Something Wykked This Way Comes Lyrics (1996)

Wykked Wytch Something Wykked This Way Comes Lyrics Album

Something Wykked This Way Comes Lyrics Album by Wykked Wytch

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1. Wytch’s Sabbath

She arrives in the night
Full of hate and full of spite
Dancin’ in the shadows
As evil comes, there she goes!!

Cold wind blows
Children, you better beware
Evil times are back again
Thy Wytches Sabbath is here!!

You can’t run, you can’t hide
Spells and potions take their hold
Voodoo, Charms, Faith denied
She comes for you, comes for your souls!!

Go with God
Children, you better beware
Evil times are back again
Thy Wytches Sabbath is here!!

She got me, she’ll get you
Eyes glow black as coal
Yeah, now you’re hers too!!
She’s a taker of lost souls!!

Stained with blood
Children, you better beware
Evil times are back again
Thy Wytches Sabbath is here!!

2. In Darkness Let Me Dwell

Accursed light, casts me out
Into this wasteland
My time has long since passed
Curse of the damned
Live where the dead roam
This coffin is my home

Ground of sorrow, despair to all
Sinners heed, its Satan’s call
The virgin weeps, the child has died
Madness reigns, the savior falls!!

Walls of marble black
Lines my bedded tomb
Gnashing of teeth, ripping of flesh
Sounds of impounding doom!!
Live where the dead roam

This coffin I call home
In darkness, let me dwell
The ground shall sorrow be
In darkness, till death do come
Ancient ones, sages of Hell
Live where the dead roam
This coffin is my home

3. Resurrection

Rotting here, in my grave
As the sun sets once again
Paralysed from death
Maggots eat my skin
Memories faded…
Remembered by few
Eternity awaits
Life begins anew

Resurrection, return from the dead
Resurrection, escape from the tomb
Resurrection, I’m no Messiah
Resurrection, for sake of the dark

Revenge is mine, say the Lord
But he’s gonna have to share!!
No one stands before me
No one dares
Escaped from hell
Escaped the Devils lair!!

Enemies all slain
Only broken corpses remain
Lifeless eyes, everlasting stare
Stench of death, fills the air
Crypt can’t hold me
Brake the chains of death
(Come to) rob your body
Of its last worthless breath!!

Resurrection, into Hell
Resurrection, take you away
Resurrection, from the grave
Resurrection, wake up dead
Resurrection, leave the tomb
Resurrection, walking dead
Resurrection, devils child
Resurrection, evil dead

4. Black Widow

Out of the shadows, here she comes
Spinning her web of hate
Fallen warriors before us
Bones mark their fate

Caught in her web
Trapped by deceit and lies
Loyal to none
She bites, you die!!

Queen of all that’s dead
Queen of all that’s dying
Speaks to demons
Souls!! Crying!!
Invisible shadow
I call to thee
Illuminator of darkness
Open the gate to me

She’ll soon rule Lucifer
Soon rule in Hell
The one of countless names
In this nightmare, she dwells!!

Destroyer of light, Disciples of Hell
Feeds on the souls of the dark ones
Ammit, is she sent
To devour your enemies sons!!

Takes you to the dark domain
She’ll swallow your soul
Among the eternal damned
You will remain!!
She’s coming!!
You die!!

5. Psychotic Waltz

Enter now, into our world
Gaze on those who’ve lost their mind
In this padded cell, lies are rotten bones
Madness has found a brand new home!!
Take a pill, with your meal
To ease your frantic mind
Voices calling, Blackness falling
On those already blind

Dancing the psychotic waltz
Everyone has their faults
But, they lock me up for mine!!
Conversations in my head
Join us!! The walking dead
Dancing the psychotic waltz

Lost in my sick head
These demons must be fed
Prey on my doubts & fears
Ageing me, beyond my years
My mind is racing
I’m afraid of facing
All these evil thoughts
Locked inside my head!!

Dancing the psychotic waltz
Everyone has their faults
But, they lock me up for mine
Voices in my head
All sanity’s been shred
Come join the chorus line!!

6. Dripping Blood

Black night covers me
Conceals my crime
The voices now command
Evil rules my mind

Dripping blood, death’s at your door
Dripping blood, victim left on the floor
Dripping blood, devil with a knife
Dripping blood, what’s another life!!
Dripping blood
Dripping blood
Dripping blood
Dripping blood

Madness calls my name
To me, it speaks
Hands me the blade
Victims, now I seek

Face your fear, taste the steel
Death is near, soon you’ll feel
The time has come, the end is here
The tomb awaits, I must kill!!
Satan calls for me
The rage boils within
Blood stains my hand
I must kill again!!

7. Expect No Mercy

The light is gone
Night has fallen
Black, evil shadow coming your way
This nightmare’s just begun
Innocence being sacrificed
Upon the alter of hell
Enter and forever more dwell

Given a death sentence
As you enter into life
Mental scars upon your brain
Deep incisions of a knife
Past deeds held against you
Sins not repented

Expect no mercy, death is swift & near
Expect no mercy, face your deepest fear
Expect no mercy, inevitable fate
Expect no mercy, the tomb awaits
No mercy, no mercy from me
No mercy, hell’s your eternity

Finning squad stands ready
Waiting for their command
Hanging judges verdict
Condemns the damned
Psychotics babble
Prayers are sung
With stone in hand
Requiems begun

13 coins killed the Lord
Blood spilled by my sword
Given life, then handed death
Dying man gasps for breath
The gallows await
Mob screams for blood
The guillotine’s blade
Decides your fate

8. Requiem


9. Voices Are Calling

Spirits calling, coming in the night
Come to haunt you, wet their appetite
They rule your mind, rape your soul
For sins repeated, pay the toll!!

Voices calling, demons draw near
No use to run, paralysed by fear
No escaping this eternal hell
No way out, from this padded cell!!

Doctors & priests, can help no more
So they chain me, to the floor
Inside my head, the voices command
“Join this legion of the damned!!”

Spirits haunting, their words burn deep
I need medication, I pray for sleep
In a state of confusion, every fuckin’ day
The voices command, I must obey!!

10. Farewell to the Coven



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