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Witchery Witchkrieg Lyrics Album

Witchkrieg Lyrics Album by Witchery

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1. Witchkrieg

Satan – around the flames the troops now fly
Hordes of death – cover the earth
Nationwide crematory
The feeble and meek – end of story
Open the gates – and lacerate the sky

Wings now fly – to reap all life
Damnation’s bell – come forth… lords of Hell!


Congregations, die side by side
In mounting heaps – rotting angel now lie


Christ is now our slave… mother mary now our whore…

solo: Kerry king


2. Wearer of Wolf’s Skin

Lick the teeth, bloodthirst when the moon is round
Starry night, we search our hunting ground
On we slay – human prey
Tearing and biting, shearing and smiting

Wearer of wolf’s skin
Wearer of wolf’s skin

Silent howl, ravenous hunger deep inside
Yellow eyes, pack mentality in disguise
Gnashing fangs, the erd I decimate
Paw and claw, …dig deep the dirt


This hunger is mine, this hunger is mine it burns divine
You cannot take my hunger away

This is who I am, and this is what I’ll stay
No silver bullet, nor jesus christ, will make it go away

Scary from the herd, stray from the word

3. The God Who Fell from Earth

Who are these people? and what is this ritual?
Have I really have been away for so long?
They’ve turned their backs on, once loved icons…
… but the god you left is now back

Behold! – it’s the god who fell from earth
Enter now this world
Retake what is yours, and seize the golden throne
Greet the god who fell from earth!

Men are fleeting, for their sons and daughters are bleeding…
One should never forget the godds… sound out my triumphant return


solo: Hank Shermann


The god who fell from earth could be you…

4. Conqueror’s Return

Hooves approaching, thunderous sound
A million feet march shake the ground
Endless lines – the banner fly
A conqueror’s might – you shan’t defy

With scales o steel – the dragons’s tail
Leagues of men who will prevail
A trail of death, distraught and war
On a scale of hell not seen before

Scouts fly out with eagle’s eyes
Lead the way to foe’s demise
Scorch and burn his traits of choice
Bend the knee and embrace the foist

Conqueror… conqueror’s return
Conqueror… it’s the conqueror’s return

Enforce his yoke with sword in hand
Iron will thru supreme command
Born to vanquish – to ravage the earth
Raised to rule from the day of his birth


Face the conqueror
Greet the conqueror
Heed the conqueror
Obey the conqueror
Please the conqueror
Serve the conqueror
Praise the conqueror
Fear the conqueror


5. The Reaver

Riding across the heavens, the moon is full and round
Chasing down his victims, but their bodies… will not be found…

Drumming hooves of vengeance, the silent killer strikes
People hiding in their homes, but he knows… where you hide

Reaver – the reaver – is on your trail
Reaver – the reaver – he will not fail, so know… you time is up

Darker than a shadow, blacker than the night
Feel his fingers round your throat, you know… it’s time to die

Turn around to run it’s the only thing to do
Someone’s about to die, and that someone… is you!


Reaver – he cuts, he spears, he mains, he shears, he kill… he is the…
Reaver – he hunts, he finds, he rips, he binds… he will bring – you – down!

solo: Gary Holt/Lee Altus/Holt/Altus/Holt


6. From Dead to Worse

solo: Andy LaRocque

Sneak up to the cemetary gates
They swing open without a sound
Hurry over to the funeral mound

Rain makes thehair cling to the face
Darkest night but as lightning cracks
Empty the bag of shovels and axes

The earth is soft underneath the leaves
Remove the dirt, we dig with ease

Dead – dead – dead – dead – dead to worse
There are things worse than death,
far more worse than death

So it’s done, time to lift the lid
It creaks open, and there it lays
The corpse is prepped and we sing the praise

Slowly stepping out of the grave
Fill the night with nocturnal scrams, it screams

On our command, the body climbs from the grave
Once dormant and dead, now forever our slave


From the grave – now death escaped – life retake once more
Walk the earth – an antibirth – see death reversed undone

solo: Andy LaRocque

There are things worse than death,
far more worse than death

Worse – dead to worse

7. Devil Rides Out

Who’s another fool – who’s another tool
Will you be the one for the missions?
Can you see yourself – part of something else
For the love of god and ammunition?

Fight the righteous fight!
Believe what is right!
Beat that drum – oi!
Beat that drum – oi!
Black stallion of death – the devil rides out

Come and fill our ranks – win imperial thanks
Earn yourself a seat with the victor!
Time to settle the score – nothing like before
Climb the wall and storm now & forever more…


Lock and load your gun – barrage has begun
Hold your breath and wait for the signal…

Generals have their fun – “do you duty, son!”
Unit on the map is just a symbol
Mud in your mouth – what’s it all about?
Can you count the holes in your body?
Who is friend or foe – brothers I don’t know
Could you wave that flag one more time for me!


Black stallion of death…

Scarred stallion of fear…

Black stallion of death…

He rides out to war…

8. One Foot in the Grave

I stir underneath of my headstone
As food for maggots I now decompose
You kneel and you weep for my poor soul
I need no tears for where I will go

Born to burn…
Born to burn…
Born to burn…
Got one foot in the grave, the other in hell

Burn – everything round me is burning
Flames are feeding off of my rotting flesh
Leave! I find your presence disturbing
Save your prayers for I have sold my soul…


solo: Jim Durkin

The world is ablaze
Fucking brimstone and flames
From one foot in the grave
To being satan’s slave

Born to burn
Born to burn
Born to burn

From one foot in the grave,
I’m now in hell

9. Hellhound

Drumming paws fill the night
– stay low, stay outta sight
Mark of prey came a birth
– Canine horror sweep the earth

Hellhound on your trail
Hellhound on your trail

The hunt – draws – closer…

Thought you’re quicker, thought you’re smart
– can’t move faster than the dark
The Devil’ll fight you tooth and nail
– put the hellhound on your trail



Snapping jaws, the devil’s might
Hellhound on your trail….

10. Witch Hunter

Moon sees the masse
Hidden feast
Spell are read and chants are said…

Witchsmeller, hail!
Save our souls, and god prevail
Bring the witch to the stake and she will burn

Burn, whore of satan!

Witch hunter…
Witch hunter…
Witch hunter…
Witch hunter…

Witchsmeller pursuviant
Sweep the land with our trusty
flames of truth

Stand fast in your fight
Cleanse with all your might
Defender of the faith and of our youth

God’s will be done…



Stalk the night – we stalk your night
Blood’ll shed – blood will shed from this corpse
that was you…

Empty veins

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