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Nightside Lyrics Album by Witchery

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1. Witching Hour

In the dead of the night
In a year unbeknownst to their lord
A daughter betrothed felt a grip
And then froze to the core
A burn in her spine, and a stench from beyond
As the bell struck twelve she screamed for her god

Spawn! Immaculate, whirlwind of lust
Spread your wings – the witching hour

At dawn she sleeps
Slowly waking from a dream that felt real
A link from the past her virgin womb will reveal
The sulphur seed, this sacred son
Walk the earth, his deeds be done
Humanity to be put in chains
The dawn of the ancient ones has begun

Immaculate, whirlwind of sin
Spread your wings – the witching hour

…The witching hour

Behold the curse…

Nocturnal confession, a demonic possession
Whirlwind of ghouls, the witching hour

Spawn the infestation
Spawn the infestation

…Hear the hoofs of the inquisitor’s mount

2. Don’t Burn the Witch

Stone-cold rage racing through my veins
I have a new thirst to live
Scars on my back and blood on my fists
I know I’m never giving in…

With a fire in my eyes, I the court defy
But the villagers laugh and sneer
The clergy confessed, I’m a mother possessed
This case and verdict is both just and clear!

Don’t burn the witch!
I have no dealings with the fiery lord
No dance at midnight – no kissing the goat
…just don’t burn the witch!

Sentenced to die where the old crows lie
At sunrise, my body they’ll burn
Rattle the cage while on public display
Taunted by both young and old…

Fuck this fucking priest
And fuck that church
And fuck that fat fuck friar
Fuck this inquisition…
And fuck that young boys choir!

Demon, be gone! – no “dead by dawn”
It’s the power of Christ that compels you
But writhe in pain – gotta feed those flames
Feel the tables turning upon you

Witchsmeller meet your demise
Trembling hands drop the book of lies
For what you seek can’t be found
Your reign of terror is now shut down

[Solo: Maciek Ofstad]

Shackles are shed, the fynder is dead
But true the accusations ring
I don’t know how and I don’t know why
But a child now the future brings
A seed sown that within me grows
I guess the lord works in mysterious ways
No one will take away what now is mine
By night – I now leave this place

Don’t burn the witch!

3. Storm of the Unborn

Over angered seas
Sturm und Drang and haunted dreams
Fares a battered ship
Sails filled with hope
That the new world brings

Among them – cowering – there is she
Hid below from the elements rage
Lightning strikes, all around
From a blackened sky over foaming waves

Black are the waters
Where our lonely ship now fares
Hang you heads, on the morrow we’ll be gone
From the deep the age-old madness
Takes note of our despair
Pray, we shall see the crack of dawn

Onwards we bear on…

A speck engulfed by unset sea
Beasts below and briny death
Cracks are heard from mast and stern
Starboard rift and maelstrom turn

Black are the waters
Where our lonely ship now fares
Hang you heads, on the morrow we’ll be gone
From the deep the age-old madness
Takes note of our despair
Pray, we shall see the crack of dawn

Downwards we are drawn…

Boiling from the black
A million leagues underneath the sea
There’s no turning back
Whispered cries of blasphemy

Men, hold fast!

In a wooden womb, a floating tomb
She prays for a passage safe
Repentful vows of newfound faith
From them who shares her fate

Black are the waters
Where our lonely ship now fares
Hang you heads, on the morrow we’ll be gone
From the deep the age-old madness
Takes note of our despair
Pray, we shall see the crack of dawn

It’s the storm of the unborn
It’s the storm of the unborn

Into the storm of the unborn we descend

4. Er steht in Flammen

[Not Avalaible]

5. Popecrusher

I am the one, risen from dust
Unsheathe that sword, join our darkened thrust

The minions of my heresy, whispering my name
We swarm towards the enemy, like moths to a flame

I, the crusher of the papacy
Rise, popecrusher we welcome thee

With curses, steel and might, the thundering of spells
The dead, the damned, the burning, marching out from hell

Both prophets and believers, spreading their disease
Clergymen and priestess, swinging from the trees

The Megiddo plain lies conquered, all eyes turn to Rome
The eternal city, supreme witch king enthroned
The hordes of hell fall silent, all await my call
Legio voice a war cry, that predates their god

Out of the mist of a long gone world
2000 years in wait
Demon-made flesh by dark decree
Incarnate Satan’s seed… we shall, hail to, his might!

6. Left Hand March

Ashmedai, you call me, your fire burns strong inside
Through cryptic voices, echoing yet lost in time

This world, ripe with weakness
So bound to myths of Christ
My cult, swarming madness
Will crush their cross in time

These mortals, surround me
Entranced in mortal fear
Among them, detractors
Their clergy only scheme and sneer

Fall in line – none left behind –
Every street, every road – every life, every soul…
The left hand march

Feed my horror
Brush aside the house that Peter built
Rid yourself of the shackles
Sins of the father, the inherited guilt

Their false, allegiance, will be the downfall of man
I’m now, the god that, the flames of hell shall fan

Fall in line – none left behind –
Every street, every road – every life, every soul…
Join the left hand march

[Solo: Hank Sherman]

See the stars align
The day of reckoning defiled
Our laughter shatters their skies
The apocalypse is nigh…

The left hand march

7. Under the Altar


8. Churchburner

Each and all who believe in the lie
Stand before him begging for their lives
Dispel the flock and disperse his people
Torch the altar and burn the steeple

Churchburner! – chapel in flames, embers rain
Churchburner! – parish in flames, let ashes remain

Demons raze the holy house of God
Come the reckoning, clergy time of fraught
Pews for tinder, the Holy Bible sparks
Church bell clangs, flames ignite the cross

The pious flocks forsaken
They’re judged and they are damned
Let no one be mistaken
As bonfires dot the land

Cathedral walls are tumbling, from fires they are subdued
Tabernacles face their gutted, charcoaled doom
Every place of worship shall be scorched from this earth
Once high and mighty they now kneel as they burn

They now kneel as they burn…

9. Crucifix and Candle

“Thy kingdom come – Thy will be done –
On earth, as it is in hell”
“Our father – who art not in heaven –
Hallowed be Thy name”

A lull in the war, finally draws near
Blood-soaked shores, armageddon is here

Oi! – covered in darkness
Oi! – cloaked in blood
Oi! – on a throne made of bones, born into a war god

Oi! – bury the world
Oi! – with an iron fist
Oi! – with torch in hand – light the candle…
And the crucifix

Candlelight gleams in the narthex gloom
The crucifix bleeds and the convents fume
Clear the altar with a sweep of the blade
Guzzle the ichor that bears his name

Accuse the corrupt, ravage the pristine
Harrowing chants, holy and obscene

[Solo: Simon Johansson]

With torch in hand, on my command – light the candle…
And the crucifix

10. A Forest of Burning Coffins

Sons of evil back to front march soldiers of decay
Wall of death, a legion hexed, storm and decimate
The master will deceive and disciples will believe
His pious plague will turn land to crimson sea

An appetite unholy for the souls of mortal men
Fall from grace, sanctified, a serpent born again
Invoking all his majesty the demons will attack
From holy book to heresy the faithful dying fast

A forest of burning coffins…

Storming over walls the rabid hordes begin to feast
Slaying nuns, smashing naves and crucifying priests
The seventh day decreed by the sovereign demon-seed
The blessed eucharist of hell heralds blasphemy

The flames engulf the scriptures and the crosses all invert
The beast arrives, the age of lies, the holy book inert
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end
A scion of his age to the throne he now ascends

Crown the fetid lord in the ashes of their shrine
Epiphany, malignancy, a terror of our time
Lamentations spilling out the seraph lie in chains
Aeon of Asmodeus the dawn evil’s reign

A paradise of death built on hallowed rings of hell
Winds of fear, growing near, ring the demon-bell
Catastrophic age of the tyrant now unleashed
The Vatican, a skeleton of smoldering defeat

Time has come… to murder the world

11. Nightside

Dawn awakes
Brimstone skies
Cities in dust
Beneath his shrine
Vatican fires
Orphan screams
A thousand years
Trapped in a dream

Covenant of ancient bonds
Sent to choke the life from christendom
And here I stand to claim my right
From virgin birth and with elders might

Nightside calls!
Nightside reigns!
Nightside calls!
Nightside reigns!

“Et ainsi, le monde à été plongée dans l’obscurité.
L’unique attendus est enfin arrivé.”

Hail the tzar of the night
Hail the tzar of the night
Hail the tzar of the night
The supertzar of night…

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