Black Metal Lyrics (1982)

Venom Black Metal Lyrics Album

Black Metal Lyrics Album by Venom

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1. Black Metal

Black is the night metal we fight
Power amps set to explode
Energy screams magic and dreams
Satan records their first note.
We chime the bell chaos in hell
Metal for maniacs pure.
Fast melting steel fortune on wheels
Brain haemorrhage is the cure

Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n’ roll

Freaking so wild nobody’s mild
Giving it all that you’ve got.
Wild is so right metal tonight
Faster than over the top
Open the door enter hells core
Black is the code for tonight
Atomic force feel no remorse
Crank up the amps now it’s night

Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n’ roll
Metal ten fold through the deadly black hole
Riding hell’s stallions bareback and free
Taking our chances with raw energy

Come ride the night with us
Rock hard and fight
United my legions we stand
Freak hard and wild for us
Give up your souls
Live for the quest Satan’s band

Let’s go

Against the odds black metal gods
Fight to achieve our goal
Casting a spell leather and hell
Black metal gods rock `n’ roll
Building up steam nuclear screams
Warheads are ready to fight
Black leather hounds faster than sound
Metal our purpose in life

Lay down your soul to the gods rock ‘n’ roll

2. To Hell and Back

I have been to Hell and back – kissed Satanic Queen
Traveling at the speed of light – saw things never seen
Arm in arm with Lucifer – Belial on my back
I have swam the lake of flames – walked forbidden tracks
To Hell – and back
To Hell – and back

I’ve made love to Lillith fair – danced the Zombies dance
I have shook the reaper’s hand – broke his deathly trance
Present at ungodly births – mutants writhe in pain
I’m possessed by Hell itself – I’m the man insane
To Hell – and back
To Hell – and back
Ride with me
To Hell – and back
To Hell – and back

You can take a trip with me – Hell’s my final home
If you wish to live at night – watch the demons roam
Holding high the Southern Cross – watch the mortals bleed
Drink the blood and feel my wrath – watch the mutants breed
To Hell – and back
To Hell – and back
To Hell – and back

3. Buried Alive

We are brought forth unto this world with nothing
And with nothing we depart
So I comment this body to the ground
With loving remembrance
Earth to earth
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I’m alive but dead, awake but asleep
As friends gather round and mourners they weep
My mind thinks of all the things I have done
My body is cold but my heartbeat goes on
And on… and on

As they lower me down into that hole in the ground
I scream out for help but they hear not a sound
I tear at the lid, my fingers they bleed
Is this happening to me or is it just a dream
Summon the dead…
Baphomet’s call…
Blood on my hands…

“Let me out of here”

My bones are decayed, my flesh it doth rot
I’m lying in silk, take the lid off this box
My lungs gasp for air, my eyes scream for sight
I promise the rise of my body this night
Summon the Dead…
Baphomet’s Call…
Blood on my Hands…
Screaming in Torment…
I’m telling you All…
Take heed of my Plea…
Answer my Call…
I’m gonna be Free…

Beroal Baalbin – Ghab Gabor Arise
I charge thee – Raise the Dead

4. Raise the Dead

Rising from my deadly tomb I’ve got
Maddened eyes with fright
Fingers bleeding fast heart beating
The moon’s my only light

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If God won’t have me, then the Devil must

We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead
Stop at nothing, raise the dead

Gaze across the blackened yard
My mind filled with dread
So give me all the powers of Hell
And I’ll raise the dead

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The hotter the fire, the greater the lust


I bear the star of the Necromancer
My blood is black and my heart doth bleed
I am infernal and my mind’s in torment
I’ll raise the dead make the world unclean

Laughing as my legions rise
Control the zombies mind
I hold Hell close to my breast
I’m leaving God behind

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I’ll enter hellfire, I’ll break the crust


5. Teacher’s Pet

Good morning Class
Good morning Miss
Thank You

Ah ha – C’mon you bitch

Teacher caught me masturbating
Underneath the desk
She looked at me and winked her eye
Said “see you after class”
Heard the school bell ring that told me
That the day was done
She called me back and locked the door
My lessons just begun

Teacher’s pet
Teacher’s wet

Sitting down she crossed her legs
Her skirt crept up her thigh
Feeling something start to rise
My thought began to fly
You’ve been a naughty boy, she said,
Now that you can’t conceal
I’ll have to punish you
The best way that I feel

Teacher’s pet
Teacher’s wet

Get your tits out – Get your tits out
Get your tits out for the lads
Get your tits out for the lads

She took my hand and gently placed it
In between her thighs
With open legs and heavy breath
She slowly closed her eyes
Her flesh was aching and her hands
Began to stray
One thing that I know for sure
I won’t forget today

Teacher’s pet
Teacher’s wet

Pulled me down towards her mound
Teacher tasted sweet
Sixty-nine – I don’t mean lines
This was teachers treat
Played hide and seek with teachers mouth
Her lips were warm and wet
Now today I’ve had my way
And teacher won’t forget

Teacher’s pet
Teacher’s wet

6. Leave Me in Hell

Midnight – Six sixty six
Torment – Bestial sex
Mother – Screaming in pain
Father – Rules hell’s domain

I don’t want to be born
I don’t want it
Leave me in hell

Danger – Gold pentagram
Sacrifice – Full blooded ram
Karma – Hell bears its child
Reaper – sharpens his scythe

I don’t want to be born
I don’t want it
Leave me in hell

Hail Satanic Majesties

Sabbath – My crucifix
Evil – Chief satanist
Demon – Possessed by hell

I don’t want to be born
I don’t want it
Leave me in hell

Master – Cast me a spell

7. Sacrifice

Hooded figures clouded skies
Fires burn within their eyes
Pentagram with Baphomet
Midnight strikes
Goat of Mendes lifts his head
Summons up the living dead
Virgin flesh lies tied and bound
Hail Satanas

Scream for mercy – Cry and repent
Satan claims your soul
Sacrifice, sacrifice, oh so nice, sacrifice

Candles glow on altars bare
A virgin’s death is needed there
Sacrifice to lucifer
My master
Bring the chalice raise the knife
Welcome to my sacrifice
Plunge the dagger in her breast
I insist

Limbs weaken – Life flies away
Demons rejoice
Sacrifice, sacrifice, name your price, sacrifice

You are the chosen one
Your blood shall serve my purpose

Limbs weaken – Life flies away
Demons rejoice
Sacrifice, sacrifice, name your price, sacrifice

Death is swift as Satan’s sword
All the same young and old
Life means nothing to my lord
Drink from chalice warm and sweet
Virgin’s heart final beat
Lightning strikes virgin dies
Satan smiles

The moon is black and the witches dance
Heaven is denied
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice

Bring the wench to the altar priest

8. Heaven’s on Fire

You think your soul is nice
You’ve lived in paradise
So now you take the stand
You want to hold your master’s hand
You think your soul is free
Look up and you’ll see me
The pearly gates ablaze
The Angels bear the Zombies gaze

Heaven’s on fire
And there ain’t nothing you can do
Heaven’s on fire
And when you die you’ll go there too

The Angels live their death
No there ain’t nothing left
The clowns of God despise
But torment renders no disguise
The skies a blazing tomb
Plenty sorrow plenty doom
They battle living sin
The souls of God can’t hope to win


If God is so almighty
Then why is he enslaved
In heaven’s hell by Satan
The universe his slave

Satan rides the skies
Look up you’ll see his eyes
Disguised as endless stars
To keep an eye on endless wars
Do you believe in God
He’s chained up like a dog
And every hour he screams
Satan rules supreme


We’re gonna burn this place to the ground

9. Countess Bathory

Welcoming the virgins fair
To live a noble life
In the castle known to all
The Count’s infernal wife
She invites the peasants with
Endless lavish foods
But, when evening spreads its wings
She rapes them of their blood

Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

All day long the virgins sit
And feast on endless meals
The Countless laughs and sips her wine
Her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air
One must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath
With blood that once gave life

Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

Living in her self styled Hell
The Countess dressed in black
Life’s so distant – death’s so near
No blood to turn time back
The castle walls are closing in
She’s crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms
The reaper turns the page

Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

10. Don’t Burn the Witch

The witches brew a pot of hate
With lizard, bat and man
With a smile they laugh their spells
And stir with wretched hand
Calling Demons Baphomet
And Mephistopheles
The tattered figures cackle
As their mortal victims bleed

Don’t burn the witch
The ways of Hell aren’t wrong
Don’t burn the witch
Let them brew their song

The witches of the blackened arts
Are cunning, cruel and mean
Persecuted by religion
God the man unseen
Bestial malevolence
Is chartered in their bones
Leave the unreal house of God
Burn in hell at home


Eye of lizard, wing of bat
Testicle of man
Tongue of eagle, brain of rat
Jesus Christ’s left hand

The witches make the voodoo doll
A toy taboo in heaven
They dance around the pentagram
In search of rape by Satan
Leave the hearts and blood of men
In cauldrons laced in sin
Add the arsenic hemlock pus
Triumph takes the wings


11. At War with Satan (Preview)

The dark silhouette of a Creature, poised, crouched on
the corner of a cliff’s edge, waits eagerly…eyes glare
patiently, red eyes, full of fire and torment, gleam
with a frenzied brightness across the shadowed valleys below

A crack of thunder breaks the deafening silence which once ruled
the plains. The creature is unmoved by the commotion of the
noise and the blinding fork of lightning which strikes only a few
yards from where it lays – in wait – for something…


Wings spread in a magnificent fullness, the creature stands in
full glory, inhaling deeply of the ice cold air, each tendon and muscle
ripping in an almighty stance of the great dimensional deity


From the far far West, a chariot of fire emerges, traveling at a
tremendous speed towards the Creature


As if in a maddened state of mind, the Creature leaps up
off the ridge and hovers with dignity in the now cloudless sky,
it’s long red hair blowing freely in the wind.
The chariot emerges, and with a sharp swift movement, the
creature takes the reins and flies off into the night, howling
out immortal cries in prediction of war…


The warriors gather slowly ’round the sacred city, Hell
Satan screams a vengeance on the land his angels fell
Tyrants pray disaster for the land of love and trust
Demons plot a way to turn the Heavens into dust…

(to be continued…)

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