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Witchery In His Infernal Majesty's Service Lyrics Album

In His Infernal Majesty’s Service Lyrics Album by Witchery

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1. Lavey-athan

Freeze in the stare of the cold, full moon
And burn in the glare of the judging sun
Spill the blood down the serpent’s stairs
You’ll never be free until you break away


No streets of gold with the Lavey-athan
No pearly gates with the Lavey-athan

Slit the throat of the offering lamb
And hang the thralls from the holy branch
Congregate in the circle of stone
But you’re just a piece of shit seen from the holy throne

[Chorus repeat]

Bow to your genetic needs
Revel in the comfort of a prophecy
Surrender reason for dependency
Nurse at the bosom of divinity

Shrouded in the clouds or in the heavens above
Dwelling in the deep or on a mountain top
Ambiguous writings lead the thousands by the hand
Get your sense of purpose from the clergy man

[Chorus repeat]

2. Zoroast

There’s a breeze in the midnight air
Eyes are weary but still I stare
Atop a tower I hold my watch
For planets in line and suns that burst

Aaaarrrgh… Bring forth the undoing of this world
Ba’al, Lord, claim thy prize!!


The sky is never what it seems
– Stars align, the end of time
The Beasts’ they live inside your dreams
– There’s a full moon rising

Studies burn the midnight oil
Over charts and algebra I pour
My work parades the signs from God
Come save thy servant, oh Ba’al!

Come forth the signs beyond our Earth
Blessed Ba’al and Marduk, for thee I search

[Chorus repeat]

3. Netherworld Emperor

From my blackened chariot I travel my domain
Slaves and subjugates, they tremble at my name
I’ve lived one thousand lives and will live one thousand more
I rule this Netherworld, I am the Emperor

Black and damp, my land resides, on cloven hoof, across we stride
An Iron Fist, to rule this world, the might is mine – to rule and to reign


To rule and to reign!

Thunder shakes the mountains high, and lightning fills the sky
Eclipse the work of God and surpass his feeble try
Victorious on we march, for none shall us defy
Save your breath of misery, save your pitiful cries

Cower in your House of God, your faith is now all too vain
Sweep aside the weep of pray, I enter now – to rule and to reign

[Chorus repeat]

Creation! Damnation!

Crack the whip – of intolerance
Eternal life – of abolishment

Ambassador – of deceit
To orchestrate – your defeat
Revel in – hypocrisy

4. Nosferatu

From a sleep to a slumber, now wide awake
Hear it whisper at your door
Now back from the brink of extinction
Eradicated no more

In the hall of the kings once mighty
Impotence and ignorance –
a tendency for negligence

Pitchforks brandished in an age of distrust
Let the sands drink the blood
Fear of the plague makes hostility just
Dance around the golden calf
Resurrect the undead for the battle
A million move as one, it has just begun..


See Evil Walk
See Evil Talk
See Evil Rule

Behold the sun set instead of rising
Addiction spreads for the easy way out
Fires lit, sets the stage for the rally
Hand the noose around your throat

One step, from here to the unknown
Indifference and assumption a recipe for corruption

[Chorus repeat]

Failing in relevancy
Embrace your soon corpse to be
You’ll be an accessory
Accomplice to a mass degree
Oblivion, welcome me

[Chorus repeat]

5. The Burning of Salem

Villagers gathered ’round the witches trail
Holds the signs of mass hysteria
Women scorned, and kinds accused
Reason is left when the mob’s to rule
A trial is held, a travesty
A show of power from the ministry

Neighbor rat on neighbor as the act of a devout
Eager to seem more pious so they sell each other out
Accusations, to vilify
Perjury to save your life
Random acts of heresy
Heinous accounts of devilry


So Burn….!
By the powers vested in me
God’s will be done, zealously

Verbal abuse roars from the stands
Once on trial there’s no legal chance
Faith is held at the maximum
Praise the Lord, his will be done
So-called victims made to testify
Bearing witness of the Devil’s might


So Burn….!
By the powers vested in me
God’s will be done, tirelessly

“In the year of our Lord June 2nd, 1692,
I, William Stoughton, chief magistrate
of this Grand Jury,
find you all guilty, as charged,
of acts of witchcraft and heresy.
I sentence you all to be hanged by the neck
until you are dead.
May God have mercy on your souls.”


So Burn….!
By the powers vested in me
God’s will be done, endlessly

6. Gilded Fang

Starting with a whisper, deep in the night
Jumping from the rooftops – they swarm in evil might
Clawing at your window, clawing at your door
Lusting for your blood and they only want more


Obey and raise the gilded fang
Together, we will bleed the land

Bitten by a bearer, smitten by their thirst
Driven by a hunger, that’ll make your jugular burst
Trapped in a corner, you know you cannot flee
Bid farewell to your sanity

[Chorus repeat]

Feel the fever burn, burn in your veins
Feel the hunger yearn, slowly go insane
Feel the fever burn…
Feel the fever burn…

Running with the pack now your former life has past
You are now immortal, learn the Hunter’s craft
Can you hear them singing?
The creatures of the night
Praise the gilded fang, bask in its might

[Chorus repeat]

7. Empty Tombs

Gabriel, his trumpets blows
The end of days, the darkness glows
The rise of seas, and mountain falls
The dead shall rise – judgement to all!

There’s a hole in the sky
There’s a quake of the Earth
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run


All tombs are empty! All tombs are empty!
On that final day… All tombs are empty

Angels usher forth the heard
Your deeds are about to be heard
Tremble in fear of the scale
Tipping the scales – descend into Hell
The restless Dead – now leave their beds

[Chorus repeat]

Insurmountable light of God
Pass thy judgement onto all
The meek will inherit the lands
The rest the fires will fan

[Chorus repeat]

Empty – Empty Tombs! Empty – Empty Tombs!

8. In Warm Blood

Bend forward and uncover your arms
This will only take a second
Little girl, there’s no need for alarm, approach the tub
when you’re beckoned

Gather round the young ones now
– they will make you stronger
Hold the key to immortal life
– wither away no longer


Wash the countess, in warm blood
Elizabeth Bathory

Oh but hey, wipe those tears away
You want to follow your friends, don’t you?
They’re back below, playing outside the keep
Now hurry up to join them

Maybe you’d want to look away?
– but see, it was almost painless
You feel sleepy, yes, so please have nap
– join your friends slumbering dreamless

[Chorus repeat]

See the steam from the gilded tub rise
The taste the metal is rich in the air
Candles barely lit the darkened room
As the inner door swings open

Enter Countess, and drop your robe
Slip into the pool of life
Hold the chalice, above your head
Baptize yourself a beautiful red

Aaaaahhh… rise up and behold your reflection
Drenched in blood, a woman of perfection

[Chorus repeat]

9. Escape from Dunwich Valley

“Who are you to tread these lands?”
Your presence is not welcomed here
The residents here are not to be disturbed

Now run, run, before they awake
The unspeakable dread of the deep
Right now they’re restless in their sleep


The signs are rife
It’s a deathlike night
Fear of the deep
Chills… run down your spine

Something is moving there in the dark
Is it too late to get out?
The hunt might already be on its way

Silent feet, prepare to attack
Running fast through black
But the forest on its own is holding you back

[Chorus repeat]

There are places of sleep hidden in the deep
Never meant to be provoked
The old world does not fit with ours

Escape – from Dunwich Valley
Escape – from Dunwich Valley

10. Feed the Gun

Grab that rifle and buckle that strap
Keep your head down and prepare to attack
A million men are waiting along the line
A million men are waiting along to die for… what!?

When you hear that whistle sound the guns will roar – like never before
So get up, get out.. and gain that ground – Now!
Not a single step back – attack!


Feed the gun
I said hey
Feed the gun

Starring out at no man’s land, the darkness rips apart – and the shelling starts
Mausers and the Maxims rip through swaths of men
Not a single step back – defend!

[Chorus repeat]

Feed the gun
I said hey
Feed the gun

[End Chorus]

Feed the gun
Dry bones will litter this ground
Feed the gun
A nationwide funeral mound

11. Oath Breaker

Who are you to break the Oath?
You know the punishment…
The sentence has been cast
A traitor will never last

No one will stand in our way
Victory will be ours
We wait just out of sight
You will know when our – time has come


An Oath is sworn – Do what has to be done…

An oath is sworn, the dice are cast
Each day might be our last

Hidden signs with hidden consequence
Whispered words and blind obedience – blind obedience

[Chorus repeat]

Order – The time of consequence has come
Execute – Approach the traitor as one

Candles burn – daggers jab – curses heard
Silence falls – a life is had – the Oath is all

[Chorus repeat]

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