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Waylander Kindred Spirits Lyrics Album

Kindred Spirits Lyrics Album by Waylander

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1. Echoes of the Sidhe

Through the starless night time air they glide
Beyond the valley to the mountainside
Bright colored haze of luminosity
Enigma from which mortal senses flee

Open your inner eye and you will truly see
Leave this walking world and dare, dare to dream

Echoes of the Sidhe – Resounds eternally
Echoes of the Sidhe – Reverberates in tragedy

Prophets of doom or people of the light?
Contradictory theories, who is wrong, who is right?
Our mortal existence is but a blink of the eye
To those who are perennial and rarely do die

Bow your heads in shame, you who desecrate
You who violate our sacred seats of power
Your actions alone have sealed your fate
An ancient curse will stalk your life for ever more

2. Lámh Dearg

Accept the challenge, to contest for this soil
Victory will come, with blood sweat and toil
Knife through the waves, a province to claim
Defeat unacceptable, can’t live with the shame

Sever the word hand, hurt to the shore
Infamous sacrifice of legend and lore
Anointed in blood, an ill-omened fate?
Strife without end which nothing can sate

Rise above that, which divides us
True love for this land must sustain
Bow to the goddess both planter and gael
True love for our land must sustain

Lámh Dearg – Raise the red hand high
Lámh Dearg – Abu
Lámh Dearg – Ulaidh Go Brea
Lámh Dearg – Abu

Conflict, oppression, atrocity, pain
Dwell in the past with nothing to gain

A bloody hand to unite us, lessen the strife
A true king who takes this land as his wife
A hero reborn from an age now past by

Who embraces the truth and never will lie
Adapt to the paradox we have become
Accept that the evils can’t be undone
Embrace the future, learn from the past
Unite the clans, the die have been cast

3. Twin Fires of Beltíne

Extinguish all flame, ritually renew
Arise with the morning, gather the dew
Fire on the water, healing our ills
Cast spells of protection, gather your will
Call calm from the waters, the Earth and the sky
Invoke the patrons of kin and of tribe
Banish ill fortune, put paid to all pain
The circle keeps turning again and again

Sunwise in the circle turn, twin fires of better turn
Skyclad, to the beat of the drum
Twin fires of Beltine burn
Sun and moon, Earth and stars, twin fires of Beltíne burn

A new dawn heralds the triumph
Cold winter melts away
Aeonghas Magóg Agus Anú
On this day hold sway
Make love in the forests, cavort in the fields
Anoint the blossom, increase the yield
Give toast to the gods and imbibe the wine
An Cailleach transformed to maiden divine

The rhythms of the seasons
The cycles of the moon
Feel the power of the elements
Sun shines on you
As the sun shines down on you

By Oak, give strength
By Rowan, grant magic
By Hazel, bestow wisdom
Spring from winter’s darkness
Into invigorating light
And bathe in the warmth of the summer sun
Faoi dair, labhair neart
Faoi caorthann, deontas draiochta
Faoi coll, bhronnadh eagna
Earraigh ó dorchadas gheiinhridh isteach i solas briomhar
Agus folcadh sa teas na grêine tsamhraidh

4. Of Fear and Fury

The beast of pride has awoken in me
Tremble now for my rage knows no bounds
And though my limbs, they tremble with fatigue
And throbbing pain battles my desire
I invoke the fur within
And hold fast to my iron will

And though you stand before me
I will know thee not

Of fear and fury, fear and fury I’m possessed

Odds insurmountable I face
Drowning in a flood of fear
Visions of mortality and loss
The craven cancer consumes

The bards they speak of heroes pure
Who stand up tall and conquer fear
Invincible, in thought and deed
The calm amid the ebb and flow

Trust not in hope for it, is a dangerous thing
Dare not to dream for shattered hope devastates
Believe in the toil which has prepared you for this day
Put bridle to rage, nerve and skill will see you safe

In my mind’s eye, I recall
All that I have known

I reflect upon the legend of he who stood alone
Summon Cu Chulainn’s spirit, so I may make it home

5. Grave of Giants

Deep they dug, the giant’s grave stood alone
Ravenous for profit, they coldly quarried all the stone

They sneered at the whispers of ancient magic
They launched as they counted their ill gotten gain

But the gods of the land, unconquered
Spoke with elemental clarity
A reminder of the true power
That endures beneath our feet
And from the depths the waters
Flowed and rose and rose again
And drowned the dreams of those who did not believe

6. A Path Well Trodden

Bisected by an icy wind, assaulted by the snow
In battle with the elements, whichever way I go
Blinded by remorseless glare, relentless summer sun
Rain lashed intermittently resilience the key

I have flown uncontrolled through the astral plain
Exhilarating pleasure, a prelude to pain

With numerous diversions, upon my pathway stand
Knowledge is my quest, of astral self and land

And rocky is the path, well trodden by me
Fly with me this night, see what I can see
And rocky is the path, well trodden by me
Take me by the hand see what I can see

Adapting ancient ways, absorbed in new beliefs
Systematic infiltration, secret shrouded supplication
Hysteria looms with menace
Spawned of poisoned tongues
Meticulous misinformation, velvet gloved manipulation

Embrace the sorrow, lie down with the pain
Master emotion, cast off all shame

7. Quest for Immortality

An ominous grey blanket moves with case across the sky
And I, sat here, I wish that I could fly
If wishes were nations, then it’s I who’d rule the world
My subjects mankind? I’d scatter and hurl!

Embrace the words of wisdom, thus fill the armory
Sharpened tongues like keenest edge cuts so deep
Rip down the hall of mirrors with subtlety and guile
Re-humanize mankind from role of sheep

Immortal am I – No fire, no sun, nor moon shall burn
Immortal am I – No water, no lake, nor sea shall grown

I will weep not, like the willow tree, relentless in my aim
Ascension towards divinity, no remorse, guilt or shame
And while I rise, I leave behind
Ideas of mundane conscience
The fickle wants of humankind
Presents to me a nonsense

Infantile, the children rape
And in a frenzy feed
Some people cry for vengeance
But there will be no need
Reprisals will be merciless
Of this there is no doubt
Negligence, the vilest crime
But I will find you out

8. Erdath

Scarlet, foreboding, deadliest of signs
The dawn drips blood on the day of doom
The stars above, they flicker threatening to fall
Dreaded sense of fear consuming us all

The stars they paint pictures in the night time sky
Those who watch, with trepidation, rightly recognize
A foul formed misalignment, this can be no lie
A morbid prediction of our impending demise

Erdath – End of days
Erdath – Eiireann drowns

The sun boils as the tides turn
The seas rise as the winds howl
Fires rage from the Earth below
The land sinks into the waves

The fires of destruction relentlessly it burns
As it licks the western ocean with it’s savage red tongue
A catastrophic conflagration sweeps across the land
Devastating touch of fates all consuming hand

In caves on mountain summits we must endure
Rebirth of mankind in the druid’s hands
Knowledge gathered since the dawn of days
A legacy of hope for those who have survived
Held upon the day that will surely come
When the lands arise from beneath the waves

9. Kindred Spirits

Who are you? What dwells within?
Collective memory borne of kin
Transcend the animal instinctively bred
Question, ponder then ascend
Seek out the energies, ancient, profound
Assemble together, upon hallowed ground
Recite the lore, in memory preserve
Homage to the deities that each of us serve

We are kindred of spirit
Our thoughts are as one
Like mountains we stand
We are never alone

We see magic in the sunrise
We see magic in the trees
As the bud it turns to blossom
We feast upon it’s yield
And as time rolls by
Flowing like eternal streams
Our bonds transcend the centuries
An everlasting tie

Replenish the Earth for the gifts
So easily taken away
Plant deep the seeds
Lest they wither in the sun
Free your will and elevate
Listen to your heart
Let truth emerge from darkness
Casting light upon our way

With courage in our hearts we face
The judgement of the soulless ones
The land pulsates beneath our feet
Energizing those who seek

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