Wolves of Karelia Lyrics (2020)

Wolfheart Wolves of Karelia Lyrics Album

Wolves of Karelia Lyrics Album by Wolfheart

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1. Hail of Steel

You hear the roar of their artillery.
You feel the storm coming forth
The breeze brings the thunder closer
The wind is blowing from the north

The hail of steel
The reapers scythe comes from the skies
Northers never kneel
Winterborns dont bow before the enemy

The blood that stains your trench red
An offering, obvious sacrifice
These lands belong to the north
These are the woods where wolves of Karelia rule

Withstand and Defy
Cold flame of the winter
The blade of death
Northern ice like a scythe

Beneath the burning sky
Cold winds of the winter
Veiled by death
Veiled in white

2. Horizon on Fire

For weeks we´ve been outnumbered
For days forced to retread
Their tanks make the earth tremble

Coldest days of winter
You were trained to endure
To withstand the fierce nature

Here we dig the trenches deeper
Here we draw the line
Last defense will not be broken
We will not fall

From afar
Flames fierce and raw
Horizon is on fire

From afar
Fires of the war
Flames growing higher

In the shelter of the woods
edges of lakes and fields ages have stood
Winters fury on our side
We can’t be defeated
We have to hold the line

Here we dig the trenches deeper
Here we draw the line
Last defense will not be broken
Last troops align

3. Reaper

Whitness the power harnessed for destruction
For total annihilation

Behold the wrath that storms thru these lands
Rage where two nations collide

With flames of the rage let the fire burn them down
Courageous and cruel
Hammer them to the ground

Push the fear aside
The reaper comes for them who rise
Against your brothers
Eye for an eye

Facing an enemy
Greater in numbers
Superior in arms

Facing an enemy
Overpowering and grandeur
Superior in arms
But never in heart

Stare thru your crosshair
Take down everything that you get on your sight

Pull the pin and hurl the grenades
Wave after wave
Defy their assault

In the veil of the night
In the shelter of the dark
Aim behind the enemy line

4. The Hammer

Last one against a legion
Brigade of death marches ahead
Re-load and aim higher
Dig deeper into your tomb
Underneath the cannon fire

In the eye of the storm, dead silence
Rise of the final dawn, dawn of the Violence

Frozen soil where the blood of your brothers
Runs cold, runs red on the ground

Never surrender
Never retread
The last defender
The hammer of the north

5. Eye of the Storm


6. Born from Fire

Coat of arms with crossbones and skulls
Warriors born from fire

Death walks towards you in these woods
And turns this forest into a pyre

The walk with flames
With fire wings they fly
Their blaze light the skies

With black light in their eyes
From The void walked their flames
From darkness they came

Lead them into the wild
Cut their line of supply
Prevent them from reinforcing the lines

Wait for the cold
Let ferocious breeze pierce to their bones
Death walks our trail as we go forth

7. Arrows of Chaos

Guided by the chaos star
8 arrows point the direction forward

Follow the path of war
And pray for the bloodred messiah

Become more than just a soldier
A Destroyer

With blood on your hands
Baptized as a murderer
Death toll as a cross
Reborn as a ruthless Executioner

Lead the way towards the slaughter
Become device of the demis

8. Ashes

At last came the dawn
When silence fell to the world
To our lands torn apart

Hands that held the firearms
eyes that has seen death in its all forms
Now empty and cold

The fires scorched this earth
From the ashes we unearth
Our fallen brothers

We bring them home
Each one forged into a stone
Each name to be remembered

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