The Towers of Avarice Lyrics (2001)

Zero Hour The Towers of Avarice Lyrics Album

The Towers of Avarice Lyrics Album by Zero Hour

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1. The Towers of Avarice

Armed with the promise of salvation
Countless monoliths rise
Fires that feed their progress
blackens the earth and the sky
The masses that teem below them
are drawn to the warmth of their lights

Come to your future so bright
The heaven you seek is in sight
Just give all and lay at my feet
The heaven you need is in me

In their midnight it is savior
It gives them faith
In their midnight it is savior
But it steals their souls

They are all just seconds both in line and in time
Moving forever towards boxes of pine

Oh, innocent follower!
You of feeble spirit and shallow heart
Go as those before you did
Even though they were torn apart

All your gods in heaven cannot save you now
It locks the door and takes the key and will not allow walking out

It will sicken your will
It will sicken your self
It will take no mercy
There’s nothing else
It will take your will
It will take you all
It will take a mystic
to make it fall

Shadow people
Faces without names
Go in willing
Leaving in flames

Cast into a manic mission
Led into a blind decision
Thrown into a dark submission
They will become an omission

2. The Subterranean

Its progress has no limits
and neither do the eyes
of the subterranean cynic
The one who must hide
For all this time
He has chosen a war path
He will end its greed

Feeling, beings, feeling

He will set its limits
His future has no home
The snake is in the garden
He goes on alone
He’s in its yesterdays, he’s seen it rise
Escaped by thinking twice, he lives so it must die

He’s the mystic, he’s the one
He the seasons, it’s the sun
He’s the moon, you are its need
He will make it bleed
He’s the moon, it is the sun
He’ll eclipse all that it’s done
He’ll bring renewal through destruction
He will make it see

This is a warning of no compromise
The arrogant will be made humble
The ignorant will be made wise

3. Stratagem

“In those passageways he passed his days,
but believed his passive ways must end
Knowing his time would soon run out,
he took the role of the desperate man”

Breathing silence conscious stripped and bare
I know that what’s inside them, I also share
For within every coward lies a slave
My prison is the darkness and theirs the need to be led
And within every hour lies a day

This land I know, these people are my own
And what remains hidden will soon be shown
For beneath every tower lies its grave
A one-man army fights an imaginary war
Far within himself only he knows what for

Come now
See how

Drop, drop down and liquefy
I’ll give the world to you
Drop, drop down to sanctify
I promise only truth

I’ll give you more than eyes
I’ll give you more
I’ll give you more than your two eyes
The truth, the truth, the truth

On their knees, blessing light
Come with me, rule the night
Take the chance, ride the beast
Join the famine or the feast
They won’t hear, they just stare
They don’t care
They would never beat – beat – beat – beat down their walls

Each tower in my sight – Broken
Each tower in my way – Broken
I’ll turn these words to swords – Spoken

4. Reflections

All I need now is some golden wings
that I may fly
But it drops down on me, that weight of time
and the pain in their eyes
I crawled along a cracked and narrow path
I saw my reflection in some broken glass
It was blood red, blood red, and it said (and it said)
That the seasons change and then move on,
and like yesterday, you have come and gone
You have reached your end

And you know that even though
there’s a summer, there is also a fall
(The cold will stay, the warmth will leave)
And to live is to sin, so this must be done
For whatever you do, it’s still evil to someone
But it’s killing me, it’s killing me

So I’m headed out to that road that winds
forever and ever
Still it drops down on me, that weight of time
and the pain in their eyes

Standing here on my freedom’s shore
There is nothing left, there is nothing more
(Than to rise so high and then to fall)
Some songs are prayers, and this one prays
to be free for the moment, not a slave to the day
To fade away
Fade away
Fade away

5. Demise and Vestige

Two eyes flash in twilight, two thoughts in rhyme
“Gravities’ mine and I’m prepared”
Two feet meet in rhythm, two hands did find
the weak link the towers share

Beneath their foundations a river’s rage
The dam that stands reveals its age
From the cracks the water’s flowing and makes a line
directly toward the unknowing

I can set a flood in motion, for the arrogant’s plans
are always built on sand
And like the wind drives the rain,
the subterranean will bring pain

I can feel the surge of madness in mind
I can hear the minions marching in time
I can taste the breathe of freedom
I am free, I am free, I am free
We are free

To arm the dissidents and the dispossessed
I’ll be there, I will be there
To give back power and what it possessed
I’ll be there, I will be there
To live our dreams, to not ask why
We’ll be there, we will be there
To scale the mountain, to reign on high
We’ll be there, we will be there

Relieve us now of misery
The wheels are set in spin
Moments now the end begins
And here I’ll make my stand
To watch it fade away
Fade away
Fade away
Water fills the waiting earth
and washes it so clean
Swept up in the rushing waves
And now I feel what I mean
And I fade away
Fade away
Fade away
And I wash away
Wash away
Fade away

It is starting
There’s no stopping
All’s collapsing
What is happening?

Cries to screams, screams to cries, cries to moans
Flesh to steel, steel to flesh, concrete to bone
Water bled, blue to red, blood to water
Led to here, led to where? Led to slaughter
Overwhelming sound
Swaying breaking sound
Wailing pounding sound
Cracking crumbling sound

Thought I could lose the thought that
Brought me to the thought that
Brought me here to this demise
Thought I could lose the thought that
Rules us all and believes that
One must lose in order to find
And though the storms inside me
gave me strength to be a mighty river,
I was still not the tide

Thought he could free the world
and so free himself
But he was his own demise

It is still, the daylight comes
But nothing moves, not anyone
Awake, my bent and broken ones,
and come walk with me
You all seem paralyzed
Hollow bodies, sunken eyes
But we have won, we are alive
So come walk with me
Walk with me, for I have healed your pain

I touch the ground, my hand passes through
But I feel the touch of all of you
Letting go, I slip into the other side
Sent away to a place I’ve never seen
No fears or cares, here all’s serene
Where did I fly away? To where did I fly away?

Millions of spirits have begun to gather
in order to be reborn
Millions of voices in unison chanting
that I must lead them on
I say “We must bring the oppressor here
To seek solace by means of its end
And we must redeem our own selves here
We must be sure it has no life after death”
(We will comfort you
We will bring you peace
We believe in you
We will be released)
And then we’ll fly away to a better time

What we’ll find, we’ll wait and see
Is it machine or man? A man or machine?
Every single one that suffered wants you
They want you

Strange how what I once needed, they seek today
Death did not gain them freedom, so here they stayed
From within and from without, revenge is ours, there is no doubt
And in between that and this, our oppressor will taste the serpent’s kiss

6. The Ghosts of Dawn

The keeper of the kingdom now falls down, so down
To the earth below, to a blinding glow
To a sound
A haunting sound
It now can be seen, it was man not machine
Just a man, only a man
Amazed he survived, amazed to hear a sigh
Is there someone else here? But where?

Feverish laughter breaks upon their lips
The tortured from hereafter appear in his midst
They dance whirling around him, a siren song his fate
They begin singing softly, “Death to those who hate”
“Death comes to those who hate”
“How could you lead us on while you stayed on high?
How could you lead us on to stay frozen in time?”

“How could I lead them on to something they’d never find?
Why did I lead them on to something that was only in mind?”
And he fades away, fades away (x6)
And he fades away

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