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Witchery Symphony for the Devil Lyrics Album

Symphony for the Devil Lyrics Album by Witchery

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1. The Storm

Stand back and behold the wrath
The eye of the storm second to none
Magnificent power supreme
Gracing the skies and trembling the ground

Deleted horizon
Earth torn to shreds
Diabolical storm of the end

Rushing forth a blackened wall
A whirlwind of anger God save us all
It’s the sign of the southern cross
Ashes to dust – Ashes to dust

A wind with sulferic debris
Blows hard
Rages violently



The Storm
The Storm
The Storm.

2. Unholy Wars

Oh Witching hour!
Un masse we fly the air unseen we fill the night
We shoot into the gap to a place that soon won’t be
No saint no single soul will live their eternity

In legion we fly
In thousands they cry
The streets of gold will run with blood

Unholy Wars!
Unholy Wars!

Behold the flames grow strong
We raid and scorch a path to death we do belong
Countermeasures blown away God’s army in defeat
Scattered now across the skies by angels of deceit

In legion we fly
In thousands they cry
The streets of gold are drenched in blood


Rest not ’til all are caught until the last is found
Under one command we hail and kill as one
We rush and scale the walls
We flood the sacred streets
Salvation is no more the surrender of the meek
Abolish the laws of God and so the trinity

Unholy Wars on bloodsoaked shores
Unholy Wars fought at God’s frontdoor.

3. Inquisition

Burning red of charcoal the roasting place of rest
Flames are slowly stirring in thiis hideous nest
Red hot sparkling pokers lay waiting in the heat
Blackened grid of iron stained with darkened meat

There’s a place here for you
We’d like to question you too
Welcome in feel at home settle down you’ll have to…

Speak your mind tell the truth don’t you lie
The church has the power and a heretic we shall find
No matter what you think who you are and what you do
For we will get the answers that we want out of you!

Hooded are the masters of this holy trial
Pleaded to by many but mercy recievers denial
Silent, skillful and handy their tread they do respect
Amongst the questioned thousands the guilty they’ll detect.

4. Omens

Empty streets wihtout a sound
Doors are locked no life is found
Anticipation the moon is round
God forsaken this little town

Velled in dusk
Velled in dusk
You can’t stop hiding from the omens!

Visitors now often sighted
But long dead guests are not invited
Candles lit though not ignited
Flicker and move as if excited


Signs of movement amidst the grave
A churchbell chimes no one’s to blame
Silent prayers are hasty spoken
Wish the dawn would now be broken

5. Bone Mill


6. None Buried Deeper…

A rainy day
The hole is dug through mud and clay
Clergymen huddle close around
Inspect the work with determined frowns

On the edge of the cemetary
Underneath the old oak tree
Lies a grave that few have seen
None buried deeper!

They bring out the casket
No fancy thing just something to house it
Many men share the heavy weight
For their part to end they just can’t wait


With ill concealed eager the coffin is lowered
deeper into the ground than any before her
Silver chains wrap this horrid vessel
secure it’s future as forever dormant as forever dormant

Darkness falls
Thunder calls
Sands of time
Embrace this shrine

They fill the grave
Secluded by earth it lay
Pack the dirt up to the rim
Forget now this place have ever been

Entombed at last
Cover the traces and rest from the task
Phrases in latin are read from the scriptures
For a headless grave with denied existence.

7. Wicked

Winged godless creatures they fill the blackest night
Vandals of divine no rush of evil might
A frightening streak of rampage
Screams of pain and death
They’re swarming all around
Nowhere to catch your breath

Wicked spirits around us storming
Will we ever survive their closing attack

With buzzsaw razor anger they slice and cut their way
Breeding hate and chaos brings forth the final day


Blasphemic martyrs oblivious to mercy
Voracious icons submit to an unstoppable force


Will we survive!
Will we survive!
We we survive the attack!

8. Called for by Death

You Defyer had to drink from the chalice of glass
Mindless sinner for both ends of your candle burns
The moon rises higher and with it comes your sense of despair
Stalking the shadows feeding the fear that you bear

Destitution of your soul it cast no fight
Ancestral death rejected by your god as you die

There are vows to be honoured
There are fates to be sealed
Religious absence and internal voids
No wonder you’re called for by death

Lost and abandoned easy prey for the prowlers of dusk
Alienation ravenous nightfall the dark comes alive.

9. Hearse of the Pharaohs


10. Shallow Grave

Standing next to a shallow grave
Vacant for now but not during day
The stench is foul like lived in by beast
Who now left his hole amongst the deceased

A threat to our kind
Something older than time
Something evil has taken its say in this vacant shallow grave

Hiding next to a shallow grave
Dawn is near we need to stay brave
Grasping our arms we tremble with fear
A noise reveal something draws near

A threat to our kind
Something older than time
Something evil lives in this vacant shallow grave

Sneaking out of its hideous lair
Devouring the flesh of
Let none be spared
Hunger of the undead
Let it perish in flames
Death is certain
Darkness descends

A threat to our kind
Something older than time
Vicious evil lives
Unholy abominations
A frantic desecration
Vacant Shallow Grave.

11. Enshrined

I have to die for my sins
Final rest recieving salvation

Lost and hollow trapped within lorn at last
Come tomorrow there I lay a shadow past

Guide my way a path unseen
My soul astray shivering
The end serene

Into the realm of my tomb
Underneath a darkened moon
Seal the senses from pain
Enshrined off in vain
I embrace my doom!

I close my eyes
Commit the dead
I drain my blood
Eternal sleep
Come tomorrow
Shivering here I lay
Dark and hollow
A shadow past
A soul astray.

12. The One Within

Barren plains unholy ground
A silent scream darkness abound
Mythical rhymes spoken by few
Fiendish uprising a legend come true?

Ungodly pleasures mortal sins
Feeding the one within
Rise again Rise again

Inverted crosses bloodstained sand
Ancient symbols carved in hand
Godless creatures odium fortold
Devoured by vermin a corpse without soul


Risen from below
Captor of your soul
For beyond retrieve
Forsaken by your god

Barren plains unholy ground
A silent scream darkness abound
Close the circle nocturnal feast
upon the flesh hellhounds unleashed


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