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Wolfheart Shadow World Lyrics Album

Shadow World Lyrics Album by Wolfheart

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1. Aeon of Cold

Coldness in the air
Autumn in shades of fire
Brings the age of snowfalls and ice
And sets the world in perpetual slumber

Frozen rain begins to pour and winter breeze arise
The earth stands still before the fall

The aeon of cold
Frozen to the core
White veil upon the earth

Glaciers will bury below
Ground frost unfolds
Frozen soil conceals for evermore

Behold the white and deserted woodlands
Icy lifeblood of nature
Pitch-black and lifeless waters

Desolated and bleak
Isolated and stark
Light’s creation now forsaken and dark

2. Zero Gravity

Profound is the grief
Fathomless and downhearted is the silence
Overwhelms like a flood
Drowns into the deep dark waters

The ocean floor
Somber and bleary surrounding
Beneath the ice
Frozen surface has begun
To block the light of the sun

The absence of light
Breeds and altered reality
Faithful and familiar

Desolation, despair
Like a dead space inside of me
Creates a zero gravity
Without intention

Footprints on the snow
Covered by the frozen rain from the north
A trace leading into the dark
A grand isolation

Cold is the air to inhale
Cold is the heart impaired
Glacial blood runs in your veins
Pitch-black and frosty ichor

3. Storm Centre

When the chaos and confusion take a breath
All there is to hear is silence
Ferocity and cruelty has come to cease
In a heartbeat ends all violence

Eye of the storm, ease inside of a disarray
For a blink of an eye discipline in disorder
Storm of swords
The gale of war
Soon unleashed upon us all

The breath of air
Transforming into a hurricane
A taste of dirt and bloody soil
The winds are returning
With a force immense and colossal

With haste we charge towards our fall
Despair, demise we leave behind
No honour in victory in this godless play of war
No disgrace in defeat
No dignity in death
That awaits us all

Assault in all four fronts
Surrounded growing weak and frail
Defense broken, enemy lines torn apart
Triumph by strength and gravest hearts

4. Last of All Winters

Deserted and still
Somber woods forsaken and lifeless
Starless is the sky
Fallen is the wrathful fire from above

No distant voice in the air
Winds carry only silence
No roar from the north
A howl from afar

Last of all Winters
Came without a Fall
Cold aeon eternal

Reaching deeper than ever before
World of fire
Frozen to the core

5. Nemesis

Retaliator born from a wrath and raised by rage
Courageous and fearless with vengeance ahead

Retribution ferocious and dire,
Hatred like fire
Ignite the flames of detest and with strength ablaze

No kneeling or repentance
No self sacrifice
It’s an eye for an eye

Blood for blood
From suffering into submission
Towards total reprisal

Desecration with no remorse, violate and defile
The ones who spilled the blood of the innocents
Acts so dreadful and vile

Sacrilegious deed, sin against the life
Sacred and hallowed

I am the nemesis
I am the destroyer
I am eternal fire

6. Abyss

By each circle of sun
My soul is growing colder
It’s building into a void

Hollowness and futility
Of any counter-actions
Fails to compare
With the non-fulfilment
To mould and repair

The world is darker than in aeons
And the sky is free from stars

This fall is colder than before
Glacial it has become
Frozen fire of the sun

New dawn of the day
Carries an altered grandeur
Distorted tranquility

It’s in the eye of the beholder
Singular view of the world
Without warmth or colors
Was assembled my universe

7. Resistance

Brothers of war, we stand tall on the edge of our land
In this riverbed we draw the line

Blood is thicker than this frozen water we stand upon
Ice beneath our feet
Hellfire burns within

With bravery and valor
With hatred and rage
Our might lies not in numbers

Few against a legion
Few against the horde
With ferocious force we go forth

With our steel
We strike them down
Blood paints the ground
Red frozen soil

Crimson moon will rise
No silvery light
We strike them down
To the red frozen ground

May the earth tremble as they march
And their arrows blacken the sky

Drain the strength from the fear
Burn with wrath, scorch and sear
Blood we’ll shed apart we tear

8. Veri

Ei musta tuli tuonelan
Siipi valkea taivaan
Ei veri virtaava
Niinkuin voima minussa

Ei ääni pimeän
Usko iäiseen elämään
Vaan pitkä matka raskas
Kehdosta kanssa kuoleman

Ei valo auringon
Eikä lämpö valkean
Kulje läpi sielun synkän
Jään ja ikiroudan

Huutoni viimeinen
Soikoon voimalla väkien
Mutta raskain sointi seuraa
Kun laskeutuu


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