Of Entity and Mind Lyrics (2001)

Winds Of Entity and Mind Lyrics Album

Of Entity and Mind Lyrics Album by Winds

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1. Inception Perspective

A burst of flames from a radiant glow
Indeed they are the essence of beauty
The source of all creation

In wonder and amazement i stare at them
The shining light from a veil of bright stars

Silently in the night
They whisper to me the words of life
As i become aware of my existence.

2. In All Reflections

I stand upon the portal
Mirrored in the reflecting water
watching my own image, as i ask myself
what am i doing here?

I came slowly into the night
From unknown corners of the universe
I tried to find the ways to wander
But my mind is torn between the two

While this river flows down the past
I dream it all away – for you
While my thoughts wander into the coming
Fallen are the stars – for you

As the sun sets into the water
I dream it all away – for you
As the skies darken the world
Fallen are the stars – for you

I drive into oblivions wonderlands
Of timeless moments in a mind’s mystery joy
They came silence – as never heard before
As for the first time i heard the angels cry.

3. Bloodstained and Sworn

In an instant our fates were sealed
with no option of repent
in the night, so far away
Out of harms reach, is this where i belong?

Here i stand in the midst of it all
While i look behind
And all i see is that broken tree of old
Alone in the cold

Cast aside by a moment in time
Derived by a quest in wonder
I see shadows against the stars as they draw nearer
The moon like a painting in the water

What do i search for in the distance?
This memory haunts me still

The memories i once had
Dreamlike shadows
Now washed away by the rivers of time
The darker side of the two

This is the reason why
It is all written in blood.

4. Mirrored in Time

If there is only this one existence
Be this the darkest of my days

If i am meant to indure
Let the world falter
Beyond the confines of man

Too bound to see the light of the world
In this earthly paradise

Where truth shall rise above all
This is where i belong

All that search and question
May they find and know
As opposed to eternal bliss
In the confines above

This one existence, mirrored in time
This one entity of a mind
Upon a world of despair,
seeking for its place
What is to become of it all?

5. An Eternity of Dreams

Before the silence was broken – i looked through the eyes of time
In the earliest days of memory – back when the days were young
Foresighted by forgotten memories – from a different death
I learned my ways – and still i wander

My reflection becomes pale in the dense light
Over the water of drowning souls
From tears cried by a fallen angel – for a fallen souls
Where the heating hands of grace failed to reach

Searching for the keys to unlock doors
That can solve the hidden mysteries of the soul

As i enter through the portal and await the new days
I look behind for nothing more to see
A veil of stars is waiting – for me to join them
Into an eternity of dreams…

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