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Wilderun Veil of Imagination Lyrics Album

Veil of Imagination Lyrics Album by Wilderun

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1. The Unimaginable Zero Summer

Weak for too long to notice the calling
Weak for too long to feel the falling
Days carried on, their touch but an instant
No time to hear my voice in the distance

Reading the pages of life, he summoned the will to rejoice in the dark
Lessons learned from forefathers must surely be enough for a spark
His fist was tightly clenched around the seeds he had amassed
He climbed the trees of strangers, sought the etchings of their past

But in the night, violence dreamt of his mind
And where it opens

Constructing a fortress of knowledge, he left no future in the arms of chance
Avoid any hypocrisy, avoid the failures dance
Useless, his free soul
Ensure control

Black words spewed forth from his head
One for each thought he had saved
Solidifying, rusting forms
They sealed in the cave

Excavation of will from the vaults of the earth
Sunlight burning through his back as his eyes sought dirt

Almost there, a time to be strong
He was almost there, but he waited too long

Every piece, every word to life’s song
He had dug, he’d put into place
But the order was wrong

He can never let go
Madness always creeps slow

Breezes of the empty brush past the surface
All the voices wither, the limbs are quiet
Is there time to return to the plot of nothing?
Can the blood now follow the stream into the sea?

A different darkness guides him, no path can be chosen
Forms become a question, he will not know their source

2. O Resolution!

Endless blood for half-heart measures
Raze the mountain for your treasure
No devotion to the struggle
No precision in the final hour

There was more to find but the light betrayed
All the tales to unwind, forgotten in the hazy darkness of our days
But there’s a spark made of sleep, remembering when time held its mystery
There’s no end to subscribe to anything, closure’s slaves keep building when they die

Cold the color of victory
Life only grows through memory
We fight the wind as if it were mortal
We cut the air in search of a soldier
Dreams tilt sideways
Don’t prize tomorrow’s pledge

There was more to find but the light betrayed
All the tales to unwind, forgotten in the blissful darkness that we praise

There is never a task at hand
Weight of spirit is the weight of sand
Try as you will to summon the deed
The end grows further with every earthly need
O resolution, you are the curse
O resolution, leave this earth

3. Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun

Peace is careless of its form
Rooms of wisdom are unwittingly warm
To stumble into the night
Or burn our brain for the sacred light

Soon as you see it, it’s already gone
All understanding becomes loathsome and wrong
Why do the fires keep burning for ones
Who have no reflection for the dream that they’ve just become?

They who lie, they need not run
Sleeping ambassadors of the sun
Caution to those seeking the truth they hold

We come in the night and awaken the dead
Committing our souls to every sentence they thread
“No, don’t you see, you’ve already lost
The mind is flesh and its use bears a cost”

Wandering creatures come closer than we
Treating the air like a loved one would thee
Full of attention, they know not their strength
O what we’d give to forget why we came

They who lie, they need not run
Sleeping ambassadors of the sun
Caution to those seeking the truth they hold

Show me one thing
Show me one thing
Show me one thing
Never the rest

Yet still all things
Yet still all things
Still everything
Everything all at once

4. Scentless Core (Budding)


5. Far from Where Dreams Unfurl

A man will lie for a hundred years
In a bed of reliable gears
Consuming every minute of the day
Still flickers of the past peer through grey

He feeds his rumination’s blood
Into the body that lies above
It’s floating forward, acting as a prize
There’s hope in its eyes
A promise that can never arise

So run far from where dreams unfurl
You’ll claim the land but you’ll miss the world
You cannot hide from earth and sky
The conceiver and its host must die

Bricks are stacking, books are read
Anything that can drown the dread is now
Welcomed quickly into the plan
More conjurations to understand

Leave time alone, its terrors have grown
Blackened and frail is the known
The tower will fall, so we’ll have to crawl
Return to that from whence we came

There’s bitterness that carries you
Will it survive for a minute as soon as
You collapse the earth down to its core?
If the watcher in the flesh is no more

So you should run far from where dreams unfurl
You’ll claim the land but you’ll miss the world
You cannot hide from earth and sky
The conceiver and its host must die

So run far and leave your corpse
Within the realm of the dead or worse
There is nothing you can think or say
There’s another way
There’s another way

6. Scentless Core (Fading)

If the air touches skin with its grace
If the gift of love gives an embrace
If a blade finds its mark and blood is drawn
Still i think i’ll be far, i’ll be gone

If the breath of today does not sway
Tomorrow’s memory just may
It is all i can hope for as of now
For the scent of today is too foul

Is this meant as as twisted cure?
Protection from all the hells endured
I’ll take anything, as long as it stays
Within sight always

7. The Tyranny of Imagination

The story beckons you ceaselessly, into a world obscured
Where truths you learn are never born
You’ve fallen behind yourself, conjuring any cure
For suffering and bitter scorn

Yet you’ve never seen answers arising
Helplessly they appear and they guide you down

Your story mercilessly takes hold of your reality
And places it just out of reach
You can almost taste the second that you are living in
But the scentless core is too plain to seek

There is terror in the horizon
Sailing into its depths, you should try to hide

Timidly you strive into the distance where the unknown beckons you
Cowardly you hide inside the future where despair is not yet true

The blood inside your eyes is ink inside your pen
You’ll never see anything or anyone again
The crack inside your mind is filled with all your dreams
Imagination gleams and silences nature’s scream

If every syllable won’t rhyme, the panic rises over time
Truth has beckoned and you’ve become its slave
You feel the portal to the next world forming somewhere in your head
Slowly you unlearn any notion of death


You’ve been told that death was when the whole world came to naught
But what becomes of death when all the world withers into thought?

8. When the Fire and the Rose Were One

When the world first colored the sky
I consumed every sense with no ties
I was not in the field, but i felt the air
Life was there, but it was not mine

The fire burned, there was no pain
Only a reminder of the claim
That everything i touched was truly there
I needed not a future or a name

As the story of time quickened pace
Illusions of myself left their trace
I had entered the tale i could not see

There was so much for so long
Seeking any more is beginning to feel wrong

Is all still truly here?
Release me from my future and name

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