Sombre Romantic Lyrics (2001)

Virgin Black Sombre Romantic Lyrics Album

Sombre Romantic Lyrics Album by Virgin Black

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1. Opera de Romanci: I. Stare

[Not Avalaible]

2. Opera de Romanci: II. Embrace

[Not Avalaible]

3. Walk Without Limbs

Shel masa Fun de Ma (Manifest of the spirits)
Walk without limbs… Walk through my soul…

4. Of Your Beauty

Wearing robes of solemnity
My senses stand erect
This moment I am solitary
As you watch me, eyeless
Observe a brutal face
I need silence
I need to be alone
Look at me
My bony fingers
Wrapped in rags
I am pursued
And love is withered
My eyes will see if my spirit lives
And love is withered

The wind shouts its commands
The earth has stopped my ears
I dare not raise my hand
To hold the stones around my throat
I’ve heard of your beauty
And would sacrifice my days
These midnight wanderings
And vain laments
And love is withered

Pour upon me
A sympathetic glance
My splendor has gone
You will find me facedown
Let those days pass
In sorrowful procession
Among leafless groves
May a leaf unfold
I cry out with rage
To be remembered with pity
Let the leaves unfold
Where dead leaves have rotted
Ask me what I suffer
Years of fruitless clinging
To enfeebled arms
That wave of benevolent salute
I’ve heard of your beauty
Pursue me, beckon me
Raise your hand
To cast the stones from my throat
In the earth’s dark entrails
My glazed eyes close forever
My eyes will see if my spirit lives

5. Drink the Midnight Hymn

Under a serene sky, Earth covers your gentle form In verdant fields Soul is reft of body. To my head, I raise a wreath of white flowers and cry “Unhappiness.” My mournful valediction I drink deep into your soul…

Killed with hate, You died with love…

The cry of my heart, the cry of my soul

Dreamless sleeper, your face the grave will change, your blood poured like your saviours I drink the midnight hymn.

6. Museum of Iscariot

Jesus lies dying in my bed
Companions since birth
In this stagnant dingy haunt
He has never really lived.
Last night I beat him,
As he would not leave
My insane eyes stare at him,
As his wilted body bleeds.
Frequently I rape him,
As I know nothing else
He curls up like a fetus,
And paints his face with sadness.

Now a fragment
Of remorse is etched
I bandage his wounds
I kiss the face of Jesus Christ
But he is dead.

What can I do?
You’ve forsaken me
You called yourself messiah,
And expected me to follow
And now he lays dead,
And your prophecies with him
I will bury him not,
As insult to your face.

As I stare at his corpse,
One detail disturbs me
His cold, stark finger,
Points where I have not been.

From my house,
The cage of rotten wood
I stumble forth,
To lay beneath the bush
Withered bones groan,
I cultivate
As the soil and I grow closer.

The sun recieves an empty gaze
It mourns,
It knows my life is gone
No more to offer
But my flesh to this soil
And a single tear
Marks my final prayer.
The rosebud sits
In the palm of your hand
As I end, this flower blossoms.

7. Lamenting Kiss

A child was born in silence
And winter rose to clothe itself
With a voice of one who weeps
I curse this memory
You held the hand of hope
With glory’s wreath and deceiver’s promise
The vows your lips have sworn
Tomorrow wear decay
Stifled sobs
Bow to cold laughter
The breeze is speechless as the dust drinks the dew
A child-like hope
With fear betrothed
Never ceases to kiss my feet

This is my final lamenting kiss
I’ve spun my last thread
My dreams are broke
Lonely and bare
My jewels are tarnished
The wailings of the heart
Are with the unborn

Dreams of poetry
It is cold within
My knotted hand strikes
A tuneless cord
The noise of tongues
In my darkened labyrinth
Prophesies are whispered
To a face careworn
Why have I forsaken you?
The dove so long imprisoned
Sour remembrance
Of a day never born
My retreating steps
Are clothed in shadows
Laden in black
A man foresworn

Heaven wept for the wounds that bled
Tears more bitter than blood
Vex my soul
I am thrown on your mercies
Yet my heart is still hardened
Weep for me, my god
Weep for me
Sooth my grief
Through my artless prayers
My tears burden your aching soul
I held hope’s hand
But let her forsake me
May I be faithful to hold onto yours
This is my final lamenting kiss

This is my final lamenting kiss
I’ve spun my last thread
My dreams are broke
Lonely and bare
My jewels are tarnished
The wailings of the heart
Are with the unborn

To my god of darkness
My sombre romantic

8. Weep for Me

My God, weep for me

9. I Sleep with the Emperor

I shivered in the warmth of their god (whispers of dead sisters). Yet this mansion is haunted by romance, his servants heal my scars Anointing me with oil.

I am naked and silk on this eve, His body will cradle his brides’ in frailty as I await his kiss, mortality ebbs from me.

The pendulem swings Twelve times it rings On this night I sleep with the emperor.

10. A Poet’s Tears of Porcelain

As tears again bedew my cheek
To your knees I cling
Oh merciful one
Show me your glory.

Was I not bruised?
Have you not healed?
They dance to silence
But your song I hear.

Holy Lord, fathomless God
Tears Flow,
But the water is sweet
Holy Lord, fathomless God
I fall as one dead,
With quivering lips.

Blesed be, Priest and friend
All heavens bow,
In (mute) admiration
Fathomless depth,
Measureless Height
Great is your holiness.

11. Outro



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