will come, he will rise
See his chariot flaming
Sin will revive, stranglehold, drown in vice
Feel the pain of his pride

Still hearts don’t beat
Black death repeats

Feel his presence, one you can’t forget
Look to the horizon, see his silhouette

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