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Winds Prominence and Demise Lyrics Album

Prominence and Demise Lyrics Album by Winds

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1. Universal Creation Array

Befallen through the will of my savior’s grace
My undying hope through life’s progression
The one to show me a way in this forsaken place
To cleanse the madness of my transgression

I welcome you to my fantasy land
Step into this place that I have created
Experience the inner sanctum
Of my psyche’s half-life

I look down but there’s nothing new to see
All there was and ever will be
In endless circles and vain desecration
Of this so-called wonderful creation

Why aren’t we ever given the chance
To stand alone without your twine cord
The acclaim we’ve hosted to your satisfaction
Is vast as oceans, yet shallow

Just this once I’d like to have a say
The calling of many overbears one voice
More than might be if desires hold true
I won’t be silent to your dismay

The line is crossed, once begotten
There’s truth in lies but twice not forgotten
Play your mind-tricks of leading me astray
I see through your universal creation array

2. Distorted Dimensions

Channeling my thoughts to another dimension
Searching for symbols of cosmic intervention
Entering thoughts of subliminal emotions
They are like waterfalls of desert oceans

I exit this mindset and enter actuality
An everlasting reminder of a distorted reality
Trying to make it out from a distance
Listening for sounds of a meaningful existence

The call is like a faint noise distorted yet clear
The answer to the riddle still out there somewhere

Back and forth again to find the right course
Encountering signs of a creationistic force
Fragments of space-time in a pocket universe
One step ahead to take another in reverse

The call is like a faint noise distorted yet clear
The answer to the riddle still out there somewhere

3. The Grand Design

A flaw in the grand design of what we call living
An aimless contradiction based purely on fiction

We must first accept our need to be
If we are to live and be free
Failure to choose and realize
Is the foundation of our demise

Our subconscious is trying to tell us something
If not here, where should we be, how can we know
And if existence is imagined, does it matter anyway

It’s really trying to tell us something
We’re not really here, where we should be, that I don’t know
And as long as imagination exists, matter is obsolete

Meeting it face to face, seeing it eye to eye
Finding reason in changed stability
The key to realizing our futility

Our subconscious is trying to tell us something
That we’re really not here, that we really don’t know
That our existence is imagined, but it matters anyway

Hope through turning away, letting go of getting nearer
Finding the words to express it, even further down the road
Stepping right in, drawing closer, for time is here and now

4. When the Dream of Paradise Died

The dawn of a new day is rising
A new tomorrow where hope lies
Promise lands with beautiful landscapes
Where light is white and hope never dies

A new day with new beginnings
No more walks down trampled paths
Looking around to see what’s there
Finding only shadows of deserted pasts

Walking the borders of heaven and hell
On a journey bound for the end of the earth
Where only the most lost souls reside
To another ending and a new birth

Long forgotten memories recalled
By rumbling stirs in the deep above
Of the way things were in a different time
When love was hate and hate was love

Trapped in the confines of limitless worlds
Finding a way to eternal infinity
A new way through the valley of life
Trying to escape inherent divinity

The light of a new day was rising
A new tomorrow where hope lied
But a whisper in the wind gave it all away
And with it the dream of paradise died

5. Fall and Rise

The symbolism of what transpired
A representation of what’s meant to be
Wilted, withered, like it was once before
Set free from its destiny

To grow, to search, to find
Inner peace and satisfaction
In the pinnacle of the mind
Direction, then distraction

Fall and rise, prominence, demise
A premise built on true lies
Realism, existentialism, but above all pragmatism
The groundwork for the highest possible comprehension

Life’s mystery, secrecy, treachery
The foundation of all proven knowledge
Like water from a bitter sweet spring
First, there’s the sweetness, then there’s the sting

To be, to know, to live
Existence independent of free will
Understanding the nature of harmony
Perfection achieved when all stands still

The symbolism of what’s to come
A representation of what now is
Unspoken answers to rhetorical questions
A basis for scrutiny

Unrest, confusion, disorder
Traits of the twisted human psyche
Like leaves on trees they will fall
For the cause and effect goes without being told

Inevitability predicts that chaos will dwell
When you open the gates to universal hell
Never mind what’s intended, you never can tell
A soul that knows this all too well

Rise beyond, let matters fall
Out of mind, out of sight, out of knowledge
As foretold, magnificence unfold
And now we await demise

6. The Darkest Path

I choose you to be my noble redeemer
The last shred of hope for a timeless dreamer
A guiding light through life’s propulsion
The reason to exist in a world of revulsion

The passion is found, time starts anew
By this I am bound, my virtue is you

But I also know light and its treachery
I’ve tasted the glory of life
Infinite wisdom I possess
And I know its hypocrisy

For I have walked the darkest path
I have seen the bitterness it reaps

Things are not always what they seem to be
Trust not all they tell you to believe
Know the impression is as false as the messenger
Wolves in sheep’s clothes are out to deceive

I choose you to be my savior in grace
My undying hope in this lonely place
But now I release you from your chains
So free me now and claim my remains

The passion is gone, time is ending
None shall be spared, for hell is ascending

7. Convictions and Contradictions

In the beginning there came light from the darkness
Then came the first day and a world had begun
Without form and shape from the shadows deep
Turning the wheels from the tide it had spun

A world where survival hoped for in being
Is not as prevalent as the means to exist
Where practice and theory don’t go together
Under the rule of an iron fist

With favor to those who hold the conviction
Produced by believing in things not seen
Setting the pace for skepticism
Doubt in all that is and has been

Natural creation and divine revelation
Two methods for proving a false pretension
Looking for evidence of proven infliction
Waiting for someone to intervene

8. Where the Cold Winds Blow

Awaking in a perfect place
To the nice smell of roses
Where timelessness is like taking a deep breath
Looking in the mirror as the morning rises
Realizing the past is gone

Deliverance of salvation
Still life in the black
Rescue from damnation
What’s to come from here

Cold winds blowing on the horizon
A gentle chill in the air
The last step before death knocks on the door

No more hidden messages, no more riddles
Shedding the cape of secret words
Letting go of hope for those other worlds

It’s a sad day, a dark day, but in the end time fades
Shades of white and colors unite as we step into the next
Together as one, yet alone before the end

Awaking in a perfect place
To the nice smell of death
Where time was already lost
And hope is already dead

No deliverance from damnation
No future for tomorrow’s pasts
Nothing to come from here

Warm winds blowing on the horizon
A harsh blaze in the air
The last step before life knocks on the doors

It’s a sad day, a dark day, but in the end time fades
Shades of whit and colors unite as we step into the next
Alone, yet together before the end

9. The Last Line

Considering the chance of infinity
Looking at the grand optical spectra
Seemingly of some cosmic importance
As unrealistic as the concept may be

Feeding the ongoing circle
No means of retribution
Only a single escape
The last line of defense

Throughout ages of stellar revolution
A combination of stars and eons
Shaping the way of the grand design
Beyond the imagination of life
A boundless gaze of stars and planets
In a perplex web of harmony

A balancing act on the count of nature
An unforgiving yet continuous fate

Considering the chance of eternity
Looking at the way that life may be
Unrealistic and unimportant
And like everything it fades away

Always another reason
To feed on the infinite circle
No need for escape
The last line of repent

An unbalanced act of structure in chaos
Reborn from the ashes of its former self

Throughout ages of stellar insurrection
Past stars and eons, planets and space
Shaping the way of the grand design
Beyond the imagination of death
A boundless gaze of nothingness
In a perplex web of disharmony

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