Olden Tales & Deathly Trails Lyrics (2012)

Wilderun Olden Tales & Deathly Trails Lyrics Album

Olden Tales & Deathly Trails Lyrics Album by Wilderun

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1. The Cracking Glow


2. Suncatcher

Night is nearing its closure
The earth is yearning for the light
But the skies have frozen over
The sun of my heart cannot pierce the dark

To catch the whisper of the heavens
The black mountain pass must be sought
Where the beast of seelusion awaits
We won’t endure the cold and neither will the dawn

The bitter despair of their starving eyes
Has paved the road that I fear
In the greenest grove
Their savoir will never appear

Nothing I’ve learned holds its meaning
When the soul id cast out of its home
And the scars of my strength never deeping
The stars turn their heads from the tears I have shed

The key had always been my treasure
While the lock was the greater prize
The forest looks straight through the lies
I’ve kept inside

Open your eyes and feel no hate
Towards the darkness you hold
It will not be your fate
The sun may be far away from your crasp
But its flames will remain
Illusions of light never last

An oath I will make to the depths of my core
To die for those who cannot fight this war
To shatter the ice destroying our land
I’ll return the gold in hand or I’ll not return at all

Embrace the shadow
For its path you must follow

I close my eyes and I feel such hate
Will the darkness I hold become my fate?
The sun is so far away from my grasp
Will its flames still remain, when illusions of light fade so fast?

Will the dawn show its face?
Or will its life I’ll forever chase?

The darkest path
Converge where the light will meet the ground
I hear no sound
And see no sign of fortune’s hidden rhyme

How strange it seems the at the edge of life
I could find my way
Cause for today, the road of frozon starlight
I’ve begun

3. How Stands the Glass Around?

How stands the glass around?
For shame you take no care, my boys
How stands the glass around?
Let wine and mirth abound

The trumpet sounds
The colors they do fly, my boys
To fight, kill or wound
As you would be found

Connected with hard fare, my boys
On the cold ground

Why, soldiers, why?
Must we be melancholy boys
Why, soldiers, why?
Whose business is to die

What sighing? Fye!
Drink on. drown fear, be jolly, boys
Tis he, you or I
Wet, hot, cold or dry
We’re always bound to follow, boys
And scorn to fly

Tis but vain
I mean not to upbraid you boys
Tis but vain
For a soldier to complain

Should next campaign
Send us to him that made us boys
We’re free from pain

But should we remain
A bottle and kind landlady
Cures all again

4. Storm Along

Stormie’s gone, the good old man
To my aye storm along
Oh, Stormie’s gone, the good old man
Aye aye Mister Storm along

They dug his grave with a silver spade
To my aye storm along
The shroud of finest silk was made
Aye aye Mister Storm along

He’s moored at least and furled his sail
To my aye storm along
No danger now from wreck or gale
Aye aye Storm along

Of captain brave, he was the best
To my aye storm along
But now he’s gone and is at rest
Aye aye Mister Storm along

Old Storm has heard the angel call
To my aye storm along
So sing his dirge, now one and all

I recall the day the hurricane
Engulfed a hundred ships
Fate was stripped from our hands

Waves of the size of mountainsides bludgeoned us one by one
Stormie saved so many under the veil of the blackened sun

As the wind came to a calm
The bright sun awakened the dawn
We stood in silence endlessly
And gazed to the edge of the sea

As we turned our heads
And looked back towards the shore
Our hearts sunk ever low
For our captain was no more

Still his body lay
At the breaking of the day
We lowered him with a golden chain
Our eyes dim with more than rain

He lies in an earthen bed
Our hearts are sore, our eyes are red

Storm along, we must now venture on
Into the beauty of the open sea
Our will must not become undone
Journey onwards far as our eyes can see

O do not mourn for long
Let our words ring on in his memory
The vast horizon draws us near
Journey onwards

5. Vaunting Veins

Carve the fire into your skin
Stitch the wounds revealing the sin
Waiting in the sky is the wisdom of the ages
Freedom’s ignorant realm

Clear the thoughts addressing your heart
While rage and honor tear your apart
Look beyond the clouds
With your troubles left behind you
I can lead you

Charging, bloody
Crimson red
Hollow, shameful
Leave them dead

Nightfall draws ever near
In the silence all you can hear
Is pride’s heartless whimper
As your purpose falls away
But hold your ground and wait

Shadows creep in forest below
The sun has set, no light left to show
The memory to bridge
This purpose to your home
The cracking glow unknown

At the sound of war, when blood boils to a flame
Does your spirit die?
When the frost of your truth has melted away
Vaunting veins will redden the night

Your ghost charges forth
Vaunting veins will redden the night
Your heart still breathes in the north

You long to see this enemy
As a mirror into your soul
A worthy adversary wearing the badge
Of his strength for all to know
But his heart is buried deep in his eyes
His purpose locked within his mind
You fear the power his clarity can find

Fall to your knees
You bored and reckless man
Why have you taken the lifes of
Those who choose to walk the path of light

Men – But can you tell which is your foe
Blood – It flows in rivers on the ground below
Wind – The wind is howling past your ear
Now – Your final battle drawing near

The despair of the voices from my home
Fills the air
Was love not enough?
Were they not enough?

Screams of sorrow, longing for my land
Sanguine pride flows down my hand
Wounds to guide my way eternally
My fire stains the earth

6. The Coasts of High Barbaree

Look ahead, look a stern
Look the weather in the lee
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we
I see a wreck to the windward
And a lofty ship to lee
A sailing down along
The coasts of High Barbaree

Oh, are you a pirate
Or a man-o-war? cried we
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we
Oh no! I’m not a pirate
But a man-o-war, cried he
A sailing down along
The coasts of High Barbaree

So back up your topsails
And heave your vessel to
For we have got some letters
To be carried home by you

We’ll back up your topsails
And heave your vessel to
But only in some harbor
And along the side of you

For broadside, for broadside
They fought all on the main
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we
Until at last the frigate
Shot the pirate’s mast away
A sailing down along
the coasts of High Barbaree

For quarters! For quarters!
The saucy pirates cried
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we
The quarters that we showed them
Was to sink them in the tide

Oh, it was a cruel sight
And it grieved us full sore
To see them all drownin’
As they tried to swim to shore

With cutlass and gun
Oh we fought for hours three
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we
The ship it was their coffin
And their grave it was the sea

Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we!

7. The Dying Californian

Lay up nearer, brother, nearer
For my limbs are growing old
And thy presence seemeth nearer
When thine arms around me fold

I am dying, brother, dying
Soon you’ll miss me in your berth
For my form will soon be lying
‘Neath the oceans briny surf

Tell my father when you see him
That in death I prayed for him
Prayed that I might only meet him
In a world that’s free of sin

Tell my mother, God assist her
Now that she is growing old
That her child would glad have kissed her
When his lips grew pale and cold

Will you gain what I’ve lost?
On this broken journey of trust
Carry my soul back home

Paint me the land of our childhood
Tell me of love in their hearts
Show me the strength of our fathers
As you linger while I depart

And if death does not shine behind the white clouds
Harness my one final breath
Let it sweep cross the plains of their memories
And give wind to their sails as they venture into the dark

Can you grasp it my loyal brother?
Oh please help me. I can’t find the way

Will the wind whisper of glory’s road?
Or will the skies shiver as this tales tragedy unfolds?

As the seas fall away, I hear
A child’s voice led astray

Father, the legends you passed down to me
They have not saved me the fate I’ve met
I’ve gathered your spark for their eyes to see
Can they light the candles we’ve left?

Sillhouette stained in their minds
Cursed figure leaves them blind

Let go of this pain
She will still remain
Hear them speak your name

Listen brother, catch each whisper
Tis my wife I speak of now
Tell oh tell her how I missed her
When the fever burned my brow

Tell her she must kiss my children
Like the kiss I last impressed
Hold them as when last I held them
Held them closely to my chest

Drown my pride with the blood I’ve given
My selfish fear has despairful, tired eyes
If you catch them the flames forbidden
I can let the haunting storm subside

Through the beckoning, frozon horizon
A golden beam casts its life ‘cross the earth

It was for them I crossed the ocean
What my hopes were I will not tell
But they gained an orphan’s portion
Yet he doeth all things well

Tell them I have reached the haven
Where I sought the precious dust
And I gained a port called Heaven
Where the gold will never rust

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